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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Realize the Redemptive Self It would not be wrong to say that the circumstances dont make a man but reveal him as quoted by famous James Allen. Soul depends on the circumstances that an individual has to go through. Many a times your unconscious or subconscious reacts before your conscious mind and may be ready to accept change in the life. Change in the circumstances or the habitat of an individual makes a difference in the perception of an individual. The change in the being can make or mar an individual, at times people are not ready to accept the changes and are too adamant and try to resist the changes. An individual must realize that nothing is permanent and people and things come and go, but this should not affect the normal being. Person feels bliss and a harmony when he or she readily accepts the circumstances in combination with the soul. An individual can feel one with the self and soul when mind is at peace. One must not cling on the vents of life and learn to move a head in life and let go things easily. This attitude will surely make individual feel tranquility and enrich the soul and the self. One should readily accept necessary changes in life as many a times they are for the betterment of an individual. At times, it is better to change your tastes and preferences so that you can go on the path of prosperity. For it, one may even need to change the friends, identify, and motivate oneself to new set of people to go on the path of betterment. For enriching the self and the soul of an individual it is better to have a clear vision, as when a person is sure what he or she is achieve then all the energy is directed for the achievement of the goals. The clarity of the soul rests on the power of an individual to question the soul. An individual must try to find an answer as to what it is that an individual wants to achieve. This can be done if an individual tries meditation or try to look out the things, which interest him or her. Meditation aids in uniting the soul and the self of an individual as this process helps in gathering all the energy flowing in the body. One must develop the spiritual self as it is as it nurtures the soul and the self and takes an individual on the path of triumph. One must remember that love is all-embracing and an individual must strive hard for the developing the feeling of empathy and oneness with others. An individual must realize the fact that the biggest hindrance in the life of an individual is the ego, which is bound to take him or her on the wrong path. Ways to develop your spiritual soul are meditation, Gratitude and developing the habit of making the self of an individual strong. Once the soul and self has been enriched, it is sure shot that the development of the self is at a close distance. In the process of self development, it is better to realize the latent potentialities. In the process of self development, an individual needs to fortify the qualities inherent in the being and abate the Achilles' heels. For the better development of an individual, it is better to achieve the unity between the soul and the self. Self and soul are the basic factors on which the development of the self rests. Thus, people must strive hard to realize and strengthen the soul and

self and make their prosperity sure.


Redemptive Self,Personal Transformation & Visualization  
Redemptive Self,Personal Transformation & Visualization  

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