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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Date of Death - October 31, 2010 David Coy Mrs. Lulla S. Hart, age 95, passed away October 28 at Bolivar General Hospital. Her

services were conducted Sunday, October 31 at Clover Garden Church, Whiteville.

Brownsville States Graphic

(Brownsville, Tenn.) November 4, 2010

Church News

London Branch Male Chorus celebrates anniversary London Branch Male Chorus celebrates their 13th Anniversary on Saturday, November 6th and Sunday, November 7 at 6:00 pm Various Male chorus, Choirs, and groups throughout the area will be special guest and the public is cordially invited. Julius Harden, Pastor.

Look In and Out We all walk with worry or anxiety. All of us have dealt with these struggles at one time or another.  Talking to someone can help relieve the pressure that naturally builds.  Not talking or feeling you have no one with which to speak only increases our feelings of anxiety.  We worry about relationships with people, work, and appearance, our perception that no one cares, or even everything.  The risk is our walking into despair and this

may lead us to act impulsively with dangerous outcomes. During these moments in our lives we forget two vital ingredients.  There are people who love us and are willing to help carry our load if we let them, “Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ.”  Too often we isolate ourselves and do not let others in.  We want to carry our burden alone.  How selfish.  It is so much easier to live through a difficult experience if we have someone

to share it with, Iron sharpens iron; so one man (generic) sharpens another.” Anxiety, stress, and worry are natural to life.  We also worry because of conditioning.  We are raised in a home or community that teaches impulsive worrying.  A person may have a weak ego; they have a low perception of self.  They see everyone through their selfabased eyes, (Col. 2:18).  Others, may have a super ego in a over sensitive

conscience. They feel guilty all the time.  Some, their id is too strong and controlled by fleshly desires.  Our lives need balance.  Anxiety comes from circumstances and how we choose to react to them.   Courage to accept the things we cannot change and wisdom to know the difference.  Pray to God who will help when we need to accept reality we cannot change.  Serve others, look outside ourselves, and trust in God.  This is Sunrise. 

News of Years Gone By Friday, November 7, 1980 Merchants plan big fall shopping event Next Monday, November 10, 30 merchants of the Chamber of Commerce will begin registering shoppers for the big Christmas Shopping Spree that will include the Christmas Parade on December 5 and a big prize giveaway on December 20. The registration that starts Monday will be for a turkey to be given away by each store on Tuesday, November 25. After the Thursday Thanksgiving holiday, a big Friday “Buy in Town” sale is being planned.

Largest vote in history supports loser in Haywood In Haywood County, a record vote turned out with 6,221 voters visiting the polls to give President Carter 3,445 votes as compared to 2,435 for Governor Ronald Reagan. John Anderson managed to pick up 49 votes, while the other presidential candidates split 14 votes between them. Congressman Ed Jones, the Democratic incumbent, was opposed by Daniel

H. Campbell, a Memphis Republican schoolteacher. Fortunately for Mr. Jones, not as many Democrats were dissatisfied with him as they were with President Carter, as Jones received 4,472 votes and 910 voted for Mr. Campbell.

Motorcade to Jackson There will be a big send off for the Haywood High Tomcats football team, Friday night, at 5:30 p.m. at the back of the school, before leaving for Jackson. Everyone is asked to gather there for the drive to Jackson, in order to show support for the Tomcats. There will be a short pep rally before the team bus departs for Jackson, and fans are asked to drive over in the motorcade.

Thursday, November 8, 1990 Stanton Clinic should open Friday The last hurdle in a medical marathon seems about to be vaulted and the longawaited Stanton Community Clinic should open Friday, the clinic’s director Vicki Paris said this

week. The medical clinic in Stanton has been closed since early 1989 when it is second operator, Methodist Hospital of Somerville, d i s c o n t i n u e d operation. The clinic opened in 1979 as a federally funded rural health clinic. Though paperwork delays as well as funding and contractual hold-ups have delayed the rural health clinic’s reopening for more than five months, Paris said a Medicare survey visit Thursday should be the last obstacle before the Vanderbilt University-run clinic can open its doors.

United Way tops goal, giving still climbing Haywood County’s second United Way campaign reached over the top of its $135,000 goal this week, campaign workers announced Tuesday. The preliminary estimate of $143,231.04 includes reports from some companies whose campaigns are incomplete. “With the level of funding that Haywood County is providing this year,” Campaign Chairman Christy Smith said, “it is clear that our agencies will be able to provide even more services for

local people.” Not all companies have reported totals yet in the campaign, which is scheduled to end November 12. “When the campaign concludes, we hope to have over $160,000 to fund the designated agencies,” Smith said. The campaign has had some ups and downs this year, Smith said, following last year ’s triumphant tripling of its firstyear effort. “We still feel we’ve failed to get the message to a lot of Haywood Countians that United Way gives them a great opportunity to help their neighbors… maybe even their own families some day.”

Cannon receives mount Haywood County’s 127-year-old Union Cannon, a gift from Fort Pillow following the Civil War, was mounted on its new 1,400-pound marine aluminum carriage last week. The carriage, an exact replica of the wooden carriages used during the war, was made by Paulson Brothers of Clear Lake, Wisconsin, and was shipped to Brownsville courtesy of Haywood Company. The bronze cannon, one of 1,189 cast in 1863 by the Revere

Copper Company, weighs 1,240 pounds. Ironically, or appropriately, the big gun rests at the base of the statue honoring Confederate soldiers who died in “the war between brothers.”

Thursday, November 9, 2000 Young voters cast ballots What better way to learn about the responsibility of voting and the election process than to “cast a ballot” in elementary school? These young voters, born since President Bill Clinton was elected eight years ago, went to the polls Tuesday at Haywood Elementary to make their selection for president Young Democrats outnumber the Republicans with 322 voting for Al Gore and 265 voting for Bush. Two couldn’t make up their minds.

Gruenewalkd to lead Tennessee School Boards Association The Tennessee School Board Association (TSBA) will elect Haywood County School Board Chairperson Patricia Gruenewald president at the TSBA’s 63rd

annual convention November 12-14 at Opryland Hotel in Nashville. Local school board members will join public education leaders from across the state for “Celebration 2000,” a celebration of accomplishments in public education. As the year 200 draws to a close, more than 800 school leaders will gather to celebrate how far education has come in the last millennium and to look forward to the future.

Hatchie Refuge developing 15-year-plan A future plan for “conserving, protecting and enhancing” Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge south of Brownsville captured the attention of a crowd Monday night who came to hear about a new focus for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Local Manger Marvin Nichols said Fish and Wildlife is developing a 15-year plan for the reserve’s more than 11,000 acres along Hatchie River. Established in 1964, the purpose of the Hatchie refuge was to create a sanctuary for migratory birds with secondary recreational purposes like hunting

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