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Obituaries Mrs. Malinda Carol Reynolds Date of Death – April 4, 2010

Ms. Malinda Carol Reynolds, age 59, passed away Sunday, April 4, 2010, at Regional Hospital, Jackson TN. She was preceded in death by her father: John Russell Johnson; two brothers and a grandson. Funeral services were held at the BrownsvilleBells Funeral Home Chapel, Brownsville, TN at 3:00 P.M., Wednesday, April 7, 2010 with Dr. Fred Campbell officiating. Private burial will follow at a later date. She is survived by her mother: Janie Martin Johnson, Brownsville, TN; two daughters: Kim Vialpando, Thornton Co, and Misty Smith (Thomas), Fayetteville, NC.; three brothers, three sisters, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

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Church News Spring Revival Greater New Birth of Christ Church

There will be a Spring Revival held Monday thru Wednesday, April 12-14 at 7PM at the Greater New Birth of Christ Church. Monday, Pastor Lonnie Williams from New Beginning Community in Somerville will be the speaker. Tuesday night, Pastor Willie Ray Boyle from Home Baptist Church in Jackson will speak. Wednesday night’s speaker will be Pastor Tommy Woods of Cool Spring Church in Henderson. Greater New Birth of Christ Church is located at 505 Tyus Street in Brownsville. Lee Harvey, Jr. is Pastor. Everyone is welcome!


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thank You There are no words to express our sincere thanks and appreciation for all of your cards, food, friendship, phone calls, prayers and visits during this difficult time. A special thank you to Allison Brasher and the Crestview staff for all their love and support. Also, a special thanks to Mr. Kenny Ellington and the Brownsville Funeral Home staff for their genuine care, concern and professionalism. The Family of Mabel J. Henderson Danny Henderson and family Carolyn Lewis and family

Brownsville States Graphic (Brownsville, Tenn.) April 8, 2010

News of Years Gone By April 11, 1980 City rejects county’s sales tax proposal but willing to arbitrate Saying that they would be glad to further discuss a possible equitable plan for sharing city tax money for construction of classrooms at Haywood Elementary School, members of the city board voted to reject a plan for the city’s participation presented to them by the Haywood County Commission recently. The board said they would meet with the County budget committee at any time on the matter, and then turned to other matters at hand Tuesday night. David Hooper, president of the Chamber of Commerce, attended along with directors of the group to state that the financial status of the group was such that they could no longer pay $2400 per year for the parking lot on the west side of court square, just off West Main. The board pointed out that nothing could be done at present to in-

crease the city’s dues to the Chamber, but would contribute $600 for the present. Corinth man charged here A Corinth, MS man, Billy Ray Smith, 38, has been charged with grand larceny and placed under $5,000 bond for the theft of a quantity of tools from W.O. Ferrell. Capt. Robert Wiley made the arrest along withSgt. Edwin Thomason on April 2 after Smith and his partner were said to have rented a building from Ferrell. They later left with part of the tools. Smith was arrested upon returning to the building, Thomason said. A warrant is out for the other man involved, Sgt. Thomason stated. Bearing Firm completing expansion Brownsville Bearing Co. is undergoing a $1 million expansion program that will allow the firm to double its size and increase its ability to manufacture larger products. Work should be completed by June 1, accord-

ing to a company spokesman. However he said, “It will probably take the remainder of 1980 to have it at full production.” The plant’s employees convert powdered metals into bearings for small motors, appliances, autos and farm machinery. April 12, 1990 Accounting improved following state audit Haywood County has already corrected several departmental accounting deficiencies, County Executive Franklin Smith said this week following the publication of the county’s 1989 audit by the state comptroller’s office. However, Smith said that some procedures noted in the audit for the fiscal year, which ended last June would be expensive and pointless to change. Among the 23 “findings” by state auditors were a combination of serious problems and insignificant ones, Smith said, and work began immediately last November after an exit conference with the auditors to correct significant problems.

Like it or not, Stanton property owners face clean-up Stanton property owners will have to clean up unsightly lots, the Board of Mayor and Aldermen decided at its March meeting. And 17 landowners discovered the town’s new determination after receiving letters giving them until April 16 to respond to the city’s request to clean trash and debris off their property. Owners have 10 days after the deadline to request a hearing after which the city will clean up unsightly areas. The cost of the clean up will be assigned to property taxes. “In many cases, these are absentee land owners,” Mayor Henry Johnson said. State law provides the city power to clear the property of owners who live outside Stanton. “However, we’ll proceed against owner-occupied property under a town ordinance,” Johnson said. Blazer bandit keeps

Genealogy Genie

“Ancestry Magazine may be history, but you can read all the past issues online, free of charge. You can find articles by Lou Szucs, Laura Prescott, Jana Sloan Broglin, Leslie Albrecht Huber, Suzanne Russo Adams, George G. Morgan, Kory Meyerink, Myra Vanderpool Gormley, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Esther Yu Summer, Christine Rose, onn Devince, Paula Sturat-Warren, Megan Smolenyak, Sherry Irvine, Amy Johnson Crow, Beau Sharbrough, Maureen Taylor, Elizabeth Kerstens, and many more of today’s leading genealogy writers. Best of all, the past issues are available in their entirety free of charge. I also enjoy looking at the advertisements, looking at ads for now defunct companies, for the “latest” genealogy software products that have long since been replaced by modern products, and more. You can find the past 16 years of Ancestry Magazine on Google Books at com/books/serial/FTgE AAAAMBAJ?rview=1&l

r=&sa=N&start=0” And just for fun, the second of two articles this week from Richard Eastmans Online Genealogy Newsletter, reprinted here with his permission: “While I was riding on airplanes this past weekend, I whiled away some time by reading a catalog that was in the seat pocket in front of me. If you fly a bit, you probably know the one I mean. The SkyMall catalog is full of high-priced gadgets, mostly things I would never consider purchasing. However, one item in the Hammacher Schlemmer section caught my eye. The wording in the catalog seemed strangely familiar. It was a listing for a “Canine Genealogy Kit.” Quoting from the catalog: This kit analyzes your dog’s DNA and identifies the breeds in its ancestry. It provides scientific confirmation of the physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, personality traits, and potential health risks your mixedbreed dog has inherited. A professional laboratory tests a cotton swab that you simply rub against the inside of your dog’s cheek and send to the lab in the provided envelope. The laboratory compares the unique sequences in your canine’s genome with DNA markers from a database of thousands of purebred dogs. The DNA test recognizes 63 different breeds (93%

of the most common breeds in the U.S.) that can make up your pet’s genetic profile. You will receive a certificate listing your dog’s ancestry and a detailed explanation of each breed’s dominant characteristics that likely have been passed on to your dog. Takes up to three weeks to receive results. It seems that Fido can be part of the family. While you take DNA tests to determine your own “deep ancestry,” you can now do the same for the family pooch. However, it seems aimed at mixed breed dogs as it states, “The laboratory

compares the unique sequences in your canine’s genome with DNA markers from a database of thousands of purebred dogs.” The list includes 63 different breeds, ranging from Afgan Hound to Yorkshire Terrier….. You can read more about the Canine Genealogy Kit or order a kit at” From the Genie Room – Harriett Debbie – Tina Jim

On behalf of Tracey Lea, Allison Ferrell, Melanie Quinton and their families and myself, we are expressing our very sincere and heartfelt thanks to each of you who expressed to us your love by sending the beautiful cards, flowers, and food in the loss of Cheryl on January 30, 2010. Your visitation and funeral attendance was overwhelming with love also. To me it was better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. God sent an angel. Bob Moses

radio A recreational vehicle stolen from a Brownsville used car lot was recovered the same day it was stolen. Jim Mayer, owner of The Car Lot, reported to police that a man who test-drove a 1986 Blazer stole it shortly after his demonstration drive Wednesday. A state trooper on routine patrol found the truck near the interstate in rural Fayette County. The Blazer was out of gas and in good condition except that the thief apparently stole the radio. No arrests have been made. April 13, 2000 Brownsville beer dead issue Opening last Tuesday’s special session of the city board, Mayor Webb Banks said, “What we need do is what would be best overall for Brownsville.” Banks had called the meeting for aldermen to discuss the sale of beer in Brownsville. The board narrowly passed a motion that end

the beer debate, leaving Brownsville the largest city in West Tennessee without package beer sales. Local Community program looks at issues facing county A local steering committee charged with starting a Quality Communities program in Haywood County began Thursday to identify the plan that will determine what the county looks like in 20 years. T ennessee Valley Authority facillator Phillip Scharre coordinated the two-hour session at the Elma Ross Public Library while members discussed what the hope the program will do and identified some of the issues facing the county. Brownsville city board sets mandatory retirement for police and firefighters Police and firemen in Brownsville will be required to retire after their 62nd birthday, and city workers will receive improved retirement benefits after action taken Tuesday night.

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This Ordinance set forth requirements on how materials should be prepared for curb side pickup by the Brownsville Sanitation and Street Departments.

We are working continuously to keep the city clean. We constantly pick up brush, leaves, litter, etc. The people of Brownsville should take pride in their town. Help stop litter. All grass clippings, shrub clippings, leaves and small items must be bagged and placed curbside. Small limbs and cuttings should be placed in one neat pile at curbside. Do not place the piles under electric lines or low tree limbs. Blowing your grass in the street is “No Less Than Littering” and is against the law. If you have excessive grass cuttings, they must be bagged and put curbside. The city DOES NOT pick up bricks, concrete items, vehicle parts, trees or any individual or contractor construction waste.

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Mrs. Malinda Carol Reynolds Date of Death – April 4, 2010 Blazer bandit keeps To me it was better to have loved and lost than to have never...

6 obits page 1  

Mrs. Malinda Carol Reynolds Date of Death – April 4, 2010 Blazer bandit keeps To me it was better to have loved and lost than to have never...