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How to Change the Oil in a 2006 Mercury Milan Premier By Thomas Carter

Supplies Needed ď Ź

ď Ź

1 Oil Filter (o-rings should be included with filter) 5 Quarts of Oil

Note: Check owner's manual for proper type and amount.

Tools Needed 

Ratchet and Socket Set

Oil Filter Wrench

Allen Wrench Set

Oil Drain Pan


Hydraulic Jack

Jacks Stands


Danger: DO NOT WORK ON HOT ENGINE Note: Work should be performed on level ground.

1.Set Parking Brake

2. Open Hood by pulling hood release in car. Then raise hood by pushing hood release to the right. (Hold hood up by hood rod.)

3. Place jack under car frame on driver's side and use to raise car to desired height. Place jack stand under the car frame. Slowly release pressure on jack by turning the release knob to the left with jack handle.

Note: If needed, repeat step 3 on passenger's side to allow more room to work.

Caution: Oil may be hot and splashing may occur. 4. Place oil drain pan under car's oil pan. Select proper size socket for drain pan bolt. Using socket and ratchet, remove drain bolt from oil pan and drain oil.

5. When oil has finished draining, reinstall drain bolt and tighten to owner manual's specifications.

6. Place drain pan under oil filter to catch oil from filter upon removal. Select proper size allen wrench for oil filter drain plug. Use allen wrench to remove drain plug and drain oil from filter.

7. When oil is done draining, use oil filter tool to remove bottom half of oil filter assembly.

8. Discard old filter and install new filter. 9. Replace o-ring for bottom half of oil filter assembly and drain plug for re-installation.

10. Re-install new filter and bottom assembly. Tighten to owner manual's specifications.

11. Re-install drain plug and tighten to owner manual's specifications.

12. Using the jack to raise the car on one side, remove one jack stand. (Repeat step for other jack stand.)

13. Remove oil cap and place funnel in engine to help facilitate pouring oil into engine. Check owner's manual for correct amount of oil to be used. Replace oil cap on engine when finished.

14. Start engine and let idle for 5 minutes.

Troubleshooting Hood will not release

Slightly push hood down to help facilitate release of hood.

Jack will not raise

Make sure release pressure knob is turned to the right.

Leaking oil

Check o-ring on drain bolt and bottom filter assembly. Replace if necessary.

How to change the Oil in a Mercury Milian Permier  

Changing oil in a car.

How to change the Oil in a Mercury Milian Permier  

Changing oil in a car.