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Page 16— The Brownsville States-Graphic, Thursday, January 6, 2011

News Of Years Gone By Friday, January 9, 1981 Census shows increase in population and housing

Haywood County showed a gain of 589 citizens in the preliminary 1980 census figures released this week by the manager of statistical services, Shirley Hart. Tennessee’s population increased by 15.6 percent, from 1970 to 1980. Brownsville’s population figure increased 32.6 percent or 2287 persons from 1970 to 1980. In 1970, the city had 7,011 and 9,298 is the 1980 figure. The town of Stanton grew from 372 citizens to 528 according to the 1980 figures, a growth percentage of 41.9 percent. Housing units in the county increased 15.8 from 6,084 to 7,043 in the 10-year period, while they numbered 3,345 in Brownsville, contrasted to 2,402 in 1970. This is a 39.3 percentage of growth.

Building trade turns to Multi-Unit homes

Apartments and multiunit dwellings were up, as homes fell sharply, according to records of building permits issued through 1980. A total value of $6,350,363.80 according to building inspector Jimmy White. The 1979 totals were significantly higher with values at $10,306,985 and $15,548,43 in income, but those higher figures are attributed to the construction of MTD, (at $5 million alone), and Glenn Electric in the Brownsville-Haywood County Industrial Park.

Presbyterians get preacher

The Rev. Charles MacBeth Murphy III, a graduate of Southwestern and Memphis city schools, is the new minister at First Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Mr. Murphy came here from Coahoma, Tex., where he was minister at First Church for eight years. After graduating

from Southwestern in 1967, Murphy spent two years in East Texas in an experimental ministry with the church and then attended GordonConwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Mass. He is married to the former Judy Mayo of Milan, and they and their two children, Ginny 7, and Mandy, 4, are making their home in the parsonage, next door to the church on West College Street.

Thursday, January 10, 1991 Three teens saved from flames in New Year’s Eve Wreck Three Haywood County teenagers rounded a curve on the Poplar Corner Road New Year’s Eve, a mile from the Brownsville city limits, and nearly missed 1991…and the rest of their lives…when their 1991 Grand Am left the road, spun around, hit a tree, caught fire and landed nose down in a ditch. The three were rescued from the burning car by passerby and residents of the area only moments before the car was totally engulfed in flames. No other cars were involved in the accident although the Grand Am narrowly missed a head-on collision with a 1988 Sprint driven by Ben Sanford just before Moore lost control.

Stolen truck recovered

A truck stolen from the Cub Cadet parking lot has been recovered in Memphis. Todd Chilcutt’s 1987 Toyota four-wheel-drive truck was stolen while Chilcutt was at work on December 31. The vehicle was found in Memphis, James Grey, a Haywood County man was charged. He was released to Brownsville police on bond. Warrants were dropped upon payment of costs.

drug arrest

An inter-county tip led Haywood County Chief Deputy Lemuel Marlar on a two-mile surveillance last Thursday, which resulted in the arrest of two Lauderdale County men on West Main Street in Brownsville. Derrick Dixon Cliff, 20, and Alfonzo Abernathy, 24, were stopped and arrested by Marlar and other officers and charged with possession of cocaine with intent to sell. Marlar began stalking the suspects after a Lauderdale County narcotics officer tipped local authorities that a car carrying illegal drugs would travel Tennessee 54 West, probably headed for Lauderdale County. When they passed county line, Marlar followed the men to Brownsville before stopping the car and making the arrest.

Thursday, January 11, 2001 Haywood County’s John Gregory Mann first to receive THP’s highest award for heroism

Lollie Lee Mann’s strong voice sand of her son’s “home going” before a crowd of nearly 4,000 Saturday at Haywood High School when law enforcement officers from Tennessee and the nation gathered to remember one of the school’s 1978 graduates, Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper John Gregory Mann. Mann, who would have been 41 Sunday, died early Jan. 1 when a hit-and-run driver ran

Lauderdale County Men tracked to Brownsville for

into him as he attempted to run down and capture a carjacking suspect on a snow-covered Nashville interstate highway. For his gallantry at the risk of his own personal safety, Mann as awarded posthumously the first Tennessee Highway Patrol Medal of Valor, Friday Jan. 5 at a memorial service at Temple Baptist Church in Nashville.

Natural gas prices take second bite out of local bills this winter

Pressured both by demand and supply, America’ natural gas producers have passed along a second cold weather price increase, forcing Brownsville Utility Department to raise its rate 34 percent as of Jan. 1. The rate increase hits just as the South is reeling from the third coldest December 36 percent colder than average. “We’re not increasing our margin. We don’t get one penny out of this,” Brownsville Utility Department Manager John Sharpe said. “We don’t want it to o up. If it goes down, we’re going to go down.” Sharpe said the latest increase reflects greater use of natural gas to generate electricity, sluggish natural gas production activity because of low prices, lower than normal gas storage volumes, market pressures from speculators in the natural gas futures market and higher crude oil prices that cause an increased demand for natural gas.

NOTICE TO CREDITORS TCA 30-2-306 Estate of Kenneth Lankford Dickson Docket #P-1941 Notice is hereby given that on the28th of December 2010 letters testamentary of letters of administration in respect to the estate of Kenneth Lankford Dickson who died on December 5, 2010 were issued to the undersigned by the Chancery/ Probate Court of Haywood County, Tennessee. All persons, resident and non resident, having claims, matured or unmatured, against the estate are required to file the same with the Clerk of the above named court within the

earlier of four (4) months from the date of the first publication of posting of this notice of twelve (12) months from the decedent’s date of death, otherwise their claims will be forever barred in the manner and to the extent as provided by law. This 28th of December 2010 (Signed) Sharon Lee Dickson, Executrix Estate of Kenneth Lankford Dickson D. Nathaniel Spencer, Attorney for the Estate By: Judy Hardister, Clerk & Master Publication dates: 12-30-10 & 01-06-11

NOTICE It is the policy of the Southwest Human Resource Agency and the Tennessee Department of Transportation to ensure 42 U.S.C. 200d “No persons in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under a program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

NOTICE Southwest Human Resource Agency’s Transportation Program is seeking Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Vendors to make purchases from or provide transportation related services. If you are interested in receiving information on becoming a Certified DBE through the Tennessee Department of Transportation, please contact: TDOT, Civil Rights Office, DBE Program, 505 Deadrick Street, Suite 1800, Nashville, TN 37243-0347: Telephone 615-741-3681.

CORRECTION In error, the ad in last week’s edition had the incorrect date for the public hearing. Due to the Martin Luther King Holiday on the 17th the actual meeting will be held on the 18th as published in this notice. PUBLIC HEARING NOTICE

Haywood County does hereby give notice of a public meeting on the eighteenth (18th) day of January, 2011, at 6:30 p.m. at the Haywood County Court House for the purpose of reclassifying property located on the southeast corner of Hwy 70 and Tritt Road (Jimmy Phillips, owner). This property is currently zoned C (Commercial). Mr. Phillips is requesting that the lot (Map 073 Parcel 026.00) be rezoned to FAR (Forestry, Agriculture and Residential). All interested persons are invited to attend. PUBLIC NOTICE OF REGULAR SCHEDULED MEETINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS OF HAYWOOD COUNTY, TENNESSEE

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all members of the Board of County Commissioners (the “Board”) of Haywood County, Tennessee (the “County”), to all residents of the County, and to all interested persons, that the regular scheduled meetings of the Board for the calendar year 2011 will be held on the third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the regular meeting place at the County Courthouse in Brownsville, Tennessee. Due to the holiday, the next regular scheduled meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Haywood County Courthouse. All matters that may be normally considered by the Board may be taken up and acted on at such regular scheduled meetings. THIS NOTICE IS GIVEN pursuant to Title 8, Chapter 44, Part 1, Tennessee Code Annotated. By: Sonya Castellaw County Clerk

See how the little changes add up.

Brownsville Utility Department

Sometimes the little things in life mean a lot. Simple steps such as turning off lights when you leave a room, unplugging appliances when youʼre not using them and changing the temperature on your thermostat, when done together, can help your family rack up big energy savings

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Thursday, January 11, 2001 Haywood County’s John Gregory Mann fi rst to receive THP’s highest award for heroism Thursday, January 10, 1991 Th...