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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wellwood/Zion News

Westside News

By Denise Phillips

By Mary W. Lewis

You know you’re getting old when you call some very expensive shoes, “house shoes.” Youth, you must remember that “Uggs” are not in my daily vocabulary since my children are all grown-up! Thanks Kierstin Emerson and Evan Ellington for setting me straight. I sure do love young people, but they can really bring back memories! Brother Mark Conway delivered a powerful sermon taken from Luke 2 Sunday morning at Zion. He elaborated on the three-fold identity of the “Babe in a Manger.” God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit demands obedience! This past week has been awesome with so much love shown to us in our new home. My sister Norma Austin picked up a ham for me while she was shopping. One very close friend gave us money and a gift card to buy some things for the house. It was easily put to good use with all of the company over the holiday. Ricky and Lori Ellington provided food for us two nights straight. They entertained family and friends in their home as well. We also enjoyed a visit from their son Jacob and his friend Lauren

as they delivered food one night. It was such a blessing to see young people out doing this. Rex, Jackie, Timmy, and Madison Barnes brought food by and visited with us Sunday night. It was so good to see Rex out and about after so many days in the hospital. I hope you know that you don’t have to bring anything to stop by and see what’s been done to the old Mulligan’s Store. Jimmy and I enjoyed our newest grandbaby Alivia on Wednesday. Her great-grandmother who normally keeps her was sick. When Britany got off work we went shopping, so I missed the Christmas caroling. I had already planned the shopping when I found out about the caroling, but there were seven that attended. Brother Mark will tell you that there has been much less. Thanks to all of you that participated! We enjoyed having the Raineys come home from Franklin to spend a few days with us. It’s been a long time since Santa visited our house, but he sure was good to those kids! Christmas Eve, everyone had a great time making wonderful memories with Jason and Justin and their families coming over to enjoy a

meal and open gifts. Christmas Day, we entertained my brothers and sisters and most of their families with a few friends. Of course, I did not do all of the cooking since our family continues to grow, so thanks to everyone who brought food, including mama with all the pies and cakes (my favorite). Although Charles Elrod and his family didn’t stay for the meal, there were approximately 50 folks to enjoy the fellowship. What a blessing! Kim Schwarz enjoyed her Christmas present from Adam Smith. They say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, but I’ll bet Adam will be her best friend from now on. Congratulations to you, and let us know when you set the date. As we approach the New Year, Zion will resume Discipleship training January 9 at 6 pm with worship service following at 7pm. We will also have a one-day revival on that day. Pray for those who are sick, our military personnel and their families, the shut-ins, those who have lost loved ones, and the leaders of our country. Call me at 772-4257 if you have news. People want to know!

Crestview News

We would like to welcome Mr. William Wilson and Mrs. Martha Crutcher to our facility and hope they will enjoy their stay with us. Our patients as well as family members all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party on Tuesday evening at 6 pm. Refreshments were set up in the lobby as well as the front dining room. We all enjoyed lovely piano music by Bobby Sowell. The climax for the evening was seeing “Old Saint Nick.” He greeted each patient, talking and visiting with them, giving each one a candy cane, and the children, my, oh, my what a time they had seeing him! Some even sat on his knee telling him just what they wanted. It was truly a wonderful evening, enjoyed by all.

We would like to thank the volunteers who same out this week: Christ Temple Ladies, CC Club, Beech Grove Church of Christ, First Assembly of God Church ladies, Holly Grove Baptist Church, United Pentecostal Church, Westside Church of Chrisy, Cornerstone Home Schoolers, Brownsville Baptist Church Carolers, Mrs. Mary Barkens, Bingo Ladies, Faith Corner Church of God in Christ, and Ben Rich Carolers. Thank you also to those who brought gifts to our patients as well as staff: First Holiness Women, Oakview Baptist Church, John Gorman and Family, Douglas Chapel CME Church, Stacey CartwrightMaryKay, Mrs. Judy Lea, Mrs. Peggy Staggs, Mrs. Harriett Nanney, and Dr.

Pettigrew and staff. If you brought gifts and your name wasn’t mentioned, I’m sorry. There were so many nice people who brought us gifts, it’s just hard to remember. We truly appreciate everything everyone has done for us in making this a very merry Christmas for all of us. Our patients birthday party for January will be Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 2 pm. We wish the following patients a very happy birthday: Mrs. Gracie Ferrell-1/4, Mrs. Brenda Howard-1/3. Mr. Elmer “Bubba” Johnson-1/16, Mr. Eddie Tyus-1/21. Mrs. Mary Burns-1/26, Mrs. Pauline Welch-1/23. And Mr. Ricky Williams-1/31. Thought for the year: We wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

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Jerry and Anneli Myers prepared and distributed snack crackers to each resident of Crestview Monday night, Dec. 20, and at 6:30 pm were joined by several other members of Westside Church of Christ for group singing with residents. Afterwards, those there including Mac Perry, Paul and Mary Lewis, Larry and Emily Sweeney, and Jeremy Sweeney were invited to the Myers home for Peter Paul Mounds Cake and Kentucky Derby Pie served with ice cream with choices of coffee flavors. Their home was aglow with the holiday season, tastefully decorated, and everyone enjoyed the evening of lively conversation and laughter. Aaron Jackson, grandson of Alice and Jim Powell, graduates this month from Crockett County High School. Having the number of credits to do so, he was given the choice of walking or graduating now, so he chose the latter. Congratulations! Carolyn M. Freeman entered Baptist Hospital of Memphis on Monday,

Dec. 20, with possible blood clots, but was released on Wednesday. Margaret Aiken returned to her home from Sardis, Tenn. where she had been recuperating from back surgery at the home of her cousin, Anne Austin, and her family but will spend Christmas Day back with the Sardis family. Some from our congregation are facing health issues with possible surgery or members of their families also, so we pray each one will be successful. Mrs. Hazel Mooneyham of Burlison, mother of Emily Sweeney, has been dismissed from JMCG Hospital back to Bells Healthcare. “Hello” at this location to Mary Neil Halbrook and Shelia Weir and our other friends. A near dozen schoolmates of Peggy Stuart Lewis had their monthly get together meal recently. Most everyone who attends was present, except Carolyn Jacocks Boone who was under the weather. Fellow correspondent Denise Phillips of Wellwood/Zion News related moving into

Mulligan’s landmark store located on Highway 70 East and Tritt Road, following much renovation. It has been interesting noting the progress as we travel by. I believe they had a business (restaurant?) there themselves once. It goes without saying Denise and family have been very busy. She wears many hats, plus teaching school! Morris and Beth Blatt have returned from a resort near Cancun, Mexico, with friends from Ohio. I failed to include the birthday of Morris, which was Dec. 5, in the list. The uncle of Jason Woods, Doug Joyner, will have heart surgery in JMCG Hospital and another uncle, Larry Joyner of Dyersburg Nursing Home, has pneumonia and now is in the hospital in Dyersburg. Doug and Larry are also brothers of Martha Joyner Frye. Reece Lomax, student of FHU, was with us Wednesday evening for worship. He is the son of Jimmy and Katie King Lomax. Happy New Year, everyone!

Holly Grove News By Martha H. Jones Sunday, following Christmas, a special service was held at Holly Grove Church with the reading of God’s Word by different ones, a skit and creative movement by young adults and the singing of special music. Little Makayla Baker was one of those signing special music. Lorie Jones played special music prior to the services. All of this was followed by Brother Fred Campbell bringing the message. Greg and Beth Baker’s parents were among the visitors for the service. A group from the church, led by Ricky and Kathy Hopper, Belinda Long and Barbara McCage, went caroling Wednesday night and carried Christmas boxes to shut-ins and other families. The deacons and their wives, Brother Fred and Nancy Campbell, Brother Ralph and Elaine Brown and their friend Barbara Smith had a wonderful time with Ronnie and Sue Vanstory in their beautiful home in Brownsville prior to Christmas. Their daughter, Beth, assisted her mother in serving. We express our heartfelt sympathy to Judy Blair and her family in the death of her brother, Eldon Hoppers and out sympathy to the family of Bobby Hayes. Let’s continue to remember the sick in prayer, James Lewis is slowly recuperating. Others are, Mae Simpson, Dale Brown Sinclair, Elsie Lewis, Glenn White, Janie Hight, Albertine McBride, and Fletcher Lewis. Also include Jewell Overton, Carol Wilson, Tonie Perry and Danny Murphy. Heath and Julie Hopkins and Hayden from Hernando, Miss, Ryan and Heather Hopkins and Jensen from Maryville, Luis and Tiffanie Rosales

from Clarksville, Brent and Jessica Byrd and Alan and Debbie Jones and Jennifer celebrated Christmas Day with Dewey, Lorie and me. Marjorie Williams had all her family with her Sunday following Christmas Day. Phil and Peggy Emison and Hayley and Marjorie’s two sons, Jimmy and Brad Williams and other family members came to celebrate with her. Brother Fred and Nancy Campbell traveled to Lexington on Christmas Eve and spend the night with their daughter, Chrsity, and her husband, Tim Fain, and their three sons, and they returned home late Christmas Day. All their children, Aaron and wife, Becky; Rachel and husband, John Young; Christy and husband, Tim Fain; and Carey and husband, Tony Lipford; and their families were with them Sunday after Christmas. Timothy and Rachel Hopper and daughters from Alabama, joined other family members at the home of his parents, Ricky and Kathy Hopper,

to celebrate Christmas. Jay Hopper is home from Tennessee Tech, and thanks to him for coming before Christmas and hanging our bird feeder where we can watch the birds all winter. Alan and Debbie gave us a wonderful birdhouse as a present. Robert and Betty Barden, James and Judy Lewis, Steve and Stephanie Lewis and family joined other family members at the home of Jerry and Betty Lewis in Paris to celebrate Christmas Eve. Robert and Betty joined others at the home of Mike and Amy Spotts for a Christmas Day celebration. Sharon Wynn came home from Nicaragua, where she teaches education, to be home with her parents, Andy and Jan Wynn. Sharon attended church with them. Jacob Watson came home from Baton Rouge where he is attending Bethany World Bible College to be with his family for Christmas. He spoke to the church on Sunday before Christmas. Happy New

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