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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Searching for the Redemptive Self Searching soul- important for developing self Our soul is the essence of a human being and self-awareness is the main ingredient to find ones true and inner self. Self- awareness contributes a lot in finding the hidden self so that the overall development of the personality and self. The soul is our breath of life or our body. Some people think that the soul is the immortal part of a human being that exists before embodiment of the flesh. To search the soul, it is very important to know about everything about oneself so that even if there are external threats, they can be easily overcome. Thus, we must recognize the soul as the body. If you will know about your shortcomings and strengths, you will easily be able to shape up your personality in a positive sense. Self-awareness contributes in knowing the areas that need to be improved. Being aware about oneself is vital as it performs the function of linking the soul to the true self of the individual. Moreover, it is important to listen to the voice of your mind and soul so that you can relate it for the growth of the self. Inner self can be revealed only when we are able to listen to the voice of the mind as it directs us towards a path that is right and helpful for our personality. This inner voice can be heard when an individual is alone, far from the worldly pleasures and tensions. The best way to search your body and mind to gain self-development is to meditate peacefully. Meditation has been used since ages as a natural therapy that contributes in healing the soul and thereby infusing higher zeal in an individual so that he or she gains confident and in turn develops their personality. One can meditate in a silent place where no one can disturb. When the person will be able to concentrate solely on his or her inner self, it will help to know the hidden secrets of the soul. There are various other methods too that contribute in searching our redemptive self for the development of the self. It includes yoga, acupressure, color therapy, naturopathy and various others. By adopting yoga techniques, one is able to gain strength and that will help in keeping a fit body and mind. When the soul will be pure and free from tensions, it will automatically lead us towards a bright path so that we can develop ourselves entirely. Having self-confidence is good but it has to be kept in mind that your confidence should not become a trouble in your successful path. One should try to gain as much knowledge of ones own inner self as much as one can as it will help in knowing the inner self and soul. Self-control is also very crucial as there are times when people are drenched with rush of emotions and does not find time to search for their soul. So, controlling power should be strong enough to fight the external evil factors so that you can develop the self. Moreover, it is important to have a spiritual self so that our mental level remains calm and free from negative thinking. If we will always find faults in a particular thing, we will develop a negative

perception about it and that will hamper the growth of our mental level. So, it is important to have a stable and good mental status so that you can remain satisfied and contented and that will in turn help us to link ourselves with our inner self and soul. Last but not the least, to develop a positive approach towards life contributes in searching the soul so as to have a true self that is pure and free from evils.


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