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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Limo ride a reward for HES fundraisers

HES students who reached their goal for the Fall Fund Raiser were treated to a tour of Brownsville in this stretch limo. Way to go guys and girls!

HJH Science Exposition The Science and Engineering Exposition is an educational event open to all students from all schools in the county (including home schools). Students learned to work on scientific research projects spanning months and sometimes years in pursuit of discovery. The student’s project should show creative

ability and originality in the questions asked. All projects must follow the Scientific Method, including problem solving, as well as the analysis of the data, and the interpretation of the data. Creative research should have supported an investigation and help answer a question in an original way. Winners from HJH

Lauren Markowski

Rebecca Cunningham

Samantha Goodman and Natalie Sweat

Sequaya Springfield and Deuncay Weddle

were: Seventh grade: First Place- Rebecca Lee Cunningham; Second Place-Sequaya Springfield and Deuncay Weddle. Eighth Grade: First PlaceSamantha Goodman and Natalie Sweat; Second PlaceEmma Baumheckel; Third Place- (tie) Lauren Markowski and Dejay Gammell.

Dejay Gammell

Emma Baumheckel

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Emma BaumheckelLaurenMarkowski Thursday, November 4, 2010 The Brownsville States-Graphic Rebecca Cunningham Dejay Gammell Samantha Goodman a...