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CARSTENSZ PYRAMID EXPEDITION- AN ADVENTURE TRIP IN INDONESIA Have you ever seen nature in its full glory? It's really wonderful and if you are planning to spend your vacation by exploring the nature, adventure trips like Carstensz expedition is a great idea. It's a great opportunity for the nature lovers to make a memorable climbing trip. This is a great plan for those who want to relax out of their big city lives and hectic work schedule. Adventure seekers can unveil the unseen beauty of nature along with physical activities and can rejuvenate their mind and body. Carstensz Pyramid Expedition: This is an exotic mountain climbing adventure in West Papua and one of the highest mountain peaks in the world. This peak is also known as a difficult peak to climb. That is why, throughout the trip, people need guidance and help to make it easy. To make the complete adventure easy and exciting, a little bit of expert guidance is needed. One can take the help of tour operators for organizing private expedition or group expedition. General Information about Carstensz Pyramid: This is a gray rock peak rising from the dense forest of West Papua; It is also a part of the Lorentz National Park and Sudirman Range. Its height is 4884m and known as the highest mountain among the seven summit goal. In the past, this mountain was first climbed in the 1960s by Heinrich Harrer. This mountain is situated in the Papua province of Indonesia, which was called Irian Jaya till 2005. The Climbing Process: Carstensz Pyramid climbing is done using fixed rope and some recommended climbing equipment for a complete safety trek. Besides, artificial climbing skill is also helpful here. The lead guides are very much helpful at the time of climbing as they have previously reached the summit. Expertise in fixed ropes, ascenders, rappelling, and proficiency in rock climbing is much more helpful here. When climbing this large limestone mountain one can experience a number of challenging routes and through tribal ancestries. One can meet the Papua tribesmen wearing penis gourds, wielding bows and arrows. They also take part in the expedition as porters. The complete trekking takes about 14 days and only 3 days by helicopter to reach the base camp. Safety during Climbing: Safety is the primary issue while going for any trekking. Before Carstensz Pyramid expedition, it is important to take malaria prevention. Besides, careful planning, logistics, comprehensive

medical kits, communication equipments are mostly important and people keep all these things with them as an indispensable part of their trip. Almost all the arrangements and requirements are done by the tour operators who have the expertise in arranging this type of trek. However, the adventure tour consultants can help the most in arranging and operating the complete trekking. They provide best facilities with quality food, climbing accessories and support to make the trip successful.

Carstensz pyramid expedition – an adventure trip in indonesia  

Carstensz pyramid expedition is an intensive work that required many experienced and well-trained guides. has been kno...

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