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Facebook not working and how to fix some common issues When Facebook is not working properly. Facebook is one of these services which is hard to live without. You use a Facebook to connect with friends, family, colleagues and sometimes mania. In the current, Everyone spends your free time on Facebook. It has a lot of features like share, updates photo, making new friends, chatting, promote your business, voice calling, video calling. Here 1.45 billion active users every day and with more than 2 billion monthly active users. This platform is very beneficial for business promotion. But sometimes Facebook user face some technical issues. While using their Facebook account. But don’t worry here is the solution to some common issues.

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Some common reasons why is Facebook not working Every day I get a problem with Facebook not working today. It is not surprising that Facebook is the most popular social networking site. Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. Here all about how to resolve when Facebook isn’t working. Troubleshooting steps are organized in step-by-step order to fix the problem.    

Internet connection error Temporary and cache files issues Browser related issues Virus or malware problem

Internet connection error and theire solution are very easy This is the one main reason why Facebook is not working properly. Check if you have problems loading other websites. If other websites are not loaded properly, then the problem is with the internet. There is no internet connection.

Solution: First of all check your internet connection. Many Internet issues can be resolve by restarting the desktop or laptop. I recommend shutting down the computer then modem and router. Make sure they are closed and there is no power supply for 2 to 3 minutes. To ensure the device is properly reset. it is necessary to remove the electrical charges completely. Start the computer and check whether the internet is working properly or not.

Temporary and cache files issues and theire solution This is the most common reason not to load Facebook news feed. To do the work, too many temporary files do interfere with the normal Facebook page not working. Whenever a user visits a website. Some files are automatically downloaded to the computer. These files are used in the form of caches so that the same website loads quickly. If the user visits the website the second time. These cached files are not a threat to your computer. But after some time, there will be a lot of temporary files that will cause problems in your device. Too many temporary files eat up available free space. Which reduces the overall performance of your device. There is a possibility that these files can interfere with the normal function of your browser. Solution: Remove temporary and cache files. These files can be manually deleted which can be time-consuming. Although, using a cleaning software like Ccleaner is better. In some cases, these temporary files may also contain malicious programs and scripts that are harmful to the device. In short, you need to do a clean up of your computer which removes these temporary and cached files.

A problem with Browser and solution are step by step: Most of these problems are related to the web browser. With the disputed plug-in and browser extensions. Deleting this plug-ins and extensions should fix the problem. If it is only on one browser, then it is a browser related problem. If the problem still exists. Then it should be a problem with the browser. One of the first steps to do is internet optimization. Although internet optimization is done on Internet Explorer settings. Take steps for different web browsers. Solution: • To open internet explorer settings, press Windows Key + R for Run window • Type inetcpl.cpl then click Programs Tab • Now, click Manage add-ons and go through the list of all add-ons. • Click on the add-on that is unknown or suspicious then click on disable. • Now restart Internet Explorer and check if the problem is fixed. If the problem still exists, open Internet Explorer settings again. Go to the Advanced tab and click the Reset button. This will reset Internet Explorer to the original creator settings. Which guarantees to fix most problems.

Virus or malware is also a common reason

This is the third reason why a Facebook has problems. Facebook users are tempted to download files and games with many offers. At least some of these files are malicious in nature. There are some malicious programs that are designed to infect your computer. Some are just bad code programs that do not work well with the browser. Solution: If your security software cannot detect any infections. Then it is highly recommended that you install another security software. Check whether this infection can be detected or not. Remember, installing 2 security software at the same time is not recommended. In this case, installing security software is okay because the first problem was unable to fix the problem. Once the scan is completed. You can uninstall one of the security software to make sure that it will not create a problem in the future.

Thank You Visit here Hope this should help you in fix Facebook related problems. If you do not understand any point or topic in this post. That time you need to call 1-888-5610110 Facebook support phone number to resolve all kind of issues. You can contact the Facebook customer service team who is ready to help you fix your issues any time anywhere. Our executive is available 24*7 and 365 days. For more information to visit here:

Facebook not working and how to fix some common issues  

When Facebook is not working properly. Facebook is one of these services which is hard to live without. You use a Facebook to connect with f...

Facebook not working and how to fix some common issues  

When Facebook is not working properly. Facebook is one of these services which is hard to live without. You use a Facebook to connect with f...