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Quality from Dessau


Debolon Quality Characteristics

Qualität aus Dessau

Q1 Environment Learn more about our environmentally harmless production processes on page 04 ff.

Q2 Performance Our products simplify the planning process. Go to page 10 to discover the other advantages our floor coverings have to offer.

Q3 Attractiveness The demands made on our products during the design process are described on page 16 ff.



The Bauhaus inspires us every day. This is not surprising, as we are located only a few hundred metres from the historic Dessau Bauhaus. In the spirit of the Bauhaus, we have subjected our product to radical scrutiny in recent years. Do architects, planners and building contractors in the 21st century need vinyl flooring? And what is the true nature of this material? In the Debolon design laboratory, we were soon clear about our objective. A floor has to be able to prove its raison d’être in three key quality areas: Q1 – Environment Q2 – Performance Q3 – Attractiveness

Quality from Dessau


Q1 Environment

In 2012, we launched what is the world’s “greenest” range of vinyl floor coverings: from sustainable production, 100% phthalate-free, recyclable.

Q1 Qualität – Environment aus Dessau

Only a sustainably produced and environmentally harmless product is appropriate for the 21st century.


06  06





of our raw materials from Germany

Commitment to sustainable construction Debolon is a member of the German Association of Flexible-Flooring Manufacturers (FEB e.V.) and the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB e.V.), which is involved in the continuous development of all relevant areas related to integrated sustainable building. The VinylPlus certification and labelling system is intended to assist customers in identifying sustainably produced PVC and favouring its use.

Premium raw materials – wherever possible regionally sourced Our raw materials come almost exclusively from Germany. Only about ten per cent of our materials come from other EU countries. The origin and quality of our carefully selected and controlled materials can be traced. This means we can

guarantee consistently high product quality. Moreover, short transport distances reduce the environmental impact. As a result, our buying strategy also improves the eco-balance of our products.

Completely recyclable We only manufacture products with a long life cycle and that are completely recyclable. The long service life of our floorings also ensures that they need to be less frequently replaced, thereby also conserving raw materials and energy. All of our floorings can be completely recycled.


Q1 Qualität – Environment aus Dessau

100 m

Debolon’s plant is located just a few hundred metres from the historic Bauhaus building.

Debolon Masters ’ Houses






lower carbon dioxide emissions from production plant We manufacture in a resource-friendly way in accordance with environmental management certification EN ISO 14001:2009.

agement or the origin of the raw materials used are taken into account. Debolon has reduced gas consumption in its manufacturing processes by 40 per cent. We feed the process heat generated during production into the company’s heating system and use it to heat up hot water required in the plant. A special system purifies the exhaust air and reduces carbon dioxide emissions from the production plant by


009 001: 2 4 1 O EN IS vi


As a company with an environmental management system that is certified to the globally recognised ISO 14001:2009 standard, we rely not only on eco-friendly products but on resource-friendly production, too. This certification entails analysis and evaluation of all areas of the company, including its emissions, consumption of natural resources (e.g. water) and its energy balance. Even aspects such as transport man-

r tified




ro n


Resourcefriendly production in Dessau

lower gas consumption in production

m ental ma


20 per cent. In our material reconditioning plant, we turn production residues into pregranulate, which is then conditioned in a compounder ready for further processing.

08  08

Most important component of our plasticisers based on natural resources: citric acid ester – obtained from home-grown sugar beet.


Back in 2012, Debolon was the world’s first manufacturer of vinyl floorings to forego the use of phthalates as plasticisers Listing under “The Green Design 100” The Green Design 100 list recog­ nises the top 100 environmental products in the world. Inclusion in this list goes hand in hand with being awarded the Green Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies.

Since Debolon presented the world’s first collection of phthalate-free vinyl flooring back in 2006, we have continued to develop the use of plasticisers that are based on natural raw materials. At the start of 2012, we became the first manufacturer to migrate its en-

“We value systematic solutions and do more than green marketing.”

Andreas Kopf, Managing Director

tire production to a phthalate-free formulation and we now use only plasticisers based on natural raw materials. The most important ingredient is citric acid ester. Despite its name, this isn’t made from lemons but, among other things, from indigenous sugar beet.

What are phthalates? Phthalates make plastics soft, flexible and elastic. Thanks to these characteristics, they are used in the manufacture of plasticised PVC, which is a component of many plastic products. Some phthalates are hormonally active and therefore classified as harmful. As a result, their use in toys designed for small children is prohibited in the EU.

Q1 Qualität – Environment aus Dessau


Emissions measurements after 28 days in μg/m³

Healthy indoor air thanks to controlled product quality


600 400 200 0

All Debolon floor coverings are CE-compliant in accordance with EN 14041. FloorScore® certification for flooring is used in the USA to evaluate indoor air quality and is awarded to flooring with low emissions. FloorScore®-certified products meet the emissions criteria for indoor air quality specified by the LEED® Green Building certification programme. They are therefore able to earn points towards LEED® certification. The FloorScore® label is awarded by the Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI) in the US. All Debolon floorings are certified as not releasing any substances that are hazardous to indoor air quality. In France, product quality is monitored and floorings are classified in accordance with the NF-UPEC certification system. The M1 mark denotes the lowest emission class of the voluntary Finnish emissions classification of building materials.

Limit value AgBB/IAC 1

Limit value Blauer Engel (RAL UZ 120) 2

Debolon R 200 Silence 4

Limit value IAC Gold 3

Debolon R 300 5

Lowest possible emission values Our products are regularly audited by independent institutions. In the monitoring tests, the measured emissions fall significantly below the legally prescribed limits of the AgBB (German Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products). Debolon’s collections also carry the label “Indoor Air Comfort Gold”, which proves that they are also compliant with the EU requirements for product emissions specified by voluntary quality labels. The limit values of eco labels are considerably lower than those specified by labels such as the Blauer Engel.

 gBB evaluation scheme/Indoor Air Comfort A See AgBB evaluation scheme at dokumente/agbb-bewertungsschema_2015_2.pdf (February 2015) and criteria catalogue for IAC/IAC Gold tests by Eurofins, version 5.3, at www.eurofins. com/media/10840445/specifications_indoor_air_ comfort_v5-3a-de.pdf (March 2015) 2 Der Blaue Engel For the criteria go to (February 2011) 3 IAC Gold (Indoor Air Comfort Gold) See criteria catalogue for IAC/IAC Gold tests by Eurofins, version 5.3, at media/10840445/specifications_indoor_air_comfort_v5-3a-de.pdf (March 2015) 4 R 200 Silence, design 252306, batch 1432 Eurofins Report No. 392-2014-00295601B (3 February 2015); for information about VOC tests by Eurofins go to 5 R 300, design 382307, batch 1490 Eurofins Report No. 392-2014-00295602B (3 February 2015); for information about VOC tests by Eurofins go to 1

Our products meet different standards of the following certificates and associations:

Q2 Performance

A long life cycle packed with utility value. Our vinyl floorings make life and work so much easier for architects, planners, tradespeople, clients and users alike – long-term: simple to plan, easy to lay, offering all-round utility and extreme resilience.

Q2 Qualität – Performance aus Dessau

A product deserves a future only if it simplifies the planning process, is easy to lay, practical, durable and able to retain its value.


12  12

An intelligent range and the flexibility of a medium-sized company make planning easier for Debolon clients. Debolon floor coverings are available in different designs ranging from single, plain coloured to wood look, all of which are highly resilient. This allows a building to be planned with different areas or zones but all using the same product line. Many varied design accents but nevertheless just the one installation height, and uniform installation standards for the entire building, all implementable by a single flooring installation company.

Simple planning thanks to an intelligent range and flexibility


Variety of designs but just

installation height per collection

Secure investment Vinyl floors are generally renowned for their resilience. Debolon has worked and further improved on these already impressive properties. Debolon’s debo XPS® and debo




XPM® surface protection systems are built permanently into the wear layer by using UV light. Thanks to their unique composition with mineral microparticles and their high molecular density, Debolon’s surface finishes are extremely abrasion- and wear-resistant. Unlike other elastic floorings, Debolon floorings don’t suffer from visibly worn walkways in areas of heavy footfall. Their long service life and the low laying and care costs mean that they retain their value for a very long time.

Vinyl floors from Debolon are quiet The elastic structure of our vinyl floors reduces ambient noise compared with harder floor coverings such as laminate. Our floor coverings with integral “Silence” impact sound insulation system are especially quiet. This system noticeably and audibly cuts impact sound in the room you are in and in adjacent rooms, too.

Q2 Qualität – Performance aus Dessau


Long-lasting and resilient

Places that see a lot of action demand flooring that still looks real­l y good even after years of heavy wear. Debolon is the flooring partner of s.Oliver.

Vinyl floors from Debolon are extremely strong. Whether you require flooring for private households, for extremely popular shops in malls, for the foyer and corridors of large hotels or for modern office landscapes with highly mobile employees, we offer the right product for even the most demanding of environments. Not only do these floorings withstand these loads over many many years, but they are also pleasantly quiet and elastic to walk on. A glance at the table below reveals that our product range includes floor coverings for every application – products that satisfy the most exacting of requirements and are consequently classed in the highest usage class.

Floor structure illustrated by R 450 Silence, comprising special debo XPM ® surface protection finish, a transparent wear layer, printed design, compact layer, base coat with glass-fibre reinforcement and integrated impact sound insulation system.

Usage classes per DIN EN ISO 10874 Private use

Commercial use

Industrial use

M 500 V Silence




R 450 Silence




R 300




R 250 Silence




R 200 Silence




14  14

Feel-good floors According to health statistics, back pain is the number-one lifestyle disease. All Debolon floorings are elastic to walk on and are therefore friendly to people’s spine and joints – a welcome relief for those of us with back pain. And unlike “cold” floors, they feel pleasantly warm underfoot.

Classic Bauhaus products are our inspiration. Take this back-friendly cantilever chair by Marcel Breuer.

Elastic to walk on, pleasantly warm underfoot and odourless As we strive to save energy, building envelopes, that is, their outer shells, are becoming ever more airtight. The level of air exchange inside buildings is decreasing. This is leading to greater demands being placed on building materials. But it’s not just toxicological aspects or hygiene that count: how and for how long a flooring product smells is also important. For instance, testers from Germany’s Stiftung Warentest consumer organisation (magazine 5/2003) noted “product-typical” odours emitted by newly laid floor coverings: linoleum

floors smelled “nutty” and some rubber floors like a “tyre dealer’s workshop”. Good sensory marks At the moment, the only recognised test method for evaluating these sensory properties is Finland’s M1 test in which 20 test persons assess the smell of a product according to specified criteria. Our R 300/ P 300, R 250 Silence/P 250 Silence and R 200 Silence/P 200 Silence collections have already been certified in accordance with this scheme and carry the M1 label.

ODOURLESS The R 300/P 300, R 250 Silence/ P 250 Silence and R 200 Silence/ P 200 Silence collections carry the M1 label.

Q2 Qualität – Performance aus Dessau


Vinyl floors from Debolon are low-maintenance and hygienic







E X T R E M E LY LO W - M A I N T E N A N C E – S U I TA B L E F O R A L L E R GY S U F F E R E R S – H YG I E N I C










Vinyl floors are extremely low-maintenance. And this is especially the case with respect to the top-quality products made by Debolon. Debolon’s debo XPM® and debo XPS® surface protection finishes are complete systems whose polymers are

interlinked with the transparent wear layer below. This thick layer permanently protects the flooring. This means that there’s no need for any pretreatment, which among other things reduces maintenance costs by cutting the amount of cleaning agent used. Vinyl floorings are also a compelling option particularly when it comes to hygiene. This is why they have for decades now been installed in buildings that demand very high standards of hygiene, such as hospitals, labor­ atories and cleanrooms. They are bacterio- and fungistatic, that is, they inhibit the growth of germs, bacteria and funguses. And be-

cause dust can be easily wiped off with a damp mop or cloth, vinyl floors are also suitable for allergy sufferers. Thanks to the fact that lengths of our rolled flooring can be welded seamlessly together and that they can be bent up at walls to create seamless troughs, germs are unable to settle in and colonise joints. Vinyl floorings from Dessau are a neat and clean solution all round.






Flame-retardant, anti-slip and low-reflective Flame-retardant Debolon floorings are flame-retardant because they contain very few organic components. Whereas wood or textiles can often catch fire at relatively low temperatures, vinyl has to be very hot before it starts to burn. To improve the level of fire safety even more, we use mineral compounds that are capable of separating water and consequently act as additional fire inhibitors.

Slip resistance class


according to DIN 51130 and BGR 181 on gradients of 10° to 19°

Good slip resistance Slip resistance describes how a floor behaves when slippery substances, such as water or oil, make it difficult for us to keep our balance. A slip test is used to measure the angle of inclination up to which a person does not slip. Debolon floorings are

classified under anti-slip class R 10 according to DIN 51130 and BGR 181. Barrier-free accessibility thanks to low-reflective surfaces It is especially important for older people that a floor covering produces as little reflection and is as low on glare as possible. Only then do they really feel safe when walking on indoor floors. Debolon floor coverings with debo XPM® and debo XPS® surface protection finishes are low-glare.

Q3 Attractiveness

Imitation or original? We’ve brushed down the aesthetics of vinyl flooring and cleared the way for new colours and finishes: clear designs, countless creative options – the contemporary basis for fashioning space.

Q3 Qualität – Attractiveness aus Dessau


New production processes and new materials resulted in a new aesthetic at the Bauhaus. The creative freedom that vinyl flooring offers is far from exhausted. A future-oriented design needs to be more than a substitute, an imitation: it needs to provide an aesthetic that reflects the way we live and work today.

18  18

Debolon has become a design laboratory

Together with architects, planners and clients, we are constantly developing individual flooring designs for buildings all over the world. In the process, our clients keep rediscovering the design potentials offered by vinyl flooring from Debolon. This constant exploring of possibil­ ities has also influenced our range of rolled flooring.


“Only perfect harmony in its technical functions as well as in its proportions can result in beauty. That makes our task so manifold and complex.” Walter Gropius

New production processes and new materials led to a new form of aesthetics as long ago as at the Bauhaus. Inspired by these ideas, we are constantly develop­ing individual flooring designs.

Q3 – Attractiveness


Modern interior design with rolled vinyl flooring

For those who like things extravagant: a surface finish like stylised crocodile leather – available in various colours in our rolled flooring collection.

R 450 Silence Maximum impact sound reduction, enhanced walking comfort, highly durable surface protection, anti-slip

Moving with the times means allowing changes, being flexible and thinking freely. Modern interior design yesterday and today demands solutions that fit the current status quo precisely: the space, the use and the taste. We have aligned our four collections of rolled vinyl flooring – that offer more than 100 innovative designs – with the desires of today and tomorrow. Not only that, we have upgraded our premium vinyl floorings technically not merely so that they are in sync with today’s requirements – they go far further than that.

R 300



You can find modern surfaces in the four collections of our premium vinyl rolled flooring.

Minimal residual indentation, resilience, highly durable surface protection, anti-slip

R 250 Silence High impact sound reduction, highly durable surface protection, anti-slip

R 200 Silence Good impact sound reduction, low residual indentation, highly durable surface protection, anti-slip

“Our designs are modern, 100% functional and therefore fully in line with Bauhaus tradition. Their styling is authentic, distinct and far from being an imitation“

Andreas Kopf, Managing Director

20  20

Modular flooring – excellent design


Good design is never an aesthetic shell of no value, but rather always an answer to a functional question. This is the aspiration with which our vinyl floorings unite a feel for colours and shapes to create practical solutions. Back in 2012, we were the first vinyl flooring manufacturer to completely dispense with phthalates and since then, our complete range of floor coverings has been manufactured exclusively using


plasticisers based on natural raw materials. This has brought us the Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design. The German Design Council has honoured our M 500 V Silence modular floor collection with two awards at the same time: the German Design Award 2014 and the Interior Innovation Award 2014.


Our multiple-design prizewinning modular flooring collection offers a wide range of combination possibilities thanks to its 5 formats and 61 designs.

Routing and zoning M 500 V Silence Five freely combinable module sizes, with 61 high-quality designs, one installation height and 100 per cent impact sound reduction and springiness of step on every single square metre

Different shapes and colours – our modular flooring collection is like a big kit, a big box of building bricks that lets you fit out an entire building with just one product. The various combination possibilities offered by the modules let you plan routes that wittingly or unwittingly

guide customers around the building. What’s more, they enable you to mark out functional zones within the building: for instance, by furnishing the lounge in the hotel foyer with a high-quality wood look while the walkway leading to it has a slate design.

Q3 Qualität – Attractiveness aus Dessau


“Architects and Designers are expecting custom-made solutions. Debolon Projekt is realizing them.” P as in project P as in partnership P as in philosophy Debolon Projekt

C U S TO M F LO O R S O LU T I O N S E X AC T LY AS T H E C L I E N T WA N TS Debolon Projekt

Your structure. Your design. Your colours. Your finish. Your flooring.

Andreas Kopf, Managing Director

Debolon Projekt – custom-made vinyl flooring Searching for the right flooring is sometimes just as complicated and tedious as searching for the right partner – especially when the properties you want are not offered by any of the everyday, run-of-themill products. Come to us and you’ll find what you’re looking for without having to search: the right flooring. And the right partner for your particular project. For off-theshelf is out. With our new custom­

isation philosophy dubbed Debolon Projekt, we now manufacture fully customised premium vinyl flooring. Without limitations due to the designs of our collections, you can choose the structure, design, colour and finish you want in a modular way. As a result, we provide you with exactly the flooring you want for your architectural concept – and for floor areas from as small as 1,000 square metres.

22  22

vitra. by storeR – designing in line with customers’ wishes

The executive directors of the new vitra by storeR chose the modular M 500 V Silence flooring from Debolon for the floor in the office furniture exhibition area. Following Munich and Berlin, this latest store in Essen is the third “vitra. by”-store the premium Swiss furniture brand, has opened on German soil. The 400 square metre store in Rütten­ scheider Straße is the largest brand presentation Vitra AG, headquartered in Birsfelden, Switzerland, has in the Ruhr region and also the first “vitra. by”-store in western Germany.

Flooring laid: M 500 V Silence design:“leather white” and a grey shade custom-designed according to Vitra’s specifications (custom-made) Client: vitra. by storeR Rüttenscheider Str. 163 45131 Essen Germany

Q3 – Attractiveness


Georges-Frêche School of Hotel Management – customised colour combinations


One particularly colourful example of vinyl flooring that we have custom-developed in line with an architectural concept can be found in Montpellier, France. For the new Georges Frêche School of Hotel Management, the architects at Studio Fuksas wanted the floors to be in neon green, bright orange and magenta. The flowing visual appearance of the architecture made considerable demands on the façade, the supporting framework – and the flooring, too. This is where Debolon’s vinyl flooring offered

Customised colour combinations precisely as the client wanted – 11,000 square metres of phthalate-free vinyl flooring Photo: Sergio Pirrone

Debolon can implement vinyl floorings in line with individual specifications for areas from as small as 1,000 square metres.

Georges-Frêche School of Hotel Management, Montpellier Architecture: Studio Fuksas

crucial advantages because it could be easily and flexibly adapted both to the various spatial situations and the specific wishes of the architects.

24  24

Debolon – the company We trust in quality made in Germany – and for us, this includes genuine sustainability. Andreas Kopf Managing Director

Debolon is a family company that is now in its third generation. We develop attractive and functional premium vinyl floors, which, since the beginning of 2012, contain only plasticisers that are based on natural raw materials – making us the world’s first flooring manufacturer to take this ecofriendly step. We manufacture our progressive products in Germany, relying on highly capable and excellently trained staff. One big advantage are the short communication channels between building consultants and production, offering ideal conditions for responding flexibly to the wishes of our partners in the commercial and industrial buildings sector and for implementing special wishes quickly and effectively. WE ARE SPECIALISTS FOR VINYL FLOORS. IT IS THIS CLEAR FOCUS THAT ALLOWS US TO RESPOND FLEXIBLY TO THE WISHES OF CUSTOMERS.

Quality since 1929 Around 120 Debolon employees in Dessau develop and manufacture attractive, functional and long-lasting vinyl floor coverings. We rely 100 per cent on quality “made in Germany”. The key foundation of our understand­ ing of quality is resourcefriendly and sustainable production. We see Debolon as a pioneer in the development of ecofriendly, contam­ inant-free and sustainable vinyl floorings.

The perfect end product comes about through personal contact. Because we know how important face-to-face communication is when planning complex projects, we have contacts in countries all around the globe. They know our products inside out, can explain all the details to you and are the crucial interface between you and the Development and Production departments at our plant in Dessau. Contact

Quality Qualitätfrom aus Dessau Dessau


The Masters’ Houses at the Bauhaus site in Dessau are located just a few hundred metres from the Debolon plant. The Bauhaus in Dessau still remains an important inspiration to us even today. The lecturers and students of the Bauhaus were searching for something new, challenged established rules, exper­ imented with new materials – and in doing so, inspired and initiated major innovations in the world of construction. They were also trailblazers in the use of plastics for interior fittings: it was Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius who ordered the first generation of newly developed plastic flooring be laid in the Bauhaus building when it was built in the mid-1920s. Publisher Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG Ebertallee 209 06846 Dessau, Germany Telephone +49 340 6500-240 Fax +49 340 6500-202 Concept and design The product colours and structures depicted in this brochure

Heithoff & Companie GmbH

may differ slightly from the actual product. Errors and

Corporate Communications

omissions excepted. Subject to change without notice.

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Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG Ebertallee 209 06846 Dessau, Germany Telephone +49 340 6500-240 Fax +49 340 6500- 2 02

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