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Niven Morgan A New Line for Men by Mark Sanders

Although traveling the world’s most exotic places to develop fragrances for a luxury line of products can be tiresome, fragrance designer Niven Morgan divides his time between his Dallas-based office, multiple markets as well as the stores, boutiques and hotels that carry his products. Without a doubt, he’s a busy guy, but when you are lucky enough to catch him, even for a visit by phone, he has all the charm and warmth one would expect from his Louisiana upbringing. As a long term fan of his fragrances for home, bath and body, I have followed Morgan’s career and his blossoming fragrance line which started simply and elegantly with candles, lotions and a few other bath and body products. The quality of the product quickly made them stand out among competitors, though the packaging and promotion was simple, effective and as tailored as he appears. His love of art, interior design, culture and fashion are obvious in every aspect of his product development and design. Loyal customers still say, “I love Blue,” or “Gold is Mom’s favorite,” referring to two of his cornerstone fragrances. I have enjoyed his candles and his culinary hand sets for years, and I’ve given countless Paris Blue candles for gifts, so there was no doubt that I would be thrilled to learn of his new line of products for men. Sharing his time with me while he ran errands, the designer gave me the background behind the development and the general concept of the new line. “I want younger, healthier looking skin, not complicated skin care. I don’t want to give up on a great complexion.” The line is simple and easy, comprised of only four products: Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream; Razor-Made Shave Cream; Double Play Cleanser and Exfoliator and the Daily Dose Face Moisturizer. Prime Time Pre-Shave Cream was created to accelerate a smoother shave paired with Niven Morgan’s Razor-Made Shave Cream. The pre-shave cream is amazing--slick and simple. The combination of shea butter, natural extracts and essential oils blend together to create the unique formula. It is the first step to the perfect shave. “This is cool. I wanted a new shaving experience and this oil and cream work together for a closer, more comfortable shave.” The second in the line is the Razor-Made Shave Cream. Simply stated, it’s man made with men in mind. The razor literally glides into a smooth shave with a gentle blend of aloe vera, shea butter and calming botanicals. Natural oils condition and prepare the skin for a closer, smoother shave. Morgan added, “I wanted a shave cream that I wanted to use. It’s simple, smart shaving.”


Double Play Cleanser and Exfoliator cleanses and exfoliates skin in one easy step. It’s developed to brighten your reflection with smoother, healthier looking skin. Aloe vera and glycerin are combined with exfoliating jojoba beads and natural extracts to create this gentle, pH balanced cleanser. This step is probably the most neglected in the majority of men’s shaving regimen. Perhaps my favorite in the line is the rich, nourishing Daily Dose Face Moisturizer. Call it the icing on the cake, but this light, refreshing blend of anti-aging peptides, vitamins, natural extracts and essential oils is the daily step to help fight aging. Who could argue with that? The look and feel of Niven Morgan’s Men’s Line is clean and simple. The products are fragrance free with a blend of natural, calming botanical ingredients, sure to provide a shaving experience like none other. Look for Niven Morgan products locally, including candles, soaps, lotions and home fragrances, each inspired by his global excursions and his own experiences. For Him products will be available at The Muffin Tin in Monroe, as well as online at For other retailers near you, please use the “Store Locator” resource on the company’s website.

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