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Speaker Naifeh announces funding numbers for Haywood County Nashville— On Friday, Speaker Emeritus Jimmy Naifeh (D-Haywood & Tipton Counties) announced that during the current 2010-2011 fiscal year, approximately $66,421,200.00 in state appropriated expenditures will flow into Haywood County through various state agencies and programs. Haywood County will also receive a portion of the $12.4 billion in federal funds that are included in Tennessee’s $29.9 billion budget as adopted by the 106th General Assembly. “Two years ago, as we began dealing with the long-term effects of our nation’s economic slowdown, the Tennessee Legislature made a commitment to keep our state running without raising taxes or massive cuts,” said Naifeh. “Our economy continues to grow stronger, and though there are still challenges ahead, Tennessee looks to make a full recovery in the months and years to come. Speaker Emeritus Naifeh listed budgeted state appropriations benefiting Haywood County in the following general categories: $16,764,400.00 (Kindergarten through 12th grade); $5,012,700.00 state shared tax collections; $9,956,300.00 for health and social services; $5,108,400.00 for justice and public safety; $708,400.00 for recreation and resources development; $505,800.00 for Economic Development and Higher Education; $25,100,000 in Capital Outlay; and $3,265,200.00 for state highway projects. “Difficult decisions had to be made in order to produce a balanced budget with no new taxes, but even with the tough decisions we were able to

maintain the programs that matter most like Tennessee’s BEP 2.0 program,” said Naifeh. “Going forward, I intend to continue to protect these programs from reductions and hope others in the legislature will put children and families first in every financial decision we make.“ Speaker Emeritus Naifeh further elaborated on the Health and Social Services’ appropriations benefiting Haywood County residents include $434,100.00 for Children’s Services; $40,500 for Community Intellectual Disability Programs; and 449,600.00 for Health services, with $9,007,200.00 million of the Health funds for TennCare. “In the coming years, as our economy continues to grow, we must not forget the lessons we’ve learned over these past few years,” said Naifeh. “By keeping a sizeable Rainy Day Fund, cutting inefficient programs, and tightening our belts, state government can run on the resources it has and not have to shift the burden onto the shoulders of working Tennesseans.” This year’s balanced budget was achieved through a number of important decisions including: Making over $420 million in reductions Using a significant amount of one-time funding NOT raising taxes NOT taking money away from the Highway Fund NOT taking State-shared taxes away from local governments

Draft Continued from A1 - sit on a 200-acre site about 17 miles south west of Brownsville. Construction of the site will consist of the installation and operation of a 5-10 megawatt “photovoltaic array, including required utility transmission lines, the Information and Welcome Center, and the development of educational programs. So far, the possible environmental effects presented didn’t appear to show any violations. Land use would change from agricultural to restricted industrial use. As far as noise from the construction, it’s believed that it wouldn’t have any adverse effects. As far as water, it’s stated that the farm will impact 400 feet of stream

channel, but normal facility operations would have no adverse impact on surface water or groundwater. There will be some clearing of trees and vegetation during the construction, however the assessments notes that there won’t be an impacts on resident plants and animals, nor any impact on any threatened or endangered species. There is an expectation of short-term increase of traffic on local roads during construction. TDOT is planning to construct on and off access ramps from I-40 for vehicle access into the Information and Welcome Center. It was noted by Steven Allen, from the TDOT, that Phase I plans are

provide an entrance from I-40 West, not I-40 East yet. If you’d like to read a copy of the Environmental Assessment, you can view it at the Elma Ross Public Library. Copies are also available online at publications/others/ nepa/ea.html or from Cliff Whyte, DOE/ NETL, P.O. Box 880 MS B07 in Morgantown, West Virginia 265070880. You can also use the address to submit questions or comments or email to cliff.whyte@ or fax to (304)-285-4403. Lavel communication “West TN Solar Farm Draft EA.” The deadline for comments is October 22.

Lounge Continued from A1 - to the city’s saggy pants problem. While trying to establish and enforce a city law that would ban people from sagging their pants, the board was advised by the city attorney that doing so would open up a number of legal problems, including possibly infringing on constitutional rights, he said. “I think it’s awful that we do nothing about,”

King said. “I still don’t agree with it, but I know it’s hard to enforce.” It was briefly joked by Alderman Simmons that the city could change the Welcome Sign to “No saggy pants.” Banks added to the humorous quip, pointing towards the water tower. “We could just change the water tower,” he said. “Instead of saying ‘Good Place to live, we could say ‘No Saggy Pants.’”

In other board news, it was noted that although Halloween falls on a Sunday, it will be recognized by the city the day before. And finally, Brownsville/Haywood County Fire Chief Mark Foster commented on the busy number of calls, lately, for the fire department. Last month, the department received 46 calls. They’ve received 33 in this month so far.

Briefly Speaking Get Out The Vote Rally

Hunter education classes will begin October 18 at 6 pm at the National Guard Armory. Anyone born after January 1, 1969 that is 10 years old or older and all adults are welcome. Hunter education is required for anyone that hunts, born after January 1, 1969. Some states require hunter education regardless of age. If you plan on going out of state to hunt, you should check the state’s hunting requirements as you plan your trip. Classes will be two hours a night, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday with Saturday morning firing range and test at 7:30 am. For more information on hunter education, call Rex Barnes at 772-6240 or Michael Braden at 7720262 Monday thru Friday after 9 am.

Get out the vote rally and meeting for candidates, Bill Haslam,Stephen Fincher and Jim Hardin will be held at 6:30 pm at the GOP Headquarters located at 11 North Court Square Thursday October 14. Please come out and join us for this event.

Haywood County Democratic Women monthly meeting

Dunbar-HCTCarver High Alumni meeting

The Haywood County Democratic Women will hold their monthly meeting Tuesday, October 19, 2010 at 6 pm at Brownsville City Hall. Everyone is invited to attend. For additional information, please contact Bettye Duckworth at 731-772-8719.

The Dunbar-HCTCarver High Alumni Brownsville Chapter will hold its regular meeting, Monday at 5:30 pm in Carver Cafeteria. All interested persons are invited to be present.


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Ward 2 will have a Neighborhood Watch & Community Meeting on Thursday evening, October 21, at 6 p.m. at the W.O.W. Building at East Main and Boyd Avenue. All residents in Ward 2 and concerned citizens are welcome to attend. ask questions, present comments and ideas regarding their ward and how to improve their neighborhood. The guest speaker will be Jeremy Gray, Administrator for Haywood Park Hospital. The subject will be “What’s new at Haywood Park?” Refreshments will be served. For more information, call Alderman Carolyn Flagg at 772-0425, Martha Lyle Reid Ford at 7806737, and Goldie Harwell at 780-5157.

Hunter education classes


Ward 2 Neighborhood Watch Community Meeting





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