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The Brownsville States-Graphic

Westside News By Mary W. Lewis

Vacation Bible School begins Wednesday June 16 through Friday June 18 from 6 to 8PM, but Saturday June 19, will begin at 9 AM until 1 PM for ages 2 through grade 6. Craig Robinson is director, with the theme “Rise and Shine For Jesus.” Refreshments will be served. For information call 772-3810. Westside Church of Christ is located at 3235 Hwy 54 West. Everyone enjoyed Stephen Sutton, minister of Maury City Church of Christ and his presentation on “Abraham: Friend of God” Wednesday while our minister spoke at Humboldt Church of Christ. Stephen who will be married July 10, introduced his fiancée, who works in education in Jackson now, but is moving to Crockett County. Our local member, Brittany Anderson, will marry Brad Higgins July 10, and they all know each other. Brittany has taught at Anderson for some time. Walter Hendrix of Jackson, who worked in this area for many years with Social Security Administration, passed

away May 29. We visited the family at George A. Smith Funeral Home North. Marilyn Blankenship Hendrix, had been my classmate and friend since grade 7, and was also class valedictorian at Ripley High when we graduated in 1954. She and Walt were married 54 years. Sympathy is extended and also to Mrs. Rosie Pentz, whose husband, Jerry Pentz of Brownsville passed away recently. Enjoyed having Blace Correa and his friend with us Wednesday. Candy Chrisman had surgery at Germantown Methodist Woman’s Pavilion Wednesday June 9,and is recuperating. Candy publishes our church bulletin, called “Rainbows”, among other work here. Let’s not forget our sick and those not able to attend services, as they would like, including Nola Smith. At Crestview, Wilma King does not seem to be doing well, nor is Diane Hart, while Minnie King is able to worship here most of the time. Pearl

Perry Gordon has knee surgery next week. Pray for all these and others. Hazel Mooneyham in ICU Methodist North is having a difficult time, and we learned Wednesday evening that Lucretia Coots, mother of Helen Austin had been hospitalized last week, but able to be back at service. Some of Martha Frye’s family of Shelbyville, including a niece and several of her family visited on a recent Sunday. Diane Lee, daughter Kristina Woods and her husband Jason Woods and children, Alina and Sebastian spent last weekend in Eatonton GA visiting Leon and Donna Heron at the lake house of Donna’s brother, Perry and wife, Betsy. Bro. Howell Ferguson and Mary of the North Jackson Church of Christ and also missionaries have returned to the States, following an extended work in the Ukraine. Jeremy Hall and Sarah Ferguson Hall of Henderson visited Westside with her brother, Seth Ferguson, Summer Intern here.

Stanton News By Debbie Sterbinsky Due to our recent burglary, the Neighborhood Watch has decided it is time to have another meeting. Please tell all your friends and especially neighbors to come to this meeting, June 24, at 7 PM. We have had other break-ins in town as well. Our local Neighborhood Watch has issued a reward for the apprehension, arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for burglarizing the Stanton Welcome Center. Not everyone realizes that our building is government property and owned by the Town of Stanton. Punishment for this type of crime is normally more intense than other burglaries. GED graduation was held this past Tuesday night in the Haywood High School Gymnasium. Stanton was well represented by our graduates. Tyrone Brewer was a guest speaker who shared his story with the audience. Tyrone was our first GED student here in Stanton and is now attending the Tennessee Technology Center at Whiteville. Another of our graduates had the second highest score on

her GED exams this year from Haywood County – Meghan McDonald! Over 40 students have enrolled in Stanton’s GED classes since the beginning. Some are only a test a way from graduation; others are working and attending when they have a chance. Haywood County Adult Education Program was well needed in Stanton, plus we were blessed with a wonderful instructor, Mrs. Kay Gibbs. GED classes will continue to be held through the summer with a summer break in July. Last class for Stanton before the break will be Thursday, July 1, with classes resuming on Tuesday July 20. Also, we have received more of the magnetic Haywood County emergency phone number lists. These are very handy during emergency situations when you don’t have time to look up a number! They are available for free as long as they last. A lot is going on in Stanton now: FEMA has been working with engineers to help Stanton get back to normal after the flood. We have at least one road which is

washed out from underneath. Please be careful going down Pond St. toward Mayhill until this is repaired. We have also received a grant for work on our ditches and that project will get underway as soon as all the red tape is removed! Even if the ditches had been fixed, Stanton still would have flooded during the strange flood we all experienced recently. Too much water too fast just does that! I’m having more people ask about the Stanton Baptist Church bells that used to play for us. Maybe we need to organize a group! If you are interested, please let me know. You may call me here at the Welcome Center at 548-2564. Residents, and former residents of Stanton, you may mail Stanton news to me at P.O. Box 181, Stanton, TN 38069, reach me at the Stanton Welcome Center/Library at 731-548-2564, or e-mail me at: Proftster@aol. com. Please put “Stanton News” in the subject line. Together we will look at the past, look toward the future, and report current events

Allen News By Gail Barden Brother Phil delivered a great message Sunday morning. We also enjoyed some good music with Sandy Bishop singing a solo. Sandy and Sonny Bishop, Harriet and David Stewart and Hal Rogers also shared a song for us. Sunday evening we enjoyed the children presenting the Vacation Bible School Commencement Service. They all had a great week of Bible School and did an excellent job with the program. Thanks to all the workers who helped. By the time you read this article, we will have new city officials elected. I hope everyone exercised their right to participate

in selecting these people to carry on the operations of our great city. If you would like a “Jesus” sign, please contact Sonny or Sandy Bishop at 772-2200. They are $6.00 each. Mr. Walter Plant will be in concert at Allen Church Sunday, May 27, from 6PM -7:30PM. Everyone is invited to a great night of old-time southern gospel music. I want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to our youngest son, Tyler. He is going to be 29 years old June 19. He was born on Father’s Day – and what a gift he was!! Happy Birthday, Tyler!! You are truly a gift. Happy Birthday wish-

es, as well, to Billy Roberts, Gene Laster, Martha Crutcher and to my niece, Jennifer Bowers. We extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Mr. Jack Wallace. Please keep this family in your prayers. He will be missed. On our prayer list are Welch Hopkins, Dustin Milton, Jerry Baggett, Carolyn and Jimmy Danley, Mary Ann Halbrook, Travis Acuff, Tracy Hundley and Dona Smith. Our Bible verse for this week is Philippians 4:13, which states, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Have a blessed week.



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sugar Creek

Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

Sure is hot and humid these days, isn’t it? Remember when we were wishing it would warm up when it was so cold and icy in January? We’re never satisfied, are we? I, personally, prefer summer to winter so I like this…..especially when I’m in an air-conditioned office all day and an air-conditioned car or mall. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, does it – but then ask any man. I’m sure they’ll tell you we women don’t usually make sense anyway. That’s our prerogative though – or is that changing our mind that’s our prerogative. Maybe both. I better get out of this – I’m using bigger words than I understand! Alystine Hare had a big weekend. She went to a wedding over in Arkansas of her nephews and then spent two nights at her sister Phyllis’ home in Memphis. Came back to Sugar Creek Monday afternoon late. We missed her over the weekend but I know she had a wonderful

time. Took a group to Catfish Cabin Friday. That’s the only day during the week that they’re open at lunch time. Jottye Newman, Frances Blalock, Hallum Smith, Ella Mae Mathis, Nancy Goodwin, Jessie Howell and I all had a fun time. Every one really enjoyed their fish, but I ordered a hamburger and it was so dry I had to send it back. That “man I’m married to” said “why would any one go to a fish place and order a hamburger?” To which I replied, “could it possibly be because I don’t like fish?” I will say the hush puppies and slaw were delicious. Katherine Hooper’s son, Bill, who is a dentist, was here several days from Columbus, Ohio. They had a big time, but as “Miss” Katherine said they had so much to do at the house they were both worn out when he left. They went out to eat several times and also took Grace Mulligan to Catfish Cabin to eat with them one night. Speak-

ing of “Miss” Grace, she was also invited to Barry and Leslie Phillips house to a fish cookout given for Bobby and Rachel Stewart this past week. She’s just a regular social butterfly! Nancy Goodwin called bingo for Lily Peak, Pauline Welch, Barbara McGary, Katie McAdams, Joan Lanphere, Billie Fletcher, Martha Jane Williams, Dorothy Morris, Frances Blalock, Mary Ann Halbrook, Arline Boisvert and Jottye Newman. After the bingo game Nancy had a “pineapple party.” She brought a fresh pineapple, cored it and gave every one some. They said it was the sweetest they had ever tasted. There is a new strain of pineapple called Maui Gold that is so sweet I think they inject each one with a shot of sugar. Don’t know if we can get it over here yet though. Yaw’l come see us and rock a while with us - our residents are missing you.

Holly Grove News By Martha H. Jones “Judgment, Discipline and Mercy” was the subject of the message Sunday describing the ways God deals with people. The unbeliever faces the judgment and wrath of God. Human anger is based on emotion, but when God’s wrath falls on man, it’s not because He experiences a bad day. The Christian who disobeys and ignores God and goes their own way experiences the disciplines of God for their own good to mold and shape them. His mercy is everlasting. If it were not for God’s mercy and Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins, we would stand condemned in our sins. Brother Ralph Brown and his daughter Kathy McClinton sang the special music. Happy Birthday to Joseph Maddox, Elaine Brown, Hayley Emison and Alysen Perry. Happy Anniversary to Ryan and Heather Bolinger. We express sympathy to the family of Mr. Hobart Alexander.

From what I hear, VBS was a great success last week with approximately 80 enrolled. A commencement program was held Friday night. Sixteen children, grades 5 and 6 enjoyed a swimming party following their classes Friday. Five adults accompanied them. Our youngest granddaughter, Tiffanie Jones and Luis Rosales were married last Saturday at Holly Grove Church. Prior to the wedding, a rehearsal was held Friday night and then the bridal party, along with other relatives and friends gathered at the home of Alan and Debbie Jones for a celebration and meal together. A reception followed the wedding ceremony in the family life center of the church. The couple will spend their honeymoon in Florida. They will make Clarksville their home until Luis completes his college education. Tiffanie has a teaching position at a high school there. Betty Barden had to un-

dergo corrective surgery last week, but is home recuperating. Remember Betty in prayer along with Liz Kemper, Emma Jane Gorman, Danny Murphy, Neil Herbert, Carolyn Covington, Welch Hopkins who had a car wreck, and Jean Climer. Also include Elsie Lewis, Barbara Sills, Dustin Milton, Fletcher Lewis, Ted Mann and Russell Hight. A church picnic and sermon on the mount was conducted last Sunday afternoon. Following refreshments in the family life center and the message, the children, youth and adults braved the extreme hot weather to play ball. I think everyone enjoyed it. Brother Ralph Brown, Danny Simpson, Kathy Hopper and Terry Brown were some of the adults who played. A tent was there for the spectators and plenty of water to drink. Our vegetable garden is late this year, but is really growing with the showers and sunshine.

Bethel - Belle Eagle News By Betty Scott Remember last winter when everyone was wishing for warmer weather, well you have gotten your wish! News is short because it is too hot and humid to do anything or go anywhere. The Kendrick family suffered the hot weekend last Saturday with their annual family reunion at the home of Reba Wyatt. Over sixty family and friends enjoyed the day. Our pianist at church, Ann Cannon, returned home last week from a cruise. Mrs. Ann plays the piano for both Bethel and Zion UMC. We all really miss her when she is not at church. The exercise program at Bethel Community Center is still going great. Diann Matlock has lost over ten pounds and several inches. The classes are on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 7 PM. Buddy Moses had knee surgery last week so we wish him a speedy recovery. Ricky and Betty Scott and Lucille Matlock enjoyed dinner at Ho Ho’s in Bells last Saturday

evening and later visited Ralph Lewis and Bobby Mann at Bells Nursing Home. If you have time, please take a few minutes to visit the sick or shut-ins because one day we may be in their shoes. Betty Scott is recovering from eye surgery

that was done last Thursday. It takes a while for your sight to return, so if you find any misspelled words, bear with me. Thought for the week: The worst thing about living in a trailer is that there is no place to put anything except where it belongs.

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