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==== ==== THE DASH DIET (CLICK ON BLUE LINE BELOW) ==== ==== Depression in Personal Transformation Self Esteem Depression is often misunderstood. Depression in learning disabilities is a common mental handicap today. Studies have shown that children that suffer with learning disadvantages often have difficulty learning to speak properly, take care of them selves, and suffer the inability to cope with everyday pressures of life. Many of the persons who suffer depression coupled with learning disabilities are said to be borderline retarded. It makes sense almost since depression is rooted from emotional scares, childhood traumas, chemical imbalances, and lack of proper nutrition, while learning disabilities may stem from lack of proper education, influences, and miscommunications. Ultimately, all of these problems link to underdevelopment from failure to make personal changes. When a person is overwhelmed with stress, it plays a key role in depression and in learning disabilities. If your child is suffering symptoms such as, lack of enthusiasms while playing, misery, sadness, restlessness, agitation, suicidal thoughts, low self-esteem, as well as other negative emotions, it is time to visit your doctor. If you or someone you love suffers from learning disabilities, depression, or impulsive behavior disorders, it is important to keep the chain of communication going. Writing is another strategy recommended by therapists abroad to assist people suffering from depression in making positive transformations. Writing is a gift, a love, an art, and a means of expressing what you may not be able to say with words. It is very important to keep close contact with a qualified counselor, and take your medications as prescribed if your depression is a mental health or caused from chemical imbalances. While therapists are constantly learning what is needed to reduce symptoms of depression, new solutions are on its way. You may experience vicissitudes while taking various prescriptions; still, it is important to follow the therapeutic guidelines laid out for you, until a solution is available. If you suspect your medicines are not responding appropriately by reducing your symptoms or causing serious side effects, be sure to consult your doctor immediately before further complications arise. It is up to you to let the doctor know what is going on with your condition. If you feel depressed and the problem is related to undeveloped causes, you can benefit by practice the new age techniques, such as yoga, meditation, subliminal learning. You can also take accelerated learning courses to develop skills and work through the process of making positive transformations. It is important that you develop the self; otherwise, you will experience problems throughout your lifetime, which you will find them harder to manage.

Through meditation, you can encourage the body and mind to relax. Often people strive through busy days and fail to find time for the mind and body to relax throughout the day. It is not until they go to bed that they try to relax. Unfortunately, many people are suffering sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea or other conditions related to stress that the body and mind does not get the rest it needs in a single day. Because many people are not giving the body and mind room to relax as much as it needs, it is causing serious epidemics of depression to develop. In order to correct, the problem people must change their lifestyle and way of thinking, and perhaps their behaviors in order to give the body and mind what it needs. Still, some of the problem causing depression is from lack of proper nutrition and physical exercise. When one conforms to the law of health, they can resolve many problems, including depression. For additional help, you can visit the Internet to find other solutions that will help you work through personal transformations build self-esteem and reduce your depressive symptoms.


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