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Silverlight Consultant Can Guide Your Business in Right Di rection Silverlight consultant is a professional that is in possession of the technology called Silverlight. Available in different versions ranging from Silverlight 1 to Silverlight 5, this Microsoft offering has a toolkit that includes controls, components and utilities that can be downloaded and used in your Silverlight applications. It includes full source code, samples and tests. A non technical person would wonder why this relatively new technology is ruling the roost in the world of information and technology. But, to stop this wondering, only one rationale is enough. That is Silverlight is a cross-border and cross-platform technology that can run on all types of browsers as well as operating systems. Isn’t it a reason enough why Silverlight programmer loves to program it and why developers across the globe prefer to develop it? It is indeed. Any software firm providing Silverlight consulting services employs experienced and skilled developers familiar with visual studio and Familiarity with these will inevitably make developers create rich applications faster either on Mac or Windows. Another great benefit that use of Silverlight contains is its affordability. This flexible and open source technology can be used in the most inexpensive way and that too without compromising on the quality. Even to get the license for this technology is simple. If you have IIS in Windows server, you can be a license holder of the technology. Silverlight programmer can also avail the benefit of new dynamic language runtime. Using this dynamic language, it would be possible to use Ruby, Python, and EcmaScript! Having said this, it goes without saying that exploiting its cross-platform nature; a Ruby developer can certainly be an expert Silverlight application developer using the .net Framework! Therefore, when a Silverlight consultant analysis a particular client’s case, it is very important that he/she understands his/her business needs, come up with customized solutions and guide the business in right direction.

Silverlight Consultant Can Guide Your Business in Right Direction