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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Creek Stanton Stanton News arSugar Creek News Retirement Center News Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

By Debbie Sterbinsky By Debbie Sterbinsky

By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

Watched a great movie this week - “The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry”. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth getting. It is especially good for young folks to see. It has a great message. Speaking of great – we had a wonderful program from the Ellington School of Martial Arts under the direction of Ricky Ellington. Ricky has a black belt, of course, which he earned from Kang Rhee, the same Master who taught Elvis in Memphis. The young folks who demonstrated the different katas were Thomas Tritt, Katherine Tritt, Elizabeth Tritt, Carley Riley, Ford Ellington, Tritt Ellington, Avery Schwartz and Jacob Ellington. Almost sounds like a family affair to me. In fact, saw Sherri Tritt taking pictures and Wayne Tritt here as well as Rad and Libba Ellington. Our residents really enjoyed seeing them do their thing. Our beautiful light fixture was in jeopardy at one point when they did a few of their kicks. They made defending themselves look so easy. I can’t wait for the next guy who

bothers me, be it friend or foe- he is in for it. I learned a few moves from Ricky and his class. That “man I’m married to” better be extra nice. I’d hate to have to show him what these kids taught me. I’d also hate to put myself in the hospital trying to do one of those jumps on one leg. I did get one part down pat – every time they made a move they yelled some kind of words. Ricky said I had the yelling part down perfect! If I learn to kick a little higher I might even have a chance of getting some kind of colored “belt.” You never know – stranger things have happened. Maybe I better move on to other things - I’m getting tired just thinking about all that movement. Laura Richards, Grace Mulligan and Nancy Goodwin went to the McKinnie Pals supper at the Methodist Church this week and had a great time. They really enjoyed the program. Marianne Kirby came from Somerville and had lunch with her good friend, Frances Jones. Speaking of “Miss” Frances, she is a doll

expert and collector and is going to do a program on them for us the first part of December. She has over 200 dolls – some of them worth several thousand dollars each. She’ll tell us how to buy them, repair them, sell them, enjoy them, show them, etc. Come join us if you are interested in dolls. Our big event this month was our Thanksgiving Candlelight Dinner whereby our residents invited their families to come celebrate the beginning of this wonderful holiday season and give thanks for all the blessings they’ve been given this past year. We had over 100 guests join us for a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship and the unveiling of the 2011 Sugar Creek Pin-Up Calendar. This year’s calendar is dedicated to Billie Fletcher, who has been in rehab over in Humboldt a big part of this year and whom we have missed tremendously. Get your wallet out – the calendar is now on sale.

Westside News estside News By Mary inW. Lewis the hall, a resident now,

from Jackson who was expecting her nephew, Milton Black. Miss Hazel is the sister of the late J.C. (Pat) Black. We used to hear Jean Black often speak fondly of her. The engagement of Bill Jenkins and Kayla Rich was announced recently and we wish them well. An autumn wedding is planned for October 2011. Joyful Pilgrims met Thursday November 18, at Veranda for regular monthly lunch, but we missed Pat and Ruth Glidewell, who were at Jackson Christian School for a school presentation since their grandchildren, Laura and Caleb Glidewell, Avery Grace Neal and Nathan Patrick Neal, are students there. Elsie Young, whose husband, Bill, has been a patient at Veterans’ Healthcare in Humboldt for some time, slipped and fell there on a wet floor and injured her knee. She is a cousin of Margaret Aiken, who will have back surgery in Jackson next Wednesday. Several have mentioned to me that they truly miss Susie Tipton’s “Susie’s Scene” and so do I. Pray for all our sick,

is 140 years old. The historic church was built by Nathan Adams, son in law of Joseph Stanton –founder of the Town of Stanton. Nathan Adams and his wife Grace are buried in the mausoleum beside the church. I guess we should have sent out a map to the church as a few guests weren’t sure exactly where the church is located. Believe it or not, you can get lost in Stanton! My plate is pretty full at the moment and the Stanton Welcome Center/Library is still as busy as ever. Ms. Emma is running from one meeting to another, and I’m running between cemeteries. Sometimes we trade out keeping the Welcome Center open as we pass each other at the door. Most of the time it takes both of us in here, so please be patient if we get behind. The Haywood County Leadership Class paid us a visit last week. We were honored to be included on their tour of industries. The group stopped in Stanton at our Center then went on to visit the Stanton Cannery.

The Cannery is still open during the daytime now and hopefully will continue to keep regular hours. Richard is not back with us yet - we wish him well and hope he continues to recover. Stanton will be having a Christmas Celebration the second Saturday of December. That Saturday, December 11, is our annually scheduled date for the Stanton Christmas Parade, but this year we’re working on something a bit different. We’re still finalizing the plans so if you’d like to be a part of it, please let us know. Just heard from Santa too, he plans to be in Stanton that day as well! We always have fun with Santa! Residents, and former residents of Stanton, you may mail Stanton news to me at P.O. Box 181, Stanton, TN 38069, reach me at the Stanton Welcome Center/Library at 731-548-2564, or e-mail me at: Proftster@aol. com. Please put “Stanton News” in the subject line. Together we will look at the past, look toward the future, and report current events.

Genealogy Genie

By Mary W. Lewis

The next Youth Devo will be held at the Church Fellowship Room Dec. 2, at 6:30 p.m. according to Craig Robinson. Missionaries Jerry and Paula Bates will be here Wednesday night November 24, to give a report on their work and most recent trip overseas. Their headquarters are in Winona, MS, where they work with Betty Choate and the other staff members in World Evangelism. Of course we are one of the churches who give financial aid and they are under the oversight of the Strickland Church of Christ eldership of Glen, MS. They usually make it through here this time of year, since Paula’s family lives near the Trenton area. It is always good to see them. Hugh Teems, father of Ron Teems, who recently came to live with Ron and Stephanie from his home in Rome, GA, is in JMCG. Westside did their usual visiting with Crestview Monday night, singing and going room by room to give favors to each resident. Jerry and Anneli Myers are in charge of this and we appreciate it. While there, I met Hazel Gilliam

We hope you all are enjoying your Thanksgiving Day, and sharing it with others less fortunate. Many people are without jobs at this time. Please help make their holiday season better by sharing if you are able. Every year the Stanton Welcome Center/Library receives a new flag flown at the Field of Flags around the Haywood County Courthouse. This flag is dropped off at our doorstep by Nick Crafton. We appreciate the Crafton family sharing their flag with us flown in honor of Dr. Eugene Calhoun Crafton, Jr. The historic Stanton Presbyterian Church was the site of a joint meeting of all three planning commissions in Haywood County last week. The Stanton Planning Commission and Brownsville Planning Commission joined the Haywood County Planning Commission in a training session following a meal served in the fellowship hall. The meeting was held in the Stanton Presbyterian Church Sanctuary which

among them are Mrs. Hazel Mooney in JMCG, who has been able to be moved into a room, but still not doing as well as needed. Emily Sweeney, an only child, takes good care of her Mom, along with husband, Bro. Larry. Also remember Carol Baird Wilson, wife of Jerry Wilson, who is home now. Leon and Donna Cox Heron were home a few days this week, bringing Betsy Cox, wife of Perry, of Kennesaw, GA with them. Always good to see each of them. Sympathy is given to the family of Walter Duffey Jr.; wife Elizabeth was a co-worker with me at Bellsouth. She has and does take exceptional care of “Nooney” and her sons, Lee and Lynn. Remember the families of others who lost loved ones lately, also.

Most of us spend Thanksgiving Day with our family and much of that time is spent at Grandma’s house. This poem was written by one of our own Genies, Tina Gray. Tina has been under the weather quite a bit since July. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We all have memories of Grandma’s house whether it’s of all the food, or playing with our cousins. Many of us are now making memories with our grandchildren. This poem is the perspective our Genie gives of her Grandma’s house. Grandma’s House By: Tina Gray I found some things at Grandma’s house, Some things both fine and rare; Some memories, Some sympathy,

A gift of time to share Inside a book, I found a faith To last me through the years, And on a shelf, I found myself; In photos, souvenirs. But, what I found at Grandma’s house That meant the most to me, Were loving moments she would give And those….most tenderly. Our photo this week is of Tina’s grandmother, Martha Ellen Johnson, daughter of Alexander Johnson. She is holding Robert Soule Taylor, her first son who died at age 3. She married Edwin S. Taylor. The Genie Room is undergoing some renovation at this time. Before you travel into Brownsville to conduct any type of family

research, please check with the Elma Ross Library first to see if the room is back up and running. From the Genie Room

Creating smiles, Building Confidence

Paula Ziegler

Jathan Scott

Hallie McCallum

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By Debbie Sterbinsky Classes at the WOW Building Thursday, November 25, 2010 Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director The...