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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marla Angotti Run enters 5th year The 15th Review Club hosted the Fifth Annual Marla Angotti 5K/10K. The race a memorial to the late Marla Angotti, the daughter of P.J. and Sandra Angotti, benefits St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and scholarships. It kicked off October 30 at the College Hill area. Overall winners were: 5K Race-Female: Amy Richards with a time of 23.31, Linda Korn 0’ Gorm with a time of 24:01 Carlin Graham (w/Tinsley) with a time of 26:19. 5K Race-Male: Wade Norris with a time of 18:56, Rodney Clark with a time of 20:15, and Clay Richards with a time of 23:31. 10K Race-Female: Martha Floyd with a time of 47:20, Lyndi Strange with a time of 49:20 and Teresa Russell with a time of 50:27. 10K Race-Male: Carlos Rodriguez with a time of 40:26, Jeff Stovall with a time of 42:18 and Michael Banks with a time of 51:30. For a complete list of the winners in all age divisions, visit

Team members pictured are: Front row- Cynthia Chandler Snell, Luke Leatherwood, Kyle Connelly Back row- Abby Nichols, Elizabeth Mann, Lisa Carlton, Michael Banks, Teresa Russell, Martha Floyd, Cindy Pack, Joy Mann, Ann Felknor, Jeremy Gray Not Pictured- Charlie Good

Creating a Healthier Tennessee with Ragnar Relay Tennessee

A group of twelve runners and two drivers challenged themselves to a new experience on November 5-6. This group joined 160 other teams to travel by foot from Chattanooga to Nashville in freezing cold temperatures and rain, sleet and Jimmy’s y’sJimmy’s sometimes snow. Jimmy’s The group met in Tireup Service y’s vice Tire Service Chattanooga Thursday Tire Service 312 South Washi ngton hington hington vice 312 South Washingtonnight, awoke early Friday Brownsvi l e , TN l 206-A East Main Street , TN TN 312 South Washington 206-A East Main Street D.D.S. Greg Brownsvi l e, TN morning hington Greg GrobmyerGrobmyer D.D.S.andBrownsville, yer D.D.S. NewTN &38012 Usedbegan TiTN res 38012 & Accessories Accessories Accessories Brownsville, TN Brownsville, 206-A East Main Street ewTN & Used Tires & Accessories D.D.S. Joe Leonard journey Joeleapfrog Leonard D.D.S.Tires d D.D.S. the New & Accessories (731) 779-9200 to & Used (731) 779-9200 Brownsville, TN 38012

Nashville totaling 195.5 miles. The team, kept a runner on the road at all times of the day and night in a relay race. The remaining members followed along in the support vehicle to cheer the runner on and prepare the next runner to hit the road. The run was a bit challenging given the weather, the lack of sleep, night-time running and 206-A East 206-AStreet EastMain MainStreet Street East 206-A East Main Street Greg206-A Grobmyer D.D.S. Grobmyer D.D.S. Main Brownsville, TNTNupset 38012 an Brownsville, occasional Brownsville, 38012 TN 38012 Brownsville, TN 38012 206-A East Street 206-A East Main Main Street JoeBrownsville, Leonard D.D.S. Leonard D.D.S.tried 779-9200 (731) 779-9200 (731) 779-9200 TN 38012 dog that to stir up (731) 779-9200 Brownsville, TN(731) 38012 (731) 779-9200 (731) 779-9200 F. Steven Kail D.D.S. Steven Kail D.D.S. Kail D.D.S. Monday thru Friday F.Monday Steven (731) Monday thru Friday Monday thru Friday Monday thru Friday F.731-780-4193 Steven Kail D.D.S.779-9200 Monday thru Friday thru Friday Monday Friday 7am Monday thru Friday 7am- -6pm 6pm 7am -- 6pm 7amthru 6pm Monday thru Friday 7am - 6pm 7am 6pm Tuesday-Saturday Friday .7am ti7am tlil5:5:008am 0p.8am 6pm a.m. till8am5:00 6pm 8am 8am- -1212noon noon -Saturday 12 Saturday -Saturday 12noon noon TuesTuesday-Friday day-Saturday Friday 8:00 a.m. 7am til 5:008am p.m8:00 .- 6pm - 12 noonp.m. -Saturday 12 noon Saturday Saturday 8am 8am -- 12 12noon noon

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trouble. With all of this, the team members say they can’t wait to hit the road again next year in the Ragnar Relay. They are

already making plans for the 2011 race. The race proceeds benefit Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking Tips and Coupons

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By Janet Tharpe

Friend’s Love of Macadamia Nuts Inspires Namesake Cookie

Premier Dental

“This cookie evolved through a friend that loved macadamia nuts.” Geraldine Quesenberry


Clarksville, TN (Pop. 116,465)

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Geraldine Quesenberry


his cookie gets high marks for sweetness, both in taste and thoughtfulness! Geraldine Quesenberry of Clarksville, TN originally created this wonderful treat as a Christmas gift for her dear friend Ann Harrison, whose love of macadamia nuts inspired the recipe. The hazelnut and Kahlua liqueurs kick the flavor up several notches, but if you prefer a lighter cookie, try using semi-sweet chocolate chips instead. Either way, this cookie is simply divine. Why not make sweet memories of your own and give it as a gift to your friends this holiday season? See step-by-step photos of Geraldine Quesenberry’s Ann Harrison Cookies recipe and thousands more recipes from other hometown Americans at:

You’ll also find a meal planner and coupons for the recipe ingredients. Enjoy and remember, use “just a pinch...

Ann Harrison Cookies


What You Need 1 c (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature

2 11.5 oz packages, white chocolate chips

and macadamia nuts. (Do this slowly or by hand).

3/4 c sugar

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• Drop by 1/4 cupfuls 2 c macadamia nuts, onto ungreased cookie 3/4 c golden brown sugar, chopped sheet, spacing well apart. firmly packed Directions Bake until cookies are 1 tbsp pure vanilla extract • Preheat oven to 325° F. golden brown (approx. 16 Using electric mixer, minutes.) I usually turn 1 tbsp Frangelico beat butter, both sugars, the cookie sheet around (hazelnut liqueur) vanilla extract, Frangelico after about 8 minutes to 1 tbsp Royale Cream and Royale Cream Kahlua give the cookies a chance Kahlua (or other cream in a large bowl until light to brown evenly. liquor) and fluffy. Add eggs and • Cool on pan for one mix well. 2 lg eggs minute. Remove to wire • Mix flour, baking soda 2 1/2 c all purpose flour rack to finish cooling. and salt in small bowl. 1 tsp baking powder • Makes approximately 3 Stir into butter mixture. dozen cookies. 1/2 tsp salt Mix in chocolate chips Submitted by: Geraldine Quesenberry, Clarksville, TN (Pop. 116,465)

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