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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Allen News Holly Gro ve News Allen News ly Grove News By Gail Barden By Martha H. Jones By Martha H. Jones

“When God Gives Up” was the subject of the message Sunday. Three times the Bible tells us that God gave up on people who completely rejected Him and handed them over to destroy themselves. There is a sin unto death for the believer, not that they lose their salvation, but there comes a time in a believer’s life if they go their own way rebelling against God, refusing to repent, God’s discipline can be harsh. If they refuse to repent following the discipline, God may cause them to be carried by six men to their own funeral. It’s a dangerous thing for a believer to ignore God, rebel against Him and refuse to repent. The drama team from Holly Grove Church presented a pantomime prior to the message Sunday. As Harley Hendrix sang “God’s Will,” Micah Fain, Anne-Marie Grimes, and Rebekah Hopper presented the drama, “A Little Child Shall Lead Them.” Happy birthday to James Steele, John Gilana, Ryan Jones, Charlotte and Chandler Young, Herbert Foster and Ryan Sims.

We express our heartfelt sympathy to Sue Vanstory and her family in the death of her mother, Mrs. Louise Lovelace. Her funeral was held in Humboldt Monday. A Booth Cousins reunion was held recently at the home of Barney and Vickie Kerr Garrett in Hillville. Those attending from the second generation were Albertine McBride from Fulton, KY, Faye McAbee, Betty Waller and Joy Curtis from Jackson, Jean Climer, Milton Booth, Paula Howell and Lynn Kerr. Approximately forty relatives attended. A group of senior adults from Holly Grove Church drove to Adamsville last Thursday and enjoyed a meal at the Sawmill restaurant. Betty Doyle drove the van for this outing. Ricky and Kathy Hopper and McKayla returned from a trip to Phoenix, AL where they visited with their son Timothy Hopper and his wife Rachel and their two little granddaughters. Those on the prayer list are Glenn White, Mae Simpson, Liz Kemper, Ruth Taylor, Mrs. Ailene

Knott, Perry Watridge, and Jean Climer. Also include Neil Herbert, Elsie Lewis, Jean Mann, Melvin Holcomb, little Adalee Doyle, Jessie White, Vickie Bonawitz, Sonny Stewart, Janie Hight, Fletcher Lewis and Ted Mann. Alan and Debbie Jones visited with Barry and Kim Young near Nashville over the weekend and attended church with them Sunday. Jennifer Stephens spent the weekend with Luis and Tiffanie Rosales in Clarksville. The little hummingbirds coming to the feeders have thinned out, but we still see one ever so often. It may be those who are getting nourishment on their way south before continuing on. Next Saturday will be the completion of the eight-mile radius visitation around the church led by Brother Ralph Brown. I’m sure God will bless their efforts. We are so glad to have had several to come worship after being visited. Bobby Perry recently took a trip to Delhi, LA to visit with an old army buddy, George Slader, and his wife Ida.

By Michelle Smith ByBy Michelle Smith Vicki Williams Eubanks. Antioch Baptist Church had a Fall Fish Fry Saturday night. Everyone who attended enjoyed the good food and great fellowship. A Taste of Home has new hours for the fall, Monday – Saturday 6 a.m. – 7 p.m. They serve full breakfast, lunch and dinner. Call-ins are welcome at 779-2002. Congratulations to Barry and Debbie Sargent on the arrival of their sweet grandbaby who was born on Barry’s birthday. Happy belated birthday to Reed

At this writing, I am hoping for a nice overnight rain to wash all these horrid allergens out of the air. This has been some allergy season! I attended church with Andrew, Alicia and Claire Sunday morning at First United Methodist Church. After a very nice service, we all had lunch together, along with Pam and Tommy Russell. The Ninth Review Club gathered at the beautiful Jackson home of Janet Moore Tuesday evening, October 5. We all enjoyed a tour of the lovely home before our meeting. Sharon Pettigrew served delicious pecan pie (made by Gary) with ice cream and coffee for dessert. Mrs. Mary Ann Pennel was welcomed as a new member of the club, and we are so glad to have her with us. Everyone had a very nice time.

Phyllis Williams Connor, formerly of Brownsville, was visiting in town last week. She, Jeannie Taylor (Phyllis’s cousin) and I enjoyed lunch at the Kreme Kastle Friday. She also visited several other friends while in town before heading to Memphis to spend the week at a conference. I want to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Krista, who celebrated her 21st birthday October 4. We celebrated her birthday early, as she is now studying in Chile for the semester. I am sure she had a great birthday celebration with her newfound Chilean family and friends. Happy Birthday, also, to Tommy Russell, Christopher Russell, Olivia Russell, Sheri Barden, Marie Baggett, Mike Presley, Peggy Canady, Danny Leath, Royal Cozart and Ashley Harwell.

Happy Anniversary to my oldest son, Jason, and his wife, Amber, who celebrated their thirteenth anniversary October 11. We wish them many more wonderful years together. We also wish a Happy Anniversary to Lee and Mallorie Carter, Gene and Judy Laster and Ronnie and Clara Hooper. We extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Jan Gentry Mayer Burke. Please remember Tommy, Marcie and the rest of this family in your prayers. Please continue to remember Jerry Baggett in your prayers as he continues in treatment. Our Bible verse for this week is Psalm 51:10, which states, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” Have a great week, and don’t forget the Fall Fest!

Creek SugarSugar Creek Retirement Center News

ille Tibbs - Eurekaton News News Tibbs News Thought for the week: Dance in the rain every chance you get. –Author Unknown Thanks so much to those who shared news with me this week. Jackson Byrd celebrated his twelfth birthday with several friends and a game of spotlight. They enjoyed a camo cake. Elizabeth Kirby had an overnight guest, Molly McCage. They enjoyed playing together and not having school. Mike, Kim, Chris and Lauren Raines enjoyed a week at the beach with Stanley and Nancy

By Gail Barden

Sullivan and Jackson Byrd. Happy Birthday to Adrian Jarrett, James Hughes, and Sandy Meck. Prayer concerns: Curtis Walls, Lottye Floyd (Diane Smith’s mother), Elizabeth Kirby (Vaughan Kirby’s grandmother), Mervie Hughes, Jean Warf, Jadie Craig, and Doyle Ogden. Please send your news for next week by calling 731-780-3709 or emailing me at msmith.tibbs@ B i r t h d a y s , anniversaries, and prayer concerns are welcomed!

Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

Sugar Creek sends lots of love and sympathy to Betty Williams and her whole family in the recent death of her son, Mike. We especially send prayers for his two girls who will miss him more than words can express. We’re thinking of each of you. Betty Anthony came to see David and “Bo” Pope last week. They had a lovely visit. Ricky Reed and his 11 year old son, Jordy, came to see Alystine Hare last week also. We played a new game called Laundry Basketball. The Delta District seemed to be a little more athletic than the Cotton District as they won two out of three games. I bet none of you have ever played Laundry Basketball - or Noodle Volleyball, have you? You know the old saying “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” That holds true when it comes to getting exercise too! The big news this week

was when we had special entertainment in the form of the king of rock and roll – ELVIS. That guy can sing – dead or alive! We had some back-up singers for him – we called them “The Sugar Creekers”. He called them the “Sweet Desperations.” I thought that was kind of rude, but as long as they got to stand next to him they didn’t care what he called them. Around here they’re just simply known as Grace Mulligan and Joan Lanphere. We had a group of visitors from the hospital senior circle and also Peggy Staggs brought some ladies from the Senior Center uptown. Our residents are always happy to have company. We did have a beautiful buffet of finger foods consisting of large shrimp, tenderloin, cheese balls, chips, dips and lots of delicious dessert. I heard one of our guests make the remark that “Sugar Creek always does everything

first-class.” That’s music to our ears! The real reason we do everything first-class is because that’s what our resident’s deserve. Nothing less! Hope you didn’t miss this party – it was a blast. Happy birthday to our October birthday residents who are Lyde Hamilton, Lily Peak, Virginia Ferguson and David Pope. The ladies have really been enjoying having dinner with the gentlemen they bought at auction. The other evening Hubert Barcroft picked up his buyer (Grace Mulligan) and took her out to dinner. I believe his wife was the cook – can’t beat that. We’re working fast and furious now on our 2011 calendar. It’s going to be a real treat so start saving your money. Last year we completely sold out before Christmas. Come see us while it’s still rocking weather. We’re missing you.

Stanton News Westside News Stanton News estside


By Mary W. Lewis

By Mary W. Lewis Westside Church of Christ Friends Day is set for Sunday October 24, with a fellowship meal following and everyone is invited. The title of Brother Sweeney’s sermon will be “ Trash or Treasure”. Scott and Candy Chrisman who are moving to Memphis will be honored this day. Friends of theirs are invited to come to this service for goodbyes. An email from Brother and Sister Howell Ferguson, missionaries in Tanzania says he likes to take a morning walk when possible behind Chimala Mission there beside a river hoping to see forms of wildlife, but remembers to be on the lookout for cobras and black mambas. I suggested to him also the Pappas. Remember the mambas and pappas who sang maybe in the seventies? Joke. The Fergusons should return to the States in November to their home between Bells and Jackson where family is now. Friends Betty Walker Shelton and her husband, C. L. Shelton, remain in Mobile due to his hospitalization following a heart attack. He is not doing well and prayers are asked for them. They and about nine family members were en route to board a cruise ship

when this occurred. C. L. is brother to Floyd Shelton, and cousin to Francine Haynes, both of Brownsville. Brother Bill Stephens, former minister of Westside Church of Christ passed away in Texas, where he and wife Shirley lived. We offer our deepest sympathy. Pharmacist, Allen Primrose’s father, Larry Primrose, died and he is remembered as a longtime Kroger Store employee. I believe he was in the Produce Department, a nice fellow. Nola Smith’s sister-in-law, Mrs. Virginia Smith, also died. She was the widow of T. C. Smith and formerly lived on Meadow Street. Among those available to help move Becky Ward Saturday were Allan Glidewell and son Caleb, Jack Fox and son Zachary, and some of her neighbors. Justin Connally of Henderson, employee of Southwest Electric Membership Corporation was in town Monday and had lunch with his grandparents, Billy and Bobbie Connally. He is the son of Kim Connally and Deborah Connally of Alamo. Those attending Westside’s First Sunday Singing at Crestview and Sugar Creek October

3, were Ann and Albert Jackson, Billy and Bobbie Connally, Mac Perry, Jack and Nell Fox, Jerry and Anneli Myers, Paul Lewis, Zachary Fox, Laura Glidewell, Seth Glidewell and Brother Larry and Emily Sweeney. Andy and Helen Austin, our members from the Hillville community were in Florida this past week. Jack Williams taught Andy’s Auditorium Class Wednesday evening. Billy Cox, brother of Donna Heron, had outpatient surgery in Jackson Monday. Donna and husband, Leon, are here from Georgia for a few days. Paul drove him through the bottom road to the Big Eddy Tuesday morning. The road is much more accessible since recent improvements. Stopping in the road there they had a picnic on the hood of the truck eating their sausage and biscuit and coffee from Burger King! They were doing the opposite of “tailgating”. Men have all the fun! I think I’ll take up hunting! Leonard and Nancy Pierce are not well, especially Leonard at this time. Dianne Hart is in the hospital. Pray for all our sick and those unable to be with us.

By Debbie Sterbinsky By Debbie Sterbinsky

Finally, a grant hits the ground! The Stanton Volunteer Fire Department is beginning to see the results of a grant applied for well over a year ago. Fire Chief Robert Dancy compiled his wish list at that time and his order is slowly being filled. Before long, the Stanton fire truck will finally be equipped with firefighting equipment! Up until now, we’ve mostly used a Haywood County fire truck to battle blazes on this side of the river along with other departments who come to help. We’ll have photos online for you when we get everything in and installed. Our Volunteer Fire Department also underwent extensive 16 hour training a couple of weeks ago, which included climbing an 85 ft ladder truck (straight up in the air), practiced with SCBA’s (airpacks-breathing tanks), water pressure, fire fighting tools, along with attending classes and being tested on the training. I think that’s a lot for volunteers to have to go through, but we’re glad they are dedicated enough to do this for us! There is a fire ban out right now because it is so dry, so please do not be burning anything at this time until it rains, and it needs to be a good rain at that. Please check with officials about the status of the burn ban before assuming it has been lifted. The Haywood County

Hatchie Fall Fest is this weekend! We are proud to have our local Barnett family performing again at this event at noon. Many of us don’t see them perform often since they are always on the road so being close to home is a good thing for both them and for us! We had a Stantonian, both he and his wife are well known for their cooking abilities, passing out homemade pumpkin bread last week! Sorry if you didn’t get any, it sure was good! We’ll be having a Neighborhood Watch meeting soon, so watch for the time and date. We’ll try to call most of you and get the word passed around. The meetings for this month fall in the same week this time. The Stanton Town Council meeting will be Tuesday, October 19

and the Stanton Planning Commission meeting will be held that Thursday, October 21, both at the Town Hall. I also have a new grandson on the way, not due until November 8, but the little fellow has been trying to make his way into this world for a couple of weeks now. If you don’t see a column in the next few weeks, you’ll know I had to make a flying run to the hospital! Residents, and former residents of Stanton, you may mail Stanton news to me at P.O. Box 181, Stanton, TN 38069, reach me at the Stanton Welcome Center/ Library at 731-548-2564, or e-mail me at: Proftster@aol. com. Please put “Stanton News” in the subject line. Together we will look at the past, look toward the future, and report current events

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Retirement Center News By Michelle Smith By Mary W. Lewis By Martha H. Jones By Michelle Smith By Gail Barden By Debbie Sterbinsky By Gail B...