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Premium vinyl rolled flooring

R 200 Silence Design Extension 2016

Premium vinyl rolled flooring


R 200 Silence – Design Extension 2016

Harmonious colours, proven quality We at Debolon maintain a constant, intensive dialogue with our customers. The latest extension of our R 200 Silence collection, one of our classic products for the commercial and public buildings segment, is the result of this dialogue: 18 new designs fulfil specific customer needs and expand and enhance the potential applications of this proven collection. The extremely strong and cost-effective R 200 Silence collection is an ideal floor covering for many architects and property planners – especially when it comes to public buildings. Discussions often turn to R 200 Silence when our building consultants talk with clients. Many such discussions see one thing in particular crystallise as the big issue: our clients want a larger selection when it comes to the “calm”, classic designs. And we just love to satisfy our customers’ wishes!


Design LS 104 | 03 and WO 117 | 06

Premium vinyl rolled flooring


We’re now enhancing this collection by adding a further 18 new designs. These have been developed in dialogue with our clients and specially coordinated with the colour requirements of hospitals, nursing homes, schools or even children’s nurseries. “Colourful is my favourite colour.” Walter Gropius Even today, the Bauhaus still provides us with inspiration when we are developing functional, cost-effective and durable premium vinyl floor coverings.

+1 Simple Zoning 15 colour-coordinated chromatic designs and three wood designs enable you to zone rooms or entire parts of buildings effortlessly. And it goes without saying that all of the new floorings can be combined with the proven design of the R 200 Silence collection.

+2 Calm Designs Many public buildings require an environment that is particularly calming. The new designs offer precisely this, but they are also visually robust and forgiving thanks to their subtly changing pattern.

+3 Proven Quality Low residual indentation facilitates the flexible use of equipment and furniture, including hospital beds. At the same time, the integrated impact sound insulation system “Silence” cuts impact sound by up to 15 dB.


Finish 06

WM 101 | 06

LS 101 | 03

LS 104 | 03

WO 117 | 06

LS 102 | 03

LS 105 | 03

WN 104 | 06

LS 103 | 03

LS 106 | 03

Premium vinyl rolled flooring


Finish 03

LS 107 | 03

LS 110 | 03

LS 113 | 03

LS 108 | 03

LS 111 | 03

LS 114 | 03

LS 109 | 03

LS 112 | 03

LS 115 | 03


LS 111 | 03

Premium vinyl rolled flooring


R 200 Silence Product specification

DIN EN 651

Surface type

 Heterogeneous floor covering with glass fibre reinforcement, impact sound insulation system, fleece backing and special debo XPM® surface protection

Safety requirements



Fire behaviour tested in acc. with

DIN EN ISO 9239-1

Classified in acc. with

DIN EN 13501-1


Slip resistance /safety

DIN 51130/BGR 181

Assessment group R10

Sliding friction resistance

DIN EN 13893

≥ 0.30

Impact sound reduction

DIN EN ISO 10140

Approx. 15 dB

Width of roll

DIN EN ISO 24341

200 cm

Length of roll

DIN EN ISO 24341

10-25 lm

Total thickness

DIN EN ISO 24346

2.6 mm

Wear layer thickness

DIN EN ISO 24340

0.5 mm

Area density

DIN EN ISO 23997

2,350 g/m²

Dimensional change

DIN EN ISO 23999

≤ 0.1%

Residual indentation

DIN EN ISO 24343-1

≤ 0.2 mm

Thermal resistance

DIN EN 12667

0.02 m² K/W


Suitability for underfloor heating

Yes, up to 29 °C surface temperature

Static electrical propensity

DIN EN 1815

< 2 kV

Colour fastness/light fastness

DIN EN ISO 105-B02

≥ 6 (Blue Wool Scale)

Chemical resistance/stain resistance

DIN EN ISO 26987


Suitability for castor chairs

DIN EN 425

Yes, type W

Abrasion group

DIN EN 660-2/A1





In accordance with current applicable requirements.


12 | Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG Ebertallee 209, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau DIN EN 651 | DoP-No. R 200 Silence-RN-D009 Reaction to fire: Cfl-s1 | Slip resistance: DS DIN EN 14041:2008 | 1658 Resilient floor covering to be used within a building


Debolon Dessauer Bodenbeläge GmbH & Co. KG Z-156.603-204 • Eurofins • DIN EN 14041:2008 Flooring tested for emissions in accordance with DIBt principles

*Statement on level of emission of volatile substances in indoor air posing a toxic threat during inhaling – on a scale from A+ (very low-emission) to C (high-emission).

Usage class

Additional suitability

DIN EN ISO 10874

23, 33, 42

DGJ ge5zLps

Structure 1 debo XPM® surface protection 2 Transparent wear layer 3 Design print 4 Compact layer 5 Base coat with glass fibre reinforcement 6 Integrated impact sound insulation system 7 Fleece backing * Resistance dependent on concentration and exposure time; see current overview of chemicals/substances tested at



The same designs from different collections can differ in appearance owing to the different surface finishes and associated perceived degrees of gloss, the distinct incidence of light or the respective product structures and the differing thicknesses of their wear layer. Debolon floorings should be laid according to the latest installation recommendations and technological standards. When installed in certain special areas, floorings must have additional properties (e.g. office: castor chair suitability). Please note the classifications according to areas of use. Appropriately sized pressure-distribution underlays should be used for items of furniture with special contact surfaces. Prolonged contact of Debolon floor coverings with some types of rubber (e.g. certain types of doormat backing, the feet of chairs or other items of furniture) can lead to irreversible discoloration of the surface of the flooring. It is therefore very important to use non-marking rubber. Contact points with the flooring may need to be protected. This also applies to products made of terracotta. Chemicals of all kinds, such as solvents, medication and disinfectants, hair dye, tar, greases, oils, biro or felt-tip inks, can lead to permanent discoloration. Smouldering cigarette butts will damage the surface protection. Direct sunlight and intense artificial light can alter the colour of any floor covering. Correct cleaning and care of the flooring greatly influences its lifespan and helps maintain its value.

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We reserve the right to make changes that serve the improvement of quality or that are required by law. Variations in colour can arise between batches and for reasons related to the printing process. The latest product descriptions can be found online at

The product colours and structures depicted in this brochure may differ slightly from the actual product. Errors and omissions excepted. Subject to change without notice.

Premium vinyl rolled flooring

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Premium vinyl rolled flooring

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Debolon R200 Silence Design Extension 2016