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A​ is for

Amityville Horror House in Amityville, New York were 2 people husband and wife were mysteriously ​murdered​ with an axe. its fake though.

B is for an-haunting-in-the-hills-of-tennessee-turns-up-tales-of-kate-betsy-and-old-john-bell/

Bell Witch Cave in Adams, Tennessee The story goes Betsy Bell , thought that her neighbor was cheating on her land, and on her  deathbed she cursed her neighbor with a  magical curse, when she goes into the spirit  world she will Haunt him until he joins her in  the spirit world.   

C​ ​is for

Clinton Road, West Milford, New Jersey

This rode is said to be haunted becuse of all the car accidents. This cursive road has taken many lives and it's said to be the dangerous road that ever existed.

D is for Dawson Cemetery in Dawson, New Mexico.

Dawson was the spot where two separate coal mining disasters in  1913, 1923. And has been evacuated ever since.               

E is for The Ellis Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia els-,news_viewItem_21-en.html

This hotel is ​The Ellis Hotel that was previously

The Winecoff, is best known for a fire that occurred there on December 7, 1946, in which  119 people died horribly. It remains still the  deadliest hotel fire in U.S. history. 

F is for Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida rtello_Museum-Key_West_Florida_Keys_Florida.html 

The musime is home to a special doll that was seen moving on its own, and if you make fun of  him you will suffer your ultimate fate.     

G is for  

Grave of the Female Stranger, Alexandria, Virginia

The mysterious grave says “R.I.P female  stranger.” which is very paranormal because the  grave useily says “R.I.P ​blank”.  

H is for   Halloween horror nights ts-as-spooky-as-ever-1716318/  

Now this is a place to get scared out of your  socks. Many icons of horror will be there like,  jason voorhees from Friday the 13th movies, and  freddy krueger from Nightmare on Elm street,  chucky from child's play and finley michael myers.      

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J is for ...  


K is for Kenai Cemetery in Kenai, Alaska

This church/grave is where many of ​Kenaitze

Indian Tribe rest and russian fur traders rest.                

L is for  

Lemp Mansion, St. Louis, Missouri  

This is Said to be one of the ten most haunted places in America, the Lemp Mansion in st louis  missouri, continues to play host to the tragedy  Lemp family and Over the years, the mansion  was transformed from the stately home of  millionaires and now a bed and breakfast place  

M is for Mütter Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. ..

The ​Museum ​contains medical mysteries and strange deformations.          

N is for…


O is for Owls Head Light   

not much is known about this light tower other than its only faceing 1  direction, north west                 

P is for . Pere Cheney in Pere Cheney,


This is a desolate place where it has been evacuated for unknown reasons.

Q is for

R is for

S is for Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado Â

This hotel was denied by Stephen King himself. Stephen King is the creator of the dancing clown pennywise and in the sinning the here’s johnny moment.

T is for Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, West Virginia.

The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, subsequently the Weston State Hospital, was a  Kirkbride physical hospital that was still around  by from 1864 until 1994 by the government of  the state west virginia in the city of weston.  And now it's rotting where it was built.  

U is for University of Vermont in Burlington,  Vermont

This school is full of good students and soon genesis. The school is a scientific research college and this school is one of the oldest schools in america.

V is for Villisca Axe Murder House

Now this is a scary tale indeed, the bodys of 8 people in the same house 2 geats and the rest family. They were all brutally murdered with an

axe with they were sleeping. The murderer has not been found.

W is for Winchester Mystery House

This house is truly the most confusing house of them all. Winchester was a woman who lived after a  widow told her her house was haunted by the spirits  who were killed by her family's rifles. So she tried  to confuse the spirits by building mies long partes  of her house and there doors leading to nowhere.  Stair that go into walls. And bathrooms in weird  places and she had lots of bedrooms and every night 

she would sleep in a ​new bedroom so that the

ghosts don't get her in her sleep.

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Carter nelson unit 2 lesson 7 american places  

To sum up all my work I did Scary tourist attraction that bring thrill to all... Or do they. they simply scare you into making you believe t...

Carter nelson unit 2 lesson 7 american places  

To sum up all my work I did Scary tourist attraction that bring thrill to all... Or do they. they simply scare you into making you believe t...