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What you will learn What is online shopping Advantages and disadvantages of shopping online Know your seller Security issues and how to stay safe when shopping online Quiz Any questions

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WHAT IS ONLINE SHOPPING ? Online shopping is the process of buying goods and Cart2india reviews services  from merchants who sell on the Internet.

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ADVANTAGES Convenient Able to compare product price and features Infinite shelfspace

Cart2india Online Reviews

KNOW THE SELLER The seller should also let you know what personal information they are collecting ; why they are collecting it, and how they are going to use it. this is called a privacy policy It is a good idea to find out the sellers postal address and telephone number in case you have problems or questions

Cart2india Online

Print and save details about what you have bought. e.g. print out a copy of the product description, price and emails sent between you and the seller. read your bank or card statement to check the right amount of money has been charged.

KNOW THE SELLER Always check when you will receive the order and whether you can return goods, if you are not completely satisfied.

Read the sellers description of the product carefully – especially the small print, remember if the price is “to good to be true” then it probably is. Credit cards offer extra protection if you have a dispute with the seller, make sure you understand what you are being charged and whether it is a single payment or a series of payments. never email financial information or reveal you pin number

INTERNET SECURITY When you are shopping, banking or accessing other sensitive or confidential information online,

how can you be sure that no one can monitor or intercept this personal information?

https:// You may be assured that your private information is completely secure by checking the web location address area of your browser.

As you complete your order and are asked to provide payment and shipping information, you will notice that no matter what browser you are using, your location bar will read "https://", indicating that you've just entered a secure area.

THE PADLOCK Another way to be sure that your private information is completely secure is by checking for the secure SSL padlock at the bottom of your screen.

In Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox the locked padlock is always shown in the status bar on the right. Cart2india Online Reviews

SUMMARY Your online shopping experience can be safe and joyful only you take some precautions. • START WITH SECURE SITES • LOOK FOR THE PADLOCK • GET EXTRA COVER AND PAY BY CREDIT CARD If you are still uncomfortable placing your order online, call the company and place your order on the telephone.

Cart2india Online

Cart2india online shopping reviews  
Cart2india online shopping reviews