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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Basketball competition among Family Fun Night activities Among the activities at Sunny Hill’s Family Fun Night on October 14 was a Student-Adult (father-son, mother-daughter, teacher-student, uncle-student, etc.) Basketball Championship.

The winning team was the Go Getters – Derrick Boyd and Dedric Boyd. Runners-up in the contest were the Heat Ballers – Ricky Reed and Geordan Reed. Thirty-eight teams competed.

Girl Scout Brownie Troop 252 learn the ropes on Firefighting

Haywood Elementary enjoys homecoming celebration What a great day everyone at Haywood Elementary had at the Haywood High School Homecoming. Old friends from days gone by gathered at the HES tent to remember the “good old days at HES!” Students and

faculty paraded in style in their HES 50th Birthday hats led by Principal Tracy Riddle, Assistant Principal Stephen May and our honored past principals, Jerry Smith and Jean Wills.

Firefighters Robby Cates and Jeremy Cates talked on Fire Prevention and Safety to Girl Scout Brownie Troop 252. The girls and parents asked many questions.   Firefighter Robby Cates dressed in full gear to show everyone how heavy firefighter equipment can be.   The girls also got a chance to explore the fire engine.   It was a very informative meeting.  If you have a daughter in the 2nd or 3rd grade and she is interested in being a Brownie Scout,  please contact Karol Evans at 780-4344.

Stability balls can enhance students’ learning Haywood Elementary students in Ms. Vivian Miller’s class now have a little “bounce” in their lessons, thanks to the stability balls that are replacing their chairs. According to Haywood Schools Health Coordinator Sharon Thornton, the students are excited to be chosen to implement this new and innovative pilot program at HES this year. “Research is starting to back up the theory that using core muscles to balance on balls will help students stay focused, which

improves learning and posture,” Thornton said. “It is suggested that when your body is engaged, your brain is engaged. Schools in 30 states have started using the balance balls as chairs and have received positive feedback from educators and students. One resource found that ‘students who sat on the stability ball improved in one or more of the following: (a) flexibility and range of motion,(b) strength and stability, (c) balance, (d) posture, (e) squirminess, and (f) ability to stay on task.”

Public Service Announcement Pursuant to federal and state laws, the Haywood County Board of Education is required to provide educational services for all disabled children ages 3 through 21. If you have children or know of children that have special needs and may be eligible for special education services, please contact: Mary C. Hood Executive Director of Special Services Haywood County Board of Education 900 East Main St Brownsville, TN 38012 (731) 772-9613

Public Service Announcement WANTED! WANTED! WANTED!

Would you like to make a difference in a child’s life? Must be caring and committed with time to share. Children who have dissabilities are often in need of special education services. Some of these children have no parents and need a concerned volunteer who is willing to learn about their special needs. If you are an adult who is interested in helping represent a child’s needs for services and develop plans with service providers to meet those needs in the absence of their parents, please contact our local special education department to let them know of your interest and willingness. You can make a difference; please call today.

In Haywood County, the contact person is Bernice Thompson. Phone 772-9613 EXT: 2250. The Executive Director of Special Services for Haywood County is Mary C. Hood, Phone 772-9613. Free training to be provided by Haywood County school district.


Public Service Announcement WANTED! WANTED! WANTED! Mary C. Hood Executive Director of Special Services Haywood County Board of Education 90...