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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Discovering the Redemptive Self Self Discovery of Soul generally proves to be really exciting and amazing because When an individual starts analyzing about himself that is the discovery of soul and self, He asks various questions from his own self. The questions, which are raised, can be like Will I be able to abandon my comfort zone? This means that according to the current state of prevailing mind still a person has his own comfort zone. The behavior changes according to the certain prevailing situations of a person and he has to rely on them. Sometimes they take these situations for granted. In these situations, the comfort zone comprises of both positive and negative thoughts and feelings. Most times a persons behavior becomes repetitive and familiar to himself when it is a matter of self discovery of soul. But with the help of both positive and negative thoughts and feelings, a person starts exploring and discovering about himself. He learns a lot from these negative thoughts and later these thoughts are replaced by positive feelings. By following the path of Self Discovery of Soul, a person comes to know about his requirements. And what exactly he wants from those requirements. According to time The thought process of a person changes, is altered or even dismissed out of the persons life. So, a person should be opened and prepared for his former beliefs. Self Discovery of Soul will help in discovering about a persons personal truth. The next question he asks from himself is you willing to go where I have never been or where I fear of going. When a person starts to begin his path of Self Discovery, the person will face such situations from where he wants to escape or courageously will try to solve? Avoiding a situation will be foolish, ridiculous and dangerous. The inner soul of a person insists to follow the prevailing situations so that he is able to translate and understand them. If a person makes a limit to certain situations while moving on the road to self-discovery, he will not be able to go very far. So, a person should abandon his fear or at least learn to control it. For this, a person should be committed to his work and then he should go for it. Fear pretends to protect a person from pain instead; it is becoming a great hurdle in persons growth and development. To avoid these situations the growth of both soul and self will really help because both of them are interlinked. When a person is discovering his soul, the growth of self is necessary. Sometimes it happens that the soul evolvement is quick than your circumstances. Your subconscious mind is ready to move forward but suddenly your sub-conscious realize that you are embracing and seeking to a new level of life. Your soul changes according to various habitats, which become a vital part of the growth process. Sometimes it happens that your soul is eager to move to another place, another state or another plane of existence. When the act of consciousness is expanded to a persons life, a person cannot create much by staying in a state of poverty, gain a sense of power in lives while identifying yourself or acting as a

victim. Usually situations precipitate from fear to anger so in these situations it is difficult to reach a state of peace. Trust is really important in this situation. The person has to step out of the restricted understanding and has to broaden their perspectives about life and themselves. When discovering soul and self a person should have a wider perspective about themselves.


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