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Sugar Creek

Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director

Our love and best wishes are with Jessie Howell as she had surgery this past week at Jackson General. She is home and chomping at the bit to get back to Sugar Creek. I hope she hurries – we miss her. We want to welcome our newest residents. David and Bo Pope moved to Sugar Creek this week and we’re enjoying them already. They know every one here and are super nice folks whom every one likes to visit. Emma Jane Gorman came to play the piano for us and visit awhile yesterday and she and Bo were glad to see each other. Thanks to Pastor Brent Porterfield from Union Grove Methodist Church for bringing our Sunday afternoon message. Our residents always enjoy him. Once again we had a wonderful Fourth of July celebration with the United States Naval Ceremonial Band coming from Millington to play for us. They are always such a treat. The ladies love seeing all these sharp looking

young guys in their summer white uniforms and they even had three cute young ladies thrown in for the men to enjoy visiting with. We always invite the band to stay and eat with us and the residents really enjoy getting to know them. The director of the band, Aaron Deaton, just mesmerized Martha Jane Williams with that sharp salute and pivot he did at the beginning of each branch of the service’s song. Then she mesmerized HIM when she told him how wonderful it all was in that lovely rich Southern accent of hers. We had about 150 folks join us for this event and were especially glad to have two of our guys who have been in Iraq back home with us. Barry Sceals and Justin Chavers were here with their families and we appreciated them so much. Also Joe Ing from the Chamber of Commerce and our new mayor-elect, Jo Matherne were here and said a few words to our guests. All in all, the weather and everything cooperated to make it a lovely

evening. We especially want to thank the men who cooked all the fish and trimmings and made the evening such a resounding success. They were Terry Hooper, Steve Darnaby, Travis Lonon, David Lovelace and Terry Emerson. These guys did a fantastic job keeping the trays full of hot fish, etc. and the sailors did a good job of putting it away. Nan Darnaby just came by to see her mother, Arline Boisvert, and said Steve told her they cooked almost 60 lbs of fish and 550 hushpuppies. We had barbeque last year, fish this year and the sailors have already asked what we might have next year. I told them maybe steak and baked potato – I forgot to mention it would be HAMBURGER STEAK. Wonder how they like liver and onions! Had ice cream cones Friday afternoon just for a before-the-weekend treat. They had a choice of strawberry, butter pecan or banana split ice cream. Strawberry was the hands-down favorite. Come see us!

Holly Grove News By Martha H. Jones “We Need a Revival” was the subject of the sermon Sunday. At it’s worst; America is the greatest country in the entire world. God has so blessed this country, but to whom much is given, much is required. The Pilgrims came to North America looking for God and how they could worship Him freely. We have so many freedoms in America that cannot be found in other countries, but they came at a great price. The Bible tells us if we forsake the Almighty God and go after other gods, there will be consequences to bear. Having gone a long way in the wrong direction, we need a revival. Thomas Jefferson once said, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just”. God have mercy on us. On the cross, Jesus Christ purchased liberty for you and me at a great price. Tim and Christy Fain, Brother Ralph Brown and Kathy McClinton sang the special music. The church welcomed Susan Alexander into its fellowship. Happy birthday to Kaylee Swain, Brennan

Uthe, Ashley Tyler, Margaret Marbury, Vincent Maddox and Bradley Yants. We express sympathy to Mrs. Edna Sullivan and her family in the death of Mr. Buddy Sullivan and to the families of Mrs. Virginia Taylor and Mr. Tony Lipford. Brother Charles Pratt and wife, Linda, Terry Brown, Judy Blair and her sister Barbara returned from a mission trip to parts of East Tennessee, the Appalachian area that encompasses parts of twelve states. The women worked with a boys and girls club. Sixteen young people made professions of faith during a Vacation Bible School. The men worked on building and repairing churches. Brother Charles and Linda visited with their son, Jay Pratt and wife, Anna, and their grandchildren before returning home. Alan and Debbie Jones and Jennifer and David and Christy Walker traveled to Springdale, Arkansas last weekend to visit with Mrs. Era Walker, Debbie’s and David ‘s grandmother. Those on the sick list to include in our prayers are Welch Hopkins, Ruth

Taylor, Glenn White and Liz Kemper who is now at home following her stay in the hospital, but still needs our prayers. Others to include are Neil Herbert, Elsie Lewis, Grace Lovelace, James and Carolyn Covington, Janie Hight and Bob Alexander. Also include Mae Simpson, Linda Hayes, Bonnie Patterson, Emma Jane Gorman and Barbara Adams. Viola Brown returned from a trip to Carthage where she spent a week with her daughter Dale Sinclair and her husband Butch. Brother Ralph and Elaine Brown returned from their trip to Alaska. When they left, the temperature here was 102 degrees and there it was 62. They enjoyed deep-sea fishing. Elaine had pictures where she caught a 50-pound halibut. She had to have help getting it into the boat. They also took a boat ride and came near a glacier. Alaska is a big place but a very beautiful place. Dewey and I enjoyed watching the fireworks on CBS from Boston Sunday night. They were gigantic.

Bethel - Belle Eagle News By Betty Scott It is hard to believe we are in the second half of the year 2010. This year is flying by so fast. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th holiday. A cookout was held at my brother ’s house in Somerville last Saturday so I spent the day with his family and some of my aunts and uncles. Kimberly Scott visited her sister, Chasity, in Dyersburg last week. Maggie Anne Herron and Katie Lewis spent last week with Allen Baptist Church youth group in Panama City, Florida. Terri Knight has been enjoying a visit with her granddaughter from Memphis last week. Last

year this girl was a skinny little girl but this year she is a beautiful young lady. Our birthdays for July are: Morgan King, 7-2, granddaughter of Patsy and Farris Climer; Kiersten Howard, 7-5; Bill Kendrick, 7-10; Libby Kendrick, 7-12; Mary Beth Scott, 7-26; Sandi Bishop, 7-27; and Dede Kendrick, July 31. Elizabeth Scott also celebrated her birthday last Sunday at her home with her children, sister Betty Austin, and Alice Waddell her mother. Happy birthday everyone! Don’t forget the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Farris and Patsy Climer that

will be held at Bethel Community Church Saturday, July 10, from 2-4 PM. Everyone is invited. The Taylors of Tabernacle will be gathering for camp meeting July 16 at Tabernacle United Methodist Church. The Rev. Lenard Sweet will be the preacher this year. Gaylon, Patricia, Emily and Maggie Anne attended the July 4th fireworks exhibition at Christ Church. It was an awesome 30minute continuous display of sparkles in the sky. A good crowd attended this event. Thought for the week: Recall it as often as you wish, a happy memory never wears out.



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Westside News By Mary W. Lewis

I am afraid I do not know much that has happened at Westside this past week, since my Joseph (Paul) Lewis has been hospitalized actually through three hospitals, but now home. To digress somewhat, July 2 always reminds me of my 36 years of marriage to the late Henry Whitehead Jr. who was taken by cancer while Paul’s wife of 39 years, the late Nancy Dickerson Lewis, was taken in March of 1994 following complications with diabetes. Speaking of tomorrow’s date July 2, after all the years of knowing each other with paths rarely crossing even in this rather small metropolis, never knowing that God would choose this for us four. But who knows the mind of God? Because we each were happy with our lives as they were and wanted it to go on that way forever. And Paul and I have told each other that we would of course always love the two departed mates, and had expected

to go on always, but we do not control our own destiny. But He rebuilt our lives after much grieving and then happiness again. I pray this for everyone who may find themselves in this upheaval of their lives. When I said I was digressing, I really meant it, didn’t I? “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts’ Club” anyone? Getting back on today’s subject, my husband was told he had a heart attack and had three bypasses performed in JMC hospital in Jackson. We never knew when. Only that for over a year almost every night when he retired to bed, the very tops of his shoulders would hurt and with the regular Tylenol or Aleve, it would stop after a reasonable amount of time. Rarely had pain in daytime. Well, you know at 76, everything is supposed to be arthritis! Friday night June 25, it failed to cease in the usual amount of time. I suggested we see a doctor at the local ER.

Actually it was 2:30 AM Saturday. Due to not being able to perform a type scan he needed, he was transferred by ambulance to Regional in Jackson. Sunday the stent procedure proved he was not a stent candidate due to three badly damaged arteries, so now Regional had him transferred to JMC Sunday afternoon, where he was scheduled for three bypasses the following Tuesday at 6AM. We appreciate Paul’s relatives, our friends and Westside members who came for the surgery, among them from Jackson, Olene Abel, the sister of Nancy Lewis. Long story short (a little late for that), my boy is doing fine by the help of the Great Physician and we thank Him and everyone who prayed. Please remember all our sick and I promise I will be on top of it next issue concerning others besides my Lewis family, God willing, as I send love and appreciation to all.

Allen News By Gail Barden I hope that everyone had a nice and safe Fourth of July weekend. Kenny Kendrick, who has recently returned from Iraq, was Allen’s guest speaker Sunday morning, and it was so good having him with us. The Barnetts sang our special music, with Greg Rodgers singing a solo part, and it was absolutely beautiful. We are so blessed to have this wonderful family in our church. The Rooks Drive Fourth of July parade Saturday morning was so much fun. There were so many adorable kids dressed for the occasion, riding in everything from strollers to tricycles to golf carts. This was Claire’s first year to ride in the parade, and she loved the excitement. The parade always finishes up at the end of Lee Street, where Jo Matherne and her sister, Jean, are always so gracious to lend their yard and effort to serving delicious refreshments. Many people contribute to the refreshments, and they are very much enjoyed after the parade. How fun!! Alicia, Claire, Andrew,

W.A. and I had dinner in Oakland Friday evening with Tyler and Leah at their beautiful home. Also joining us were Leah’s dad, Danny DeLoach, Leah’s sister Rachel Hatcher and her husband Jeff, and twin boys, Wyatt and Harris. Tyler and Leah prepared a delicious meal for us, and the evening was perfect for eating out on their patio overlooking the golf course. We had a wonderful evening. Jason flew to Baltimore Wednesday to meet his wife, Amber, and son, Julian, who were already staying there with friends. They enjoyed the Fourth of July celebration on Chesapeake Bay Saturday, July 3, and were in Washington, D.C. on July 4 for the big show and fireworks display on Capitol Hill. They had a great trip. Mark your calendars for the Kincaid-Gooch summer show to be held from July 15-18 at College Hill. Area voice students will provide great entertainment, with many students from Brownsville in the cast. Julian and Emily are both singing their solos in the Sunday

afternoon show. Try to be there. You will love it. Allen youth returned from Centrifuge in Panama City Beach July 3. They reported a wonderful trip in spite of the rain. It is good to have them back and refreshed spiritually. My precious mother, Helen Beauton Mansfield Francis, would have been 90 years on her birthday, July 2. I love her and miss her very much. Happy Birthday to Elizabeth Scott, Teresa Russell, Jerry White, Anna Jordyn Campbell, Brad Essary, Dalton Byrd and Betty Johnson. Happy Anniversary to Nita and Ray Waldon. On our prayer list are Welch Hopkins, Dustin Milton, Jerry Baggett, Carolyn and Jimmy Danley. We extend our sincere sympathy to the families of Ben Butler, Mr. Hallie Hughes and Mr. Buddy Sullivan. We pray God will comfort them. Our Bible verse for this week is Psalm 119:18, which states, “Open my eyes to see the miracles in your teachings.” Have a great week.

Stanton News By Debbie Sterbinsky

We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday! Over the holiday weekend, our Famers Market had some tomatoes and okra show up for the first time this year along with a few out of town guests who were in for a visit. It’s pretty hot down here Saturday mornings, so that ice cream of Ms. Shirley’s is especially good! Think we need to find one of those big misters to beat the heat! Not much in the way of news this week, but we do have the Stanton Welcome Center/ Library totally back up and running! We’ve been open for a few weeks now but with limited capabilities. We have also added a few new things to our collection, so be sure and stop by when you get a chance. Our Stanton Neighborhood Watch will have a fish fry July 30 from 4-8 pm. This is Friday night and all Haywood

County Candidates running for office are invited to come by and speak to the people of Stanton and surrounding communities. The Neighborhood Watch will meet again tonight at 7 to finalize these plans. You probably read in last weeks paper about the Energy Grant we received. Like all grants, this grant also has specific things for which it must be used. This one was all about energy, so among other things, we will extend the new green technology to Stanton and begin using solar energy to power our town buildings. This type of technology is also the basis of the new Solar Farm. Now, admittedly solar panels atop our town buildings (in their present condition) tend to provide an amusing image. No doubt the buildings will receive some sprucing up too as this takes place to make them more energy effi-

cient. Again, don’t look for this anytime soon, we just received notification so you know it’s going to take some time for this grant to get rolling. Someday we’re going to see all these grants working (probably about the same time) and Stanton will be a busy place! Reminders- the Stanton Planning Commission will meet next Thursday, July 15 at 7 pm at the Town Hall. The following week, the Town Council will meet on Tuesday, July 20 at 7 pm, also at the Town Hall. Residents, and former residents of Stanton, you may mail Stanton news to me at P.O. Box 181, Stanton, TN 38069, reach me at the Stanton Welcome Center/ Library at 731-548-2564, or e-mail me at: Please put “Stanton News” in the subject line. Together we will look at the past, look toward the future, and report current events

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By Mary W. Lewis By Debbie Sterbinsky By Gail Barden By Betty Scott Retirement Center News By Shirley Tucker, Activity Director