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Thursday, June 17, 2010



Matherne wins Mayor’s post 144th Year • No. 55

Haywood County, Tennessee

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Averyheart and Flagg win Aldermen seats

Whenever most peo- mayor at the next city ple talked about the city board meeting on July election for mayor, “vari- 13. Among some of her ety” was often the choice initial goals will be working with the Aldermen to word thrown around. This year’s race had tackle the city’s budget, six candidates from very as well as looking at the different backgrounds state of public or city services. vying for the A l seat of the though city’s next “I’m humbled thankful mayor. Last for her night, after and grateful for supportmonths of a ers in the competitive all of the people election, campaign Matherne trail littered who supported is inviting with debates, her oppublic meetme” ponents’ ings and supportyard signs, – Matherne ers in the the city’s next hope of mayor finally w o r k emerged. Jo Matherne won the ing together for good of mayoral race gaining ap- Brownsville, she said. “We need to begin the proximately 38 percent of the total votes. Anne process of building those Banks came in second bridges and getting evwhile John Ashworth eryone to the table,” she said. came in third place. Based on the election Matherne expressed her deepest thanks to her results , it seems that supporters after learning Matherne earned a number of her votes from of her win. “I’m humbled and precincts that had a high grateful for all of the peo- volume of voters. At Fire Station Numple who supported me,” ber Three, out of the 638 Matherne said. Matherne will of- total votes cast, Mathficially take her seat as erne earned 55.17 per-

cent, while Banks earned 19.59 percent and Ashworth earned 15.05 percent. At the Junior High School, out of 489 votes, Matherne earned 59.30 percent, beating Banks who had 21.27 percent and John Ashworth with 15.34 percent. Banks managed to pull to some precinct wins, with College Hill Cafeteria, out of the 17 votes cast, she managed to earn 64.71 percent and at City Hall, out of the 254 total votes cast, she managed to earn 46.06 percent of the votes, beating Ashworth with 40.16 percent of the votes, and Matherne with 9.06 per-

cent of the votes. There were also quite a few places where all three candidates were pretty close. At Sunny Hill out of 133 votes, Ashworth led with 32.33 percent, Matherne who had 29.32 percent and Banks who had 27.82 percent followed him. At the Haywood County Parks and Recreation building, Banks gained 32.59 percent of the votes out of 244. Matherene who had 31.33 percent of the votes and Ashworth who had 30.70 percent closely followed her. In other election news, there was one changes

Carolyn Flagg

Tom Averyheart

to the Alderman seat for Ward 4, left vacant by Joe Taylor. Tom Averyheart beat J.P. Moses in a close election for the seat. Alderman Carolyn Flagg will remain in her seat for Ward 2, beating challenger Cedric Bunch. The total number of votes this year, came out

to 2,318. Early election for the for the county will kick off July 16 and end July 31. The county election day is set for Thursday, August 5. The last day to register to vote for the county election will be July 6.

Jo Matherne

Local youth suffers rare medical injury Benefit concert tonight at Brownsville Baptist Church By Julie Pickard Staff Writer

One month ago twelve-year-old Dustin Milton exuded a perfect bill of health. The active Haywood County native was just settling into his summer break enjoying outdoor activities, riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. All that changed on May 20 when Dustin was on an out-of-town trip with his grandmother in Sevierville, Tenn. and started experiencing unusual, severe pain flooding through his body. “He was swimming and having a good time when he began to notice some sharp, intense pain in his neck and shoulders,” said his dad, Chris. “I actually spoke to him an hour before that, and he was feeling fine.” Frightened about what he was experiencing, Dustin quickly exited the pool and began losing sensation in his arms. Within a few minutes he was unable to move most of his body. “We got the phone call around 10 a.m. that something was wrong with Dustin,” informed Chris. Knowing very little about their oldest son’s condition, Chris and his wife Jackie left immediately for east Tennessee where Dustin had been transported to a children’s hospital in Knoxville. “When we arrived Dustin was having difficulty breathing and he only had a little bit of movement in his right arm. His sensation was impaired all over his body,” he explained. With this rare situation, doctors were perplexed

by the degree of Dustin’s injuries and focused on diagnosis through an exclusion process. Their initial diagnosis at the Knoxville hospital centered around Transverse Myelitis, an autoimmune reaction that causes inflammation of the spinal cord. After several days of no recognizable improvement, Chris and Jackie requested Dustin be transported to Le Bonheur, a renowned, top-notch children’s care facility, and closer to home. Within a day at Le Bonheur, doctors explored the possibilities that Dustin could have suffered from a spinal cord stroke, a serious medical condition where his arteries experienced blood clotting. “It’s incredibly complex,” Chris explained. “And it’s not common in anyone, ever.” A condition so rare that the Shepherds Center, the go-to medical treatment facility for spinal injuries where Dustin is currently receiving rehabilitation, said they see cases like this maybe once a year. “Think of his arteries like a water hose, and there’s not been any water flowing to the top of the hose,” clarified Chris. “No blood supply has affected his sensory and motor functions.” Dustin, today, is confined to a motorized wheelchair, not being able to move his legs, and declared a quadriplegic. But he is showing improvement, gaining quite a bit of movement in his right arm. His family indicated his progress is unpredictable. “He may never do any more than he’s doing right now,” his dad said. “There’s not usually a cut and dry prognosis for this condition, it’s just too early right now to know anything about what’s going to happen. see Injury, Page A2

Pearson running for County Register of Deeds

Resident Broderick Pearson recently announced his candidacy for Register of Deeds. Today's Weather

“This office is very important and vital to the citizens of BrownsvilleHaywood County,” Pear-

Local 5-Day Forecast Thu















Partly cloudy with Partly cloudy. Highs isolated thunderin the mid 90s and storms developing lows in the mid 70s. during the afternoon.

Slight chance of a thunderstorm.

A few thunderstorms Plenty of sun. Highs possible. Highs in in the low 90s and the low 90s and lows lows in the mid 70s. in the mid 70s.

Sunrise Sunset 5:41 AM 8:15 PM

Sunrise Sunset

Sunrise Sunset 5:42 AM 8:16 PM

Sunrise Sunset

5:41 AM 8:15 PM page 5:41 AM 8:15 PM See weather on B8

son said. “My vision for this office is that it will be able to handle and meet the demands of the 21st

Sunrise Sunset 5:42 AM 8:16 PM

Tennessee At A Glance Covington 94/74 Memphis 95/76

Nashville 92/70

Knoxville 91/66

Chattanooga 87/67

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UV Index

Broderick Pearson

century.” Pearson is a graduate of Haywood High School, and has also earned an associate’s degree in Business Administration from Jackson State Community College, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the University of Memphis. Pearson currently serves as a committee member for the Park of Dreams and has just completed the First Responder Program for Brownsville-Haywood County. Pearson is the son of Lewis and Laura Pearson. He is married to Aneadra. Pearson and his wife are the proud parents of two girls, Carrington and Cadence. Pearson and his family see Pearson, Page A3

Haywood County native Dustin Milton suffered a rare spinal cord stroke in May that has since confined him to a wheel chair. A fundraiser will be held to benefit him June 17 (tonight) at Brownsville Baptist Church.

Stanton resident still missing One, day early in the morning, Stanton resident Freddie Whittiemore decided to go for a walk with his dog. A little later, the dog returned home, but not Whittiemore. On June 19, 2005, Whittiemore was listed as a missing person. Relentless searching from the family, obviously resulted. Unfortunately, it was a tragic case that, five years later, still hasn’t been solved. “There just hasn’t been any information…nothing new in the past five years,” Whittiemore’s granddaughter, Amanda Tittle said.

Freddie Whittiemore

For Whittiemore’s family, his disappearance doesn’t make any sense. “He was a real person, and real people just don’t disappear,” Tittle said. see Missing, Page A2

A1 NEW  

For Whittiemore’s family, his disappear- ance doesn’t make any sense. “He was a real per- son, and real people just don’t disappear,” Tittle...

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