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Thrombosed hemorrhoids are external hemorrhoids that have either ruptured, or ruptured and developed a blood-clot. Thrombosed hemorrhoids can become strangulated and cause extreme pain. Typically, an individual with a thrombosed hemorrhoid will report a large mass of extremely sensitive tissue protruding from the anus. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are easy to spot and felt. They can be either hard or soft to touch. Referred to as a skin tag, these lumps feel like small masses of skin. Thrombosed hemorrhoids also appear to be blue in colour. This is because the veins are strangled under the skin and there is no regular blood flow through them. Upon being irritated, they can also turn red. While they are not considered dangerous, thrombosed hemorrhoids do cause considerable pain and swelling because they affect the nerve endings located in the anal skin. Bleeding is not common but it can occur if the blood clot oozes or receives friction. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are amenable to variety of treatments, some of which are homebased remedies, some of which are surgical procedures that require being under a doctor’s care. Some of the most commonly prescribed home treatments are:    

daily sitz baths the use of stool-softeners making alterations to dietary habits and bowel habits; and increasing one’s psychical activities or creating an exercise regime.

Although conservative nonsurgical treatment (stool softeners, increased dietary fiber, increased fluid intake, warm baths, and analgesia) ultimately results in resolution of symptoms for most patients, thrombosed hemorrhoids will almost certain end up being treated with surgical intervention. It will need to be discussed with your doctor as to which treatment is appropriate however the usual way is for the clot to be removed by surgically draining it. Here is a hemorrhoid dietary supplement that helps to cure hemorrhoids. Click on the link.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids  

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