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Thursday, October 21, 2010

By 28th Judicial District Circuit Court Judge Clayburn Peeples

Tennessee Governors - A Quiz All right folks; there’s a governor’s race going on, and while I wouldn’t think of suggesting how you should vote in it, it might be interesting to find out what we know about our next governor’s predecessors. As always, answers are at the bottom: 1. Just how many governors has Tennessee had? A. 53 B. 48 C. 36 2. Which governor pushed through the first state sales tax? A. Buford Ellington B. Jim Nance McCord C. Frank Clement 3. Which governor called a special session of the legislature so Tennessee could vote to ratify the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, thus ensuring its passage? A. Malcolm Patterson B. Isham Harris C. Albert Roberts 4. Who was the first governor to ascend to the governorship due to a vacancy in the office? A. William Hall B. Sam Houston C. Aaron Brown 5. Which governor died in a cholera epidemic? A. James K. Polk B. Andrew Johnson C. Isham Harris 6. For much of our history, Tennessee governors served two year terms. Who was the first governor to serve a four year term when the law was changed? A. Ray Blanton B. Gordon Browning C. Frank Clement 7. Who was our first governor to die in office? A. Austin Peay B. Henry Horton C. Prentiss Cooper 8. Who was the first Tennessee governor to be born in the state? A. Andrew Johnson B. John Sevier C. James C. Jones 9. In what state was our present governor born? A. New Jersey B. New York C. Massachusetts 10. Who was governor when West Tennessee was “purchased” from the Chickasaw Nation? A. Joseph McMinn B. William Blount C. Sam Houston answers: 1. (a) 48 is the generally accepted number, but some people count William Blount, our territorial governor. Still others count Robert Looney Caruthers, elected Confederate governor during the Civil War. Since Northern troops controlled most of the state, however, he never took office. 2. (b) Jim Nance McCord pushed the first state sales tax (3 percent) into law in 1947. The voters pushed him out of office the following year. 3. (c) Albert Roberts called the legislature into session in the summer of 1920 where they ratified the 19th Amendment, thus securing its passage. Three months later, newly enfranchised women helped vote him out of office. 4. (a) William Hall became governor when Sam Houston resigned the office in 1829. 5. (a) Our 11th, or 9th, depending on how you count, governor, James K. Polk, died in 1849, shortly after leaving the White House, in the Nashville cholera epidemic. 6. (c) Frank Clement was elected to the state’s first four year governor’s term in 1954. 7. (a) Austin Peay died in 1927 of a massive heart attack, in the middle of his third, two-year term. 8. (c) James C (Lean Jimmy) Jones, elected in 1841, was our first governor to be born in the state. 9. (a) Governor Phil Bredesen was born in New Jersey and moved to New York as a child. 10. (a) Joseph McMinn was governor when the Jackson Purchase was negotiated.

Liquid energy or liquid death? There’s this old masks work, and skills, drowsiness— adage about a help get you through given by alcohol. journalists’ vices. whatever daunting You can’t feel Depending on task is exhausting you yourself getting whom one asks, these that feeling gradually intoxicated then of particular vices could abates, until you’re course you drink be as normal as always left with a huge more. And this is a having a pen and pad crash. dangerous path to handy, or purposely Those 48-hour alcohol poisoning. desiring putting marathons would This could also yourself in the middle result in me sleeping potentially lead to of a dangerous story half of the next day. someone driving to satiate one’s thirst And even after finally while impaired. for thrill. waking from deep Personally, I think The top two vices unconscious slumber, Red Bull like cocktails, I always hear and the body would still and alcoholic energy witness of veteran feel numb and groggy drinks should be information-slingers for the other half of banned altogether. are coffee and the day. The consequences cigarettes. The reason I bring from these types of This makes sense, as all of this up now is concoctions are too you’ll need something because of a news dire. to combat the long, story I read online And given the news relentless hours and about a product that is article, this also makes heavy-ton weight of basically an alcoholic a dangerous target stress that comes with beverage mixed with of college students, the job. an energy drink. who already produce Personally, I don’t Nearly two-dozen staggering figures smoke, and I’m not a students at Ramapo when it comes to huge coffee drinker. College in Mahwah, binge drinking. I did use to have New Jersey have As for energy drinks a thing for energy been hospitalized for in general, I can’t drinks, especially excessive drinking, really judge anyone throughout college. thanks to an alcoholic who uses them. As I It was not energy drink called said, they do work. uncommon for me to Four Loko. However, just as drink three or four This sounds no anything, drinking in every five or six hours different to men than excess could also lead or pop a few trucker having a vodka mixed to some damaging No-Doze pills, just with a red bull. health problems. to stay up 48 hours Drinking these little After all, you’re not straight. cocktails will give really getting rid of Whether it a the impression that fatigue; you’re just final or ten-page you’re not as drunk covering it up. And paper examining as you would think denying your body the relationship you are. of its natural needs, between religion and The alert-granting like rest, can always witchcraft during the stimulants provided be dangerous to your 15th century, I would to you by Red Bull heart. carelessly ingest these offset the inhibiting substances to get effects—loss of motor through the days. Today, I’d just settle for an orange and some green tea just to get me through the day. I haven’t touched an energy drink in a year. It’s been, what, three years now since I’ve ever taken any No-Doz. It’s my way ofScott Whaley,Scott Whaley,Vicky Fawcett,Vicky Fawcett, Terry Thompson Terry Thompson Ceree Peace Poston Ceree Peace Poston trying to reverse my Editor & Publisher Office Manager Sales Manager Editor & Publisher Office Manager Sales ManagerReceptionist Receptionist recklessness, as I’m sure that my youthful mistakes have taken a number of years off of my life. Scott Whaley,Scott Whaley, Boy when I say it, Calvin Carter,Calvin Carter, Matt GarrettMatt GarrettJeff Perry Julie Pickard, Editor & Publisher Editor & Publisher Julie Pickard, it makes me sound Staff WriterStaff WriterStaff WriterStaff Writer Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Sports Writer like I’ve overcome Calvin a Carter,Calvin Carter, damaging addiction. The Brownsville States-Graphic(USPS ISSN 08909938) Rebecca Gray The Brownsville ISSN 08909938) Rebecca Gray States-Graphic(USPS Communications Communications Staff WriterStaff Writer with the newspaper with the newspaper Heck, when you is published by Haywood Newspapers isweekly published weekly byCounty Haywood County Newspapers the include the L.L.C., 42 South P.O. Box 59,P.O. Brownsville L.L.C.,Washington, 42 South Washington, Box 59, Brownsvillemust includemust think about it, maybe author’s signature, author’s signature, Sara Clark, Sara Clark, TN 38012. TN 38012. I have. address and address and Josh Anderson Josh Anderson Periodicals postage paidpostage at Brownsville, TN. Periodicals paid at Brownsville, TN. telephone number. A can of liquid telephone number. Graphic Design Graphic Design Send address changes to changes to POSTMASTER: Send address energy doesn’t really POSTMASTER: All letters toAll theletters to the Brownsville States-Graphic, P.O. Box 59,P.O. Box 59, editor reflecteditor Brownsville States-Graphic, the reflect the TerryThe Thompson TerryThe Thompson cure you of your opinions of the Brownsville, TN 38012 opinions of the Brownsville, TN 38012 Sales Manager Sales Manager body’s fatigue. The not and are not “A publication of AmericanofHometown Publishing”Publishing”writer and arewriter “A publication American Hometown only cure for that is necessarily those necessarily those Leticia Orozco Leticia Orozco DEADLINES: DEADLINES: actual rest. of the newspaper. of the newspaper. Receptionist Receptionist News, Monday at Monday Noon • Advertising, Monday at Monday Noon at Noon News, at Noon • Advertising, The newspaper Theisnewspaper is What it does do Classified Advertising, Monday at Noon Classified Advertising, Monday at Noon not responsible not for responsible for Vicky Fawcett, Vicky Fawcett, however, is fool it Society news, Monday Noon at Noon Society news,at Monday unsolicited material. unsolicited material. Office Manager Office Manager into thinking you’re Legals, Monday Noon at Noon Legals,at Monday We reserve the Weright reserve the right not tired. Fatigue is to reject or shorten to reject or shorten SUBSCRIPTIONS (PER YEAR): SUBSCRIPTIONS (PER YEAR): the body’s way ofHaywood County letter to the editor. $35;County In-state$35; $42;In-state Out-of-state $49 Haywood $42; Out-of-state $49letter to the editor. saying “Hey, really, that’s enough now, you need rest.” Although these

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