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Gresham urges voters to approve proposed constitutional amendment

NASHVILLE-Tennessee voters will have the opportunity to decide if the state’s Constitution should be amended in the upcoming election to recognize that citizens have the right to hunt and fish. I encourage voters to act now to ensure these rights are preserved indefinitely by voting for this amendment. I co-sponsored this constitutional initiative which, if passed by the voters in November, will make sure that our state’s great hunting and fishing heritage will be enjoyed by future generations of Tennesseans. The language in the amendment specifically states that hunting and fishing are subject to reasonable regulations as prescribed by law. It would make sure that any future efforts to abolish hunting or fishing would face a much more difficult task in Tennessee. Fourteen states have

acted recently to preserve the personal right to hunt and fish through their state constitutions. Nine other states already had such a provision, while three other states will join Tennessee in seeing such an initiative on their ballots this year. The amendment will give sportsmen a voice in court on any future action that would deny their right to hunt and fish, if approved by the voters. It will also provide significant protection from misguided lawsuits that does not exist today. A change to the state’s constitution through the amendment method requires a majority vote based on the number of votes cast in the gubernatorial election. Therefore, it not just only requires a simple majority of those voting in favor of the amendment, but more votes than the average number cast in the race for governor. This basically

means it must have a super majority since often voters tend to drop off after voting on the top, or most publicized, races on a ballot. Sportsmen pay for all wildlife conservation efforts, not just game fish and animals. Therefore, this resolution will help ensure the preservation of funding that takes care of all Tennessee’s fish and wildlife. They also pump millions of dollars into Tennessee’s economy. The hunting and fishing industry generates more than $2.4 billion annually, including nearly $100 million in sales tax revenues and thousands of jobs. This amendment will make sure our young people have the same heritage to enjoy hunting and fishing as Tennesseans currently do. Hopefully, Tennessee voters will give it the plurality it needs for adoption.

It’s said by many in the medical field that cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer of both men and women in America today. According to the American Heart Association, estimates for the year 2006 are that 81,100,000 people in the United States have one or more forms of cardiovascular disease. In the same year, cardiovascular disease claimed 831,272 lives (final mortality) which is 34.3

percent of all deaths or 1 of every 2.9 deaths. The best way to combat cardiovascular disease is to eat properly and exercise. And thanks to the Walker Clinic, you will get the chance to participate in the latter. The Walker Clinic is holding its Inaugural Walker 5K Run, to take place November 6, at Gene Record Park in Henderson, Tennessee. Pre-Registering will be at 8 a.m. while the race will officially start at 9 a.m.

Not only will you get the chance at some healthy exercise, but the Walker Clinic will also take your race day bib (number) for a free CIMT (Carotid Intima-Media Thickness) a painless ultrasound of the carotid artery (neck artery) that tells the age of your arteries. Pre-Registration is $20 while late day of the race registration is $25. To pre-register or for more information, visit WalkerRun.html.

The Brownsville States-Graphic, Thursday, October 21, 2010 — Page A3

Walker Clinic to hold run

Browns Creek Primitive Baptist Church to be moved to Casey Jones Village Historic preservation fund announced

Clark and Juanita Shaw and the Old Country Store are pleased to announce the establishment of the new Community Fund through a partnership with the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation entitled the “Village Church Historic Preservation Fund”. In search of a church to move to Casey Jones Village, about two years ago Clark and Juanita Shaw discovered a small church building that belonged to the Browns Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Haywood County off Highway 70. It had been abandoned nearly forty years ago but was still in excellent condition. It was built 105 years ago and seats approximately sixty people. The Shaws approached the remaining membership of the church who graciously agreed to the church being relocated to Casey Jones Village. Relocation is scheduled to take place this week weather permitting. Bill McMillen, who will be moving the church, also donated 125-year-old brick for the church’s foundation. The church will be used for a number of purposes. Primarily it will be used as a prayer chapel open daily

and made available to visitors to Casey Jones Village. The church will be utilized for special occasions and other uses that will include everything from gospel sings and community meetings, to weddings, receptions and dinner on the grounds type events. The new historic preservation fund allows businesses and individuals to make tax deductible donations to the fund as well as in-kind donations. The West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation is West Tennessee’s leading public foundation. While the majority of the funds raised provide for the health and well-being of West Tennesseans, there are a growing number a funds for arts and education. The Mission Statement of the Village Church Historic Preservation Fund is as follows: “Goal: To preserve and educate future generations about the rich history of worship in West Tennessee and the American South.” Donors would be able to contribute to Christian missions, community outreach and ministry opportunities as well as the educational, cultural and sustainable heritage tourism initiatives of the Fund.

These contributions would go toward the historic preservation of the church buildings themselves as well as the documentation of Southern rural church history, the presentation of traveling and permanent exhibits, as a venue for music and performing arts, the hosting of church and tour groups and school field trips and other educational and teaching opportunities. Casey Jones Village welcomes over 700,000 visitors annually including local guests and travelers from across the nation and around the world.” If the public would like to be a part of this project, tax-deductible contributions can be made online and also as honorariums and memorials. It is listed under “Community Funds” and designated as the “Village Church Historic Preservation Fund” on the West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation website at h t t p : / / w w w. . or by mailing a check to the: West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation ATTN: Village Church Historic Preservation Fund 620 Skyline Drive Jackson, TN 38301.

BBQ Cook Off Cook Nov. 5 Judging Nov.6

Entry Fee $25 Anything but $1 0 Music, Food, Fu n, Prizes

Briefly Speaking

New Masonic Lodge dedication

A dedication program for the new Winfield Mason Lodge #52 Fair Lily Chapter #35, OES, located at 33 East Jefferson will be held Sunday, October 24 at 2:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 311 East Jefferson. Guest Speaker will be Reverend Franklin A. Collins and Bluff Creek Church Choir. The public is invited to attend.

West Haywood Community Center event West Haywood Community Center at 133 Macedonia Road Highway 54 West will have their Second Annual Rainbow Tea Fundraiser Event, Saturday, October 23 at 7 p.m. Special guest will be the Haywood High Gospel Choir.

The Naifeh RecoRd ObamaCare

-After voting against the TN Health Care Freedom Act twice in committee, he voted against prohibiting the legislature from requiring anyone to participate in a healthcare system or plan (HB 2622; 6/9/10) -Voted in committee against a constitutional amendment that would prohibit the state from compelling any Tennessean to be part of a health care system or insurance program (HJR 745) -Voted twice in committee against law that held Tennessee Insurance laws over Federal, and opposed a public option (HJR 704)


-Voted for a State Income Tax (SB 2646; 5/22/02) -Opposed cutting the state sales tax on food from 6% to 3% (SB 568 Amendment 2; 6/11/07)

2nd amendmenT

-Voted against carrying guns in restaurants by lawful permit holders (HB 962; 4/6/09 | HB 3125; 5/5/10) -Voted against bill closing handgun permit records (HB 959; 5/4/09) -1998 to 2006 Based on lifetime voting records on gun issues and the results of a questionnaire sent to all state legislative candidates in 2006, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund assigned Representative Naifeh a grade of 0 (with grades ranging from a high of A+ to a low of F).


-Opposed requiring proof of identification to vote (SB 407 Amendment 16; 5/26/06) -Voted against requiring a person who has lost the right to vote because they have been convicted of a felony to pay back all fines and court costs before their voting rights are restored (HB 969; 6/4/10)


-Opposed allowing citizens to elect their superintendent (SB 118 Amendment 1; 5/9/07 | SB3702 Amendment 2; 5/6/08 | SB 3857 Amendment 3; 5/13/08) -Opposed having education funded before any other state department (HB 472/SB 570/PC 376- Amt 3; 5/16/07) -Opposed using revenue from the cigarette tax to go directly to education instead of the general fund (SB 2326 Amendment 13; 6/4/07)


-Voted against a constitutional amendment that would make the state constitution neutral on abortion (SJR 127; 5/18/09) -Voted against defunding Planned Parenthood (HB 1756; 6/17/09)


-Opposed prohibiting illegal aliens from receiving most public benefits (SB 407 Amendment 17; 5/26/06) -Supports giving illegal immigrants driving certificates (HB 1827 Amendment 5; 5/3/07) -Opposed requiring all written or oral exams for a driver’s license to be taken in English only (SB 1152 Amendment 8; 6/11/07 | HB 2875 Amt. #9; 5/17/10) -Opposed requiring police departments to make a policy of checking ID for illegal immigrants (HB 4001 Amendment 3; 4/21/08) -Voted against requiring jail keepers to send notification to Homeland Security if and individual under arrest is not able to present citizenship papers at time of arrest (HB 670; 5/18/09 | HB 670; 6/9/10) -Present but did not vote on a bill prohibiting local and state government from enacting sanctuary policies for illegal immigrants (HB 1354; 6/4/09) -Voted against resolution supporting Arizona’s for passage of immigration reform (HJR 1253; 5/24/10) -Opposed allowing employers to require workers to speak English while on the job (HB 3895 Amendment 1; 4/17/08 | HB 2685 3/31/10)

Paid for by friends to elect Jim Hardin, Terry Mullins, Treasurer

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