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Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

By Mary W. Lewis

By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

Isn’t this weather absolutely beautiful? I wish it would stay in the 70’s til about June and then go to the 80’s until next September and then go down to the 70’s again. That’s how it does in Hawaii. They only need one wardrobe over there – shorts, tees and flipflops. Saves a lot of money! Some friends of ours moved to Kauai from Colorado and they had the mother of all yard sales. Sold their snow plow, four-wheel drive, fur coats, all other coats, vests, anything wool, scarves, gloves, etc. Most folks over there have neither heating nor cooling systems in their homes. Needless to say that saves a bundle. If they get cold they just put a sweater on. If they get hot they just take something off or use a fan. That’s why I think they call it “paradise.” Hotels have both, but not most homes. Nancy had a lovely game of fruit bingo this weekend. Martha Jane Williams, Jottye Newman and her daughter, Fay Howse played, as well as Katie McAdams and her

niece. Alystine Hare, Grace Mulligan, Frances Jones, Arline Boisvert, Pauline Welch, Dorothy Morris and Frances Blalock finished out the tables. Alystine Hare had special company this past week when her granddaughter, Katie Creswell from Union City, came to see her and brought Alystine’s greatgrandson, Preston Creswell, 2 months old, to see her. He was a little doll. We all wanted to keep him, but his Mom refused to let us have a turn. That’s how these new mothers are! It takes them 9 months to get them, they sure won’t turn them loose very easily. After they have three or four little ones, they let any one who offers keep them, and half the folks who don’t offer! Jottye Newman had some fun company this week too when her neighbor of 30 years, Anna Johnson, came to see her and brought Opal Tapp from Somerville with her. They also visited our newest resident, Frances Jones, too. They all had lunch together and Anna

and Opal went out the door singing our cook’s praises. We’re getting ready to start putting together the Franklin Graham Christmas shoe boxes. If you have anything to help us fill these please call (772-1616) and let us know or drop it by. By the time you read these our residents will have had the privilege of voting. We’re about to finish up our pictures for the 2011 Sugar Creek calendar. You’ll have to be sure to get this one to see which 92 year old lady is lying on a bear-skin rug! Several would have volunteered to do that, but the ones who could get down couldn’t get UP. It finally came down to the only one who could do BOTH. This lady had no problem whatsoever. Our sincere sympathy is with Mary Ann Halbrook’s family this week as she went to her heavenly home and is singing with the Saints today. We enjoyed her here at Sugar Creek during her stay with us. She was a sweet, sweet lady.

By Mary W. Lewis We are sorry to hear of

A group of Jane Powell’s classmates met for lunch at Veranda Thursday; Paul and I enjoyed seeing them. Though we were not in their gathering, it was good to see friends. Melvin Holcomb, who is recovering from a serious fall necessitating hip surgery, was there with his wife, Rosa, with whom I worked at the telephone company, the perky couple Ike and Olga Ann Sellari were there after 60 years of marriage, and he wants 60 more, with her, of course! Josephine Evans Timbes the Nutrition Center lady was there, Clayton Richardson, whose wife Nellie was on a tour of the Ozarks, was present and Ann Hicks of Arizona, who was visiting her sister in Coldwater, MS, drove up for the school gettogether. Ross Hudgins, employee of the TVA Power Plant here, phoned Brother Sweeney to bid a final farewell as his work was completed and he was headed back to his family and home in Manchester. We enjoyed their acquaintance while worshipping here.

the deaths of Lynn Bain of Tibbs-Forked Deer community and husband of Barbara, a beautician who did the coiffures of many here; Mary Ann Willis Halbrook, widow of former Mayor Jimmy Halbrook, and mother of our accountant, Mark Halbrook; Mitzi Lynn Bayne, whose funeral services were held at Stanton Church of Christ, wife of Bob Bayne of Stanton, sister of Cornelia Baird and mother of Yvonne Burton McConnico of NC; and also Ann Gaters Jackson’s aunt, Mrs. Rosie Jacques of Jackson. Thanks for all the prayers for C. L. Shelton of Ripley who is in a Mobile, AL hospital, as he is showing minuscule improvement following a heart attack with many complications. Two of his sisters have spent the week with wife, Betty Fay, attending him in ICU. Sister Ruth Boyd (Mrs. Fred) of Fruitvale, (widow of Jimmy McCuan) and her sister, Evelyn Gould of Ripley, will return home as Betty Fay’s sister, Ann Walton of Burlison, and niece, Patty Wil-

liams will take their place. Large, loving families are wonderful to have, especially in times of need. Regency Church of Christ located nearby the hospital have been very attentive to the Shelton family and members in Ripley Church of Christ have shown interest. It was a blessing to have Margaret Covington with us recently, who has had a serious health problem. We appreciate everyone who has difficulty being in the assembly. Linda Leath and husband have been on a cruise and we are thankful to hear this and that Linda is doing well, following a kidney transplant a good while ago. There were many prayers for this lovely person. Following the Third Monday Night Sing at Crestview, where a good crowd gathered, members met at the home of Larry and Emily Sweeney, again, for refreshments. A good time was had! See you at the polls! (If your precinct is Haywood Junior High!) Pray for the best choices!

Grove News ly Holly Grove News News Allen Allen News By Martha H. Jones By Martha H. Jones “Friend’s Day” was held Dewey Jones, Dianne 1700 persons who attended

at Holly Grove Church last Sunday. We were glad to have all those visiting with us. Following the morning services, everyone gathered in the family life center for a delicious potluck meal together. “It’s About Time” was the subject of the message Sunday. Each morning the bank of time deposits 1440 minutes to our account, and we have to decide how to use it. A week for a child can seem like an eternity, but a week for us as we get older seems to pass like the twinkling of an eye. The Bible tells us to boast not thyself of tomorrow, and we are to redeem or rescue time for the days are evil. Sin can steal time from us, or we can get so busy with mundane things and waste time and neglect eternal things. The Lord is not pleased when we overload ourselves and have no time for Him. God will be at the end of the path of life we take, and we will give an account to Him. Two of the greatest enemies of time is worry about tomorrow and living in the past and dwelling on “If Only.” Danny Simpson thrilled our hearts as he sang “Please Forgive Me” for special music. Happy birthday to Dorsey Watridge, Matthew Iglesias, Makayla Baker,

Warren and Stephanie Climer. We express sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Halbrook. Dewey and I had a busy day Tuesday. We attended the Annual 44th meeting of the Haywood Baptist Association held at the New Vision Community Church. They have a beautiful church building. Brother Lonnie Robinson served as moderator. Reports were given. I especially enjoyed the report from Union University and the Baptist Children’s Home. It was a very good meeting. Mike Coburn sang the special music and Reverend Tim McPherson from Poplar Corner brought a wonderful message. Robert Barden from Holly Grove Church was honored for his 50 years in the jail ministry. Brother Charles Pratt is the Director of Missions. Dewey had purchased tickets to the 13th Annual Scholarship Banquet for Union University at Carl Perkins Civic Center in Jackson for that night. We were so sorry these two events fell on the same day. I would like to have attended that night and eaten some of the good food that New Vision provided. Union’s enrollment reached 4200 last year. Following a delicious buffet meal for

and the entertainment from some of the students from Union, the former First Lady Laura Bush was the guest speaker. Mrs. Bush received a standing ovation. Dewey and I were at the table of Brother John and Robbie Adams. Let’s not neglect to remember the sick in prayer. This week’s list includes Mae Simpson, Ted Mann, Liz Kemper, Ruth Taylor, Fletcher Lewis, Glenn White, Elsie Lewis and Jean Climer. Others to include are Neil Herbert, Janie Hight, Jean Mann, Carolyn Covington and Jessie White. Next Saturday, October 30 from 5 pm to 7 pm, “Trunk and Treat” and the Harvest Fest will be held at Holly Grove’s family life center. Everyone is invited to attend. There will be a hotdog supper with other treats, a cupcake cakewalk and games for the children, youth and adults. A large number of cars will have their trunks open with treats for the children. You may wear a costume, but no scary ones. Alan and Debbie Jones attended the Mississippi State vs. University of Alabama football game with their daughter, Julie, her husband, Heath Hopkins, and little Hayden and Ronny and Gloria Hopkins last Saturday.

Bethel - Belle Eagle News By Betty Scott

By Betty Scott

birthday is October 24, so happy birthday, Brenda! Trey Scott spent the weekend with the Gaylon Herron family and enjoyed riding his bike.   Farris and Patsy Climer attended Farris’s 50th class reunion at College Hill last Saturday night.  Karen Climer Strong will be having shoulder surgery this Tuesday at Jackson General.  I hope her surgery goes good.   A baby shower was held at Zion United Methodist Church last Sunday afternoon for Elisha West, granddaughter of Junior and

We attended Sunday School at Allen Sunday morning, then went to Zion Baptist Church where our niece’s husband, Frank Bowling, was preaching. We enjoyed the service along with Gina, Emma, and Eliza Bowling, Bertie Barden, and Andrew, Alicia & Claire Russell. Allen also had a good service on Sunday with Brother Phil delivering a great message and Sandy and Sonny Bishop singing the special music. Raymond Gaters and Darron Byrd gave their testimonies. Allen’s mixed volleyball team will play at Poplar

Corner at 6 pm Thursday evening, and the adult team will play at 7 pm. Hallelujah Festival will be held from 5-7 pm Saturday, October 31 at Allen. Many activities are planned for a great evening of church-wide fellowship. Happy Birthday to Harrison Warren, Cassidy Hendrix, Taylor Dedmon, Opal Stewart, Debra Jackson, Donna RussellMeyers, Phillip Cobb and Emily Cobb. Please remember in your prayers our friends and former church members Boyce and Barbara Wilson

who now live in Somerville. They were involved in a serious car crash near their home last week and are in the hospital in Memphis. We extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Mary Ann Halbrook. She was such a beautiful sweet lady, and she will be missed. Our love and prayers are with the family. Continue to remember Jerry Baggett in your prayers. Our Bible verse for this week is Psalm 8:9, which states, “Oh, Lord, our Lord. How excellent is your name in all the earth.” Have a great week!

Stanton News Stanton News

- Belle Eagle News It is the little things in life that means a lot, so the rain last Sunday was truly a blessing. Dust has settled over everything, both inside and outside.   Last Thursday Kenneth and Bettye Sargent enjoyed a day trip with twenty-three members of Brownsville Baptist Church to Lambert’s in Sikeston, Missouri.   The meal and shopping at the mall was enjoyed by all.   My friend, Brenda Fox, celebrated her birthday last Friday night with her daughter and granddaughter at the Olive Garden in Jackson.  Brenda’s

By Gail Barden

By Gail Barden

Nancye West and daughter of Richard West. Elisha will be having a girl.   Betty Scott had outpatient surgery last Thursday on her leg and is doing fine.   Let’s keep Doug Kendrick, Jimmy Coulston, Carol Wilson, Virginia Leath and Evelyn White in our prayers.  Thought for the week:  What on earth will today’s younger generation be able to tell their kids they had to do without?

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By Debbie Sterbinsky By Debbie Sterbinsky newly good! meetings and try to include

Check out our repaired Stanton signs! One Stanton family took our signs on as a family venture and they look great! The signs were in really bad shape and one had been hit by farm equipment. The signs were taken apart, and pretty much rebuilt. The frames were replaced with new posts and finials and the center sign section was backed with concrete board. We were told they used lots of liquid nails and time! Gerald, Dana, Adam and Abby Woods spent their Sunday afternoons on this family project. We hear the family has plans to redo some other things here in Stanton as well. This is an awesome display of well spent family time and values. We truly appreciate all the work the Woods family put into this project! Last week one of our locals was in the paper for an award received at UT Knoxville. We’d like to reiterate that this family is from Stanton! Kevin Seymore received one of the highest awards possible for students, the Victor Davis and Earl Zwingle Award. A committee of staff, faculty and students select a student who has demonstrated outstanding campus leadership. We know the Paul and Carolyn Winfrey family is proud of Kevin along with Grandma Fannie. We’re proud of him too! A new Tourism Committee has been set up for Haywood County and we’re proud to say Stanton will be represented on this board! Time will tell just what the Haywood County Tourism Committee will be able to accomplish but with Sonia Outlaw-Clark leading the way it’s bound to be

I missed one of the Town meetings last week, but heard it was mentioned that it would help the public if I announced the agenda for the Town meetings in my column. I’m sure it would help the public as it would help me too! However not everyone realizes that the columns you read in the paper (such as this one) have to be submitted a few days prior to the actual printing of the paper. I never know the agenda for either of the Town meetings until I actually get there, so I’m in the same boat with the rest of you. Sorry but this won’t be possible. If you want to know what goes on, you’ll just have to attend like I do, otherwise we’ll be left in the dark. I do take notes at these

the main points in this column, but sometimes things are so complicated I don’t have room here to even start explaining. Residents, and former residents of Stanton, you may mail Stanton news to me at P.O. Box 181, Stanton, TN 38069, reach me at the Stanton Welcome Center/ Library at 731-548-2564, or e-mail me at: Proftster@aol. com. Please put “Stanton News” in the subject line. Together we will look at the past, look toward the future, and report current events.

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By Martha H. Jones By Gail Barden By Debbie Sterbinsky By Gail Barden By Betty Scott By Debbie Sterbinsky By Betty Scott Thursday, October 2...