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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laying down the law

Photo By: Xavier Cole

HJH football coach Ernie Jackson explains the HJH Athlete Covenant to parents and students prior to spring practice, which began on Monday.

Get on it

Packed house

Photo By: Xavier Cole

Potential Warrior football players and their guardians nearly filled the HJH library to capacity for the meeting Thursday afternoon.

Photo By: Xavier Cole

The HJH goalie pounces onto the ball preventing the Crockett goal last Thursday.

Timing and focus

Photo By: Xavier Cole

Ronda Clark is pictured as she bats against Dyer Coutny last week.

Swinging for the fence

Photo By: Xavier Cole

Kara Davis-Meyers puts all her effort into this swing going deep into centerfield.


Photo By: Xavier Cole

Martavious Tipton attempts to “out-hustle� the Crockett player for possession of the ball.

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