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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Free the Mind for the Redemptive Self Set your self free Setting oneself free from all the evils is one thing, which requires great perseverance, and self restrain. Perseverance, because one needs to be on constants watch on oneself that you need not fall in to the trap of temptations which allure our heart and fire our imagination to an extent that one feels so obsessed with thing that he wishes to acquire it at any cost. The path chosen to fulfill such a desire should be a right path. Well right path is the correct means to achieve success. Such path is of hard work and labor. Nevertheless, one must keep in mind hard work and perseverance only pays when one has chosen realistic goals. By realistic goals, one can understand those things, which are not against the rules of nature. For instance, if someone wishes to acquire loads of wealth without working hard then it is a fool thought. Such a wish is childish imagination, which can never be fulfilled. Sometimes, desires over power human mind so much so that they become obsession. Obsessions are the worse form of desires, which continuously haunt the human mind if they are not fulfilled immediately. Some times obsessions can lead to frustration and irritation but in severe cases it can take, form of an ailment and the person can become mentally ill. Such a person is called a maniac. There are other things as well which can haunt a human being for a long time. These things are work related stress and different kinds of insecurities. Stress and depression are two things, which are commonly found among people belonging to different age groups whether it is teenagers, adults or kids. Teenagers face pressures related to studies. They are all the time haunted with the thought that they need to improve their performance to stand as the most intelligent personality among their friend circle. Such a stressful competition pressurizes pupils to indulge in wrong activities, like theft and lying. In addition, teenagers who are unable to bear such peer group pressure are likely commit suicide. There have been many cases like these where teenagers are unable to bear the burden of friends as well as parents and to set themselves free from all kind of tensions they commit suicide, as they feel ending up their life would finish all kinds of worries for them. Among adults also, there are similar problems pointed out. Adults face work related problems; they are worried about their work performance so much so that they often get nervous and take hasty decisions. Loosing temper, anxiety and frustration them becomes their personality traits. It not only affects the demeanor of a person but it actually ruins the physical health of the person. Problems like high blood pressure, frequent headaches and stomach upset are very common among people who are leading a depressive and stressful life. The best way to set one self-free from all kinds of tensions one must practice meditation.

Meditation calms the mind, removes all kinds of anxiety, and gives clarity of thought to the practitioner. Along with meditation, yoga is also a good way to get rid of all kinds of mental and physical disorders. Breathing exercises, which are a part of meditation, allow your mind so get free all kinds of fear, anxiety and obsessions. Keeping positive attitude in life will help you to get over with insecurities and obsessions. It will give encouragement to move ahead in life. Not only that, it will allow your mind think freely and you would be able to concentrate on you work better.


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