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Thursday, December 2, 2010

HJH art students present Autumn project

The Haywood Junior High School art students during the second six weeks of the first trimester had a competition with their “Autumn Watercolor Pencil and Black Ink” compositions. Students learned about overlapping, positive and negative spaces, details, and shaping with watercolor pencils. The entire sheet of watercolor paper was supposed to be filled in with an autumn theme of pumpkins and brilliantly colored leaves. The winners are first place - Bailey Cozart, second place Samantha Pittman and third place - Dasjia Wilson.

First place - Bailey Cozart

Second place - Samantha Pittman

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Report shows 17 million+ U.S. families were hungry By Walter Battle I know that during this time of year, folks reflect upon our blessings. It’s easy to look at the turkey, ham, roast, and the trimmings and be mindful of how great it is to have food. Recently, however, I ran across an article from the Los Angeles Times that appeared in the University of Tennessee Extension “Market Highlights” that said in 2009 about 15 percent of U.S. households (17.4 million families) lacked enough money to feed themselves at some point. This was according to a new U.S. Department

of Agriculture report. The study also found that 6.8 million of these households included as many as 1 million children. The report cited that ongoing financial problems forced families to miss meals regularly. Also, the number “food insecure” homes, or households that had a tough time providing enough food for their members, stayed somewhat steady from 2008 to 2009 (a period which has seen double digit unemployment). The report went on to reveal that the number has more than tripled when compared with 2006.

Third place - Dasjia Wilson

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Report shows 17 million+ U.S. families were hungry Second place - Samantha Pittman Third place - Dasjia Wilson Thursday, December 2, 2010 Wa...

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