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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Wellbeing in Personal Transformation Self Esteem We all must discover our way through self-development, which the self must be discovered. We must strive toward good physical and mental health. By striving for good health and peace, it makes personal transformation easier. When an individual is in a healthy state of mind that individual will be able to see more clearly and to make better decisions. It we find ourselves to be in a negative frame of mind then our life will take a very negative turn in the wrong direction. Some people believe that poor health is often a state of mind. New evidence proved this to be untrue, but if an entity can manage stress well, they find that rarely do they experience colds, headaches or other health conditions. Stress is simply how we internally deal with our external environment. By learning to manage stress in our external environment then we will have a healthier domestic environment. This is the same for physical and mental diseases that may afflict a person. A positive attitude can be a healing miracle all in itself. We can use some of the latest or new age solutions to help us work on wellness and personal transformation. For example, one can benefit from using the latest Radionics. The newest invention is a new tool that has proven to help people develop the inner. Radionics is a form of practice that deals with tapping into the powers of the subliminal mind. Radionics products are designed to encourage certain type of behaviors and to encourage a healthier well-being. The subliminal mind is part of our conscious mind that we are usually not aware of. The subliminal mind is a part of our consciousness that controls specific actions and desires. We may be unconscious of where these actions or desires come from. For example if an individual is watching television and sees a picture of a beautiful beach that entity may decide that they to want to walk the sandy shores of that beach. This is a subliminal message that affects a conscious decision. We may be unconscious of why we went to go to this beach, we are just aware that it is a desire of ours. There are several Radionics talismans that are believed to assist an individual in the development of health and well-being. One of the talismans is the Good Night pocket Radionics product. This product is considered to permit an individual to sleep without interruption, to awake refreshed and to feel rested. This is perfect for anyone who has trouble sleeping at night. The second well being talisman is the Anti-Asthma protector. This talisman is designed to war off asthma and the environmental elements that can cause an individual to have an asthma attack. The Chemotherapic talisman is designed to promote physical and mental harmony during the trying sessions of chemotherapy.

The Curative talisman is designed to protect your loved ones. This talisman looks over the health and well-being of those you love the most. The Digestor is a type of talisman that is designed to promote healthy digestion. With this talisman, indigestion quickly becomes a problem of the past. The Healer is a type of talisman that is designed to assist in the speedy recovery of loved ones. This talisman also comes in a pocket version that an individual can easily carry around with them. The Radionics Anti Depressive talisman is considered to reduce the stress and take the edge off depression. This talisman promotes a positive attitude and glowing state of well being. This talisman also comes in a pocket size addition. The Radionics Ayurveda is a way for an individual to find harmony and balance in a most natural way. The Rejuvenator is a type of talisman that is designed to make an individual feel young again. These talismans are specially designed to promote health and well-being.


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