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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holly Grove News

Westside News

By Martha H. Jones

By Mary W. Lewis

“A New Year on the Horizon” was the subject of the message Sunday. We need to think big, grand dreams and great accomplishments. Let’s stop playing in the shallow water and get out into the deep where we have to depend on God. If God has called us to do something, He will help us. The Bible tells us, “I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength.” We can’t expect people to say, “I know where the church is, and I think I will attend.” Let’s stretch our spiritual muscles in witnessing, giving, serving, and trust God. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. Sharon Wynn thrilled us telling of her job as teacher of 7th and 8th grades at Nicaragua Academy and sang a beautiful song. On Sunday night, the Lord’s Supper was observed with a candlelight service. We heard the reading of God’s Word by several, and sang praises to the Lord. Sharon Wynn sang “Down Via Dolorosa.” It was all so inspirational. Happy birthday to Makayla Hopper, Jerry Taylor, Russell Hight, Bobby Jones, Allen Lovelace, Makayla Baker, Phyllis Presley, Brother

Fred Campbell, Casey Long, Tiffanie Jones, Hayden Hopkins, Lois Davis, and Marietta Haywood. Happy anniversary to Danny and Brenda Simpson. Alan and Dewey Jones attended the funeral of Dewey’s Aunt Ethel Caldwell in Memphis on Saturday. Aunt Ethel would have been 101 on New Year’s Day. A memorial service was held for Dewey’s Uncle Paul Hinsley recently in Morristown. He was 96 years of age. Twenty youth from Holly Grove Church saw the New Year in at the family life center with a lock-in. After eating pizza and other treats, they enjoyed other activities and a devotional time led by Greg Baker, the youth director. They were chaperoned by Greg, Beth Baker, Terry Brown, Paula Lara, Katie Hopper, Craig Long, and DeDe Masengill. Ricky and Kathy Hopper arrived early and cooked breakfast for the group. Those on the sick list who need our prayers are: Betty Jean Outlaw in a Jackson hospital, Mae Simpson, Jerry Taylor, Betty Doyle, Carolyn Watridge, Elsie Lewis, Albertine McBride, Fletcher Lewis, and Glenn White.

Others are Janie Hight, Danny Murphy, Linda Hayes, Betty King, Joann Chapman, Gene Climer, and Carol Wilson. We were happy to have James Lewis and Jewel Overton back at church. Also include our granddaughter, Julie Hopkins, who is scheduled to have her baby on the 6th. This is Julie and her husband, Heath’s, second child. Hayden will be two in January. Missions’ night was held last Wednesday night with ten in attendance in the WMU. We had a good meeting. Carolyn Watridge is the president and Betty Barden is secretary and treasurer. On Christmas morning, it is the tradition of the Henderson family to meet at the home of their mother, Betty Henderson, in Bells for dinner. This Christmas, all of Betty’s children, Ann, Sammy, Brenda, Pat, Gina, and their families gathered to celebrate. Some family members came from as far away as New York, Florida, and Hawaii. We are happy at Holly Grove Church to have had 42 Operation Christmas Child boxes collected for Samaritan’s Purse in 2010.

Genealogy Genie We are very shorthanded in the Genie Room and could really use some help with requests! Since we took the holidays off, I’m also shorthanded on information for the column this week. So this column really doesn’t have much to do with Genealogy this week, but instead with most Genealogists doing the work! Seems most people interested in their family history are no spring chickens so we have something in common. While pondering on what to write about this week, I got out of bed this morning and was immediately faced with a topic which probably affects many of us. When the weather changes or gets cold – I hurt! For you young folks, when you hear people say “I CAN FEEL IT IN MY BONES” – don’t doubt them, that is TRUE! We hope by the time you young folks have to deal with old Arthur, they have found a cure for him. I did a little research on the subject and found that a drop in atmospheric pressure will indeed increase joint pain in arthritic and osteoarthritis sufferers. Lower temperatures increase pain for those who have rheumatoid arthritis. Who knew there were so many different types of arthritis? In fact, I found there are at least 200 different types

Happy 2011, everyone! Can’t we stop that clock? The Lord has brought us through and we are grateful. The entire Glidewell tribe went to the Smokies for the holiday. Allan and his children Seth, Laura, and Caleb, except for his wife Sherry, left off in Cleveland for a visit with her parents. The others, besides Sherry, Amanda, Bobby, Avery Grace, and Nathan Patrick, forged ahead regardless of much snow and rock slides, and upon arrival chose a log cabin to accommodate their number. Patriarch and matriarch, Pat and Ruth Glidewell, were part of the entourage. Before leaving town, Bobby and Amanda and his children has Christmas dinner at his parents’, Robert and Jennie Neal. Neighbors Russell and Kay Taliaferro drove to Memphis for Christmas dinner with his cousin, Ann Glasgow, and her daughter, Carol McCarley, who worked as compiler of the material of the late Memphis author, Shelby Foote. Sympathy is extended to the family of Mamie Dell Parks, who has been a resident of Crestview. Mamie was a lovely lady in all respects and was employed by Wal-Mart. She and her husband, James, had owned a grocery before he passed away lots of years ago. There was a

leak that Mamie had been chosen, when young, as “Miss Brownsville,” which she was modestly reluctant to acknowledge that beauty honor. Her son lives in New York, and her daughter lives in Arkansas. The brother of Martha Frye and uncle of Angel and Teddy passed away December 29. Services were held Friday, December 31, in Dyersburg Funeral Home. His name was Larry Joyner and he had been in a nursing home. Mr. Joyner was 68 years of age. We congratulate Jon and Susan Overturf on their seventeenth wedding anniversary, December 29! Sorry to omit the December 19 birthday of member Anita Kay Ray. It was announced in Wednesday night’s service that the former mayor of Brownsville, Webb Banks, was in a California hospital for gall bladder surgery. Mac Perry had the laparoscopic gall bladder removal Thursday, December 30, in Memphis Baptist Memorial Hospital where Jack Fox, one of our elders, accompanied him. Mac had preliminary procedures the day before when sister, Judy, of Tipton County, escorted him. Sympathy goes to the family of Ronnie, Rachel, and Jade Hughes of Coburn Road. Rachel’s grandfather, Robert Kimpel, passed away in Arizona.

Zachary Fox and cousin Buddy Pierce, son of Leonard and Nancy Pierce, were in Clarksdale, Mississippi Thursday. Leonard, father of Buddy, was transferred to Crestview for therapy after hip surgery follow-up in Jackson. We’re excited to be receiving our new church pictorial directories this Sunday, January 2. Thanks to Amanda G. Neal and Emily Sweeney. Jerry Myers and Jack Fox, former employees of Southwest Electric, visited Garner Funeral Home of Ripley where Billy Thomas, aged 83, of Durhamville community (Lauderdale County) was. Visitation was held on December 29. Mr. Thomas had been a board member of the corporation. C.L. Shelton of Ripley, 1954 graduate of Haywood High School, husband of Betty Fay Walker Shelton, and friend of ours, passed away in Ripley early Monday morning, December 27, after a heart attack with very bad complications that occurred near Mobile, Alabama toward the end of September en route to a cruise ship with several family members. C.L. was a kind, thoughtful gentleman we will miss greatly. Betty Jean Outlaw is in JMCG Hospital and Mae Simpson is in Room 313 in Bells Nursing Home. These are the mothers of Gene and Jan S. Outlaw.

Wellwood/Zion News By Denise Phillips

of arthritis! So I have gathered up a hodgepodge of old home remedies that are supposed to help with these things, including that cold/cough/ flu like thing going around now. We probably have all used Vicks Salve at some point in our life, but I have heard a use for it I haven’t tried yet. I was told if you rub it on the soles of your feet (at night), then put on white socks it will stop your coughing. But then I got to thinking – do you really cough in your sleep anyway? Maybe if you can’t sleep because of the coughing, it works???? For the general arthritis and rheumatoid pain, I was told WD40 works well. Only problem is you smell like a mechanic. I have not personally tried this one but if something doesn’t let up – it’s

on my list! How about white raisins soaked in gin? Two to three a day is supposed to ease that pain too. Also heard about Fish Oil, guess that is supposed to grease up the joints? Others fixes are positive thinking (yeah, right), massages (if it doesn’t hurt too badly to get one) and acupuncture (for short term relief). If you can stand the massage – it is supposed to reduce stress, anxiety and pain. Magnet and copper therapy, especially jewelry, is up in the air as far as actually working, but have found you don’t need to wear this if you have a pacemaker! Who knew? From the Genie Room

Union News By Sylessie Ross I want to wish all of my church members born in the month of December happy belated birthday! James Henning was home from Nashville visiting family and friends and also spent some time with my niece, Connie Lee. My cousins J.T. Clark, Charles Currie, Lester Hines, and Robert and Martha Hines Rimers were all home from St. Louis for the funeral of William C. Wilson. Our church, community, and friends will surely miss William C. He has been a life long faithful and dedicated member at London Branch church. My neighbor, Emma “Doll” Pender hosted a house full of family and friends on New Years day. You name the food, and she most definitely had it on the menu! Pensacola “Pinky” Barbee hosted many as well over the Christmas holidays. Marketta said that she had absolutely everything that you could think of prepared.



Louise and her granddaughters were here from San Antonio, Tex. Leroy Sangster’s daughter, Marilyn, was here spending time with him from Atlanta, GA. Emma Lou Graves visited and had dinner after church with her sister, Nancy Bond. Remember in prayer; Georgia Nicholson Stokes, Cora Ross, Carolyn Chism Reed, Betty Ross, James “Jenny B” Bond, Eugene Snipes, Marvin Ross, Genetta Transor, Walter Frank Chism, Martha Mae Hurt, Defro “Pistol” Willis, Pearline “Teen” Jones, Stacy Greer, Eugene Snipes, Minister J.V. Carney, Minister J.H Fuller, Steve White, Mr. & Mrs. Jessie White, Cynthia Bullock Transor, Glenn White, and Fannie Anderson. Thought For The Week: “Wishing Well” It is important that we pay close attention to timing of events that occur in our lives. We shouldn’t allow time to float by or to let things just happen. For those with a destination in mind,

you have to understand the value of providential moments. We serve a God with a purpose. He uses providential moments to effect and or change our current paths permanently if we are obedient. We know that God allowed the enemy to test Job. We have to understand that our tests and trials are no surprise to him. If we are doers of the word, we know that the enemy will want to challenge God’s best, which we all are. What assignments have you not completed that you know you must before the end of this year? Is it a book, a program for youth, or even a new career? What providential moment did you experience that clued you in that its time to make the next move? Scripture Of The Day: “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.” Hebrews 10:36

“What’s Next”, was the title Dr. Bob Agee used for the message Sunday morning at Zion Baptist Church. He used Joshua 3 as his main Scripture and summed it up by saying, “it takes a lot more courage to live for God than to live for the devil.” Please continue to pray that Brother Mark will be well soon and get a better start on his New Year. We missed him and his family Sunday. Mama (Alice Elrod), Norma Austin, and I went to visit relatives in Ripley after lunch Sunday. We did get back in time to hear Steve Lewis share his testimony during the evening worship. We were delighted to see his parents James and Judy Lewis, along with Robert and Betty Barden visiting to lend support with his family. Steve delivered a message filled with resolutions for the New Year! My brother Charles Elrod came by Monday after work and helped Jason and Jimmy put a floor in the attic for storage. His wife Barbara came by after work and had supper with him. They ate leftovers from Christmas. Jimmy used the rest of the leftovers for Donnie Elrod and his crew Tuesday. So many folks have shared with us; it was a pleasure to share with others. I have truly enjoyed the

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strawberry jam that Janet Tinsley sent by Jimmy last week. He and Scott went for a ride Saturday along with Jason and Justin and a friend of Justin’s. They were supposed to be going rabbit hunting, but all the dogs ran off. Thankfully, they did return, but not in time to catch a rabbit! Mama and I traveled to Whiteville Wednesday for a visit with Aunt Francis. She seems to really be doing well. Norma came by for a visit before Church, checking to see how much more work was done since I took off. I had to have a break! Rachel Stewart hosted a sleepover for the youth girls Wednesday night. Fifteen showed up for the movie, “Letters to God”, but only five spent the night. I’m sure they had a blast! Jimmy and I went to Jackson Thursday and ordered carpet for the bedrooms after a brief visit to the doctor for blood work. Tommy, Judy, and TJ Elrod came over for supper. Of course Tommy was put to work hanging blinds. I made him work for food! New Year’s Eve was a blast in our new home. Billy and Becky Rainey and their family, as well as Tommy and Judy Elrod, along with Jacob and Lillie Phillips filled our home to bring in the New Year! Jason and

Justin and their families came by, but didn’t stay the night. Thanks to Ricky and Lori Ellington who stopped by and brought another delicious cake as well as more ham. “Uno” seemed to be the hottest card game, but video games were the hit of the evening thanks to the Rainey’s. We also watched the countdown on TV as the New Year approached. Of course Saturday’s meal was the traditional with the exception of hog jowl. We chose sausage casserole and ham instead. After lunch Mama, Britany, and I went to Jackson to pick out more blinds. As we approach the New Year, Zion will resume Discipleship training January 9 at 6 pm with worship service following at 7 pm. We will also host a one-day revival with services at 9am, 11am, and 7pm on that day, with Brother Keith Cook from Nashville. Zion’s seniors will meet for lunch at the Kreme Kastle January 11 at 11am. January 15 is the date for the men’s annual wild game supper at 6pm in the family life center. Pray for those who are sick, our military personnel and their families, the shutins, those who have lost loved ones, and the leaders of our country. Call me at 772-4257 if you have news. People want to know!

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