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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== The Redemptive Self through Spirituality

Self is the inner part of a human beings identity, which is affected by the actions, and activities one indulges in. If one is continuously indulges in wrong activities then he is likely to be a malformed personality. The best way to analyze that you are a healthy and up righteous personality one should analyze ones previous as well as current decisions. When Jesus came to earth, his sole aim was to redeem people of their sins. Redemptions at that time meant recuperations of a person or spirit from the evil or demon. However, in todays world the connotation of the word redemption has changed and so the meaning itself has transformed. In that age the devil was the bad spirit, which existed outside the human beings and it was, dreaded that such evil spirits should not enter the innocent soul of human beings. Actually evil spirits still exist today. They have their existence in the form of various vices that human beings acquire to become successful and rich. These vices are anger, hatred, revenge and jealousy. One must keep off from such vices, which are rodents of human virtues given by God. According to Hindu mythology, one can actually purify ones soul from such black attribute by doing yoga and meditation. Meditation is the enlightening process, which initially gives clarity of thought to the practitioner. It awakens the consciousness of the human being and shows him the path, which moves towards God and spirituality. God and spirituality are two terms, which are often, replaced in their references; they are two aspect of one particular process. Spirituality is associated with philanthropic ideas but it often taught by various religious sages. It is not related to one particular religion but it is taught by every religion. Indian sages have all through preached the theory of philanthropy, as they believed that God resides in the heart of a pure and pious soul. To achieve piety one must redeem ones soul from all kinds of sin. One can easily get rid of his vices by giving up his immoral activities.

Try to judge yourself and find out whether the path you have chosen to acquire your goals is the right path. Right path is the one, which does not harm any body and which is morally correct but what about those immoral conducts, which one has already committed during his lifetime. Time gone can never come back, is the old saying which applies in this case, so one must repent for those misdeeds done earlier and try to correct himself or herself for future right from the moment he has realized that he has been on the wrong path. One must try to do small good deeds, which give happiness to others. By doing small deeds of goodness one can unburden oneself from the burden of burden of sins committed yet. Bringing smile to a sad and poignant face can actually redeem ones soul from the evils, which have spoiled

the beauty of the soul. Confession is also a healing medicine, which will redeem ones self from the repentance and guilt. Guilt and repentance are often bound to make ones deportment irritating. Frustration is evident in such people, as they know that they cannot undo the wrong that has been done. Self restrain and resilience is also one way to stop oneself from falling into the trap of temptations, which are actually the sizzling inducements, which force the human being to become immoral. Do not give to dangerous temptations and maintain a complacent attitude towards life. Selfcontentment is very necessary to avoid temptations.


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