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06 Dodge Quad Cab SLT all power 20" wheels

04 Saturn ION 2 Quad Coupe sunroof only 70K

06 Chevy HHR LT leather loaded. Clean low miles

2004 Dodge Neon SXT All power and low miles. Save Big $$$

07 Chevy XCAB Automatic only $14950

06 Chevy Malibu LT Bright White low 49k MILES

08 Mazda 3 Xclean Automatic all power alloys and More $14950

01 Chevy Monte Carlo SS only 49K

08 Kia Rio.Automatic Cold ac only 9K

05 Mitsubishi Endeavor Pearl White leather loaded

05 Chevy Z71 Crew Cab. All the Power Xclean

2008 Saturn VUE XR White V 6 All Power Options 100K Warranty

08 Ford Fusion SEL leather sunroof Save Big $$

98 Ford F150 X-Cab Automatic. We Finance

05 Cadillac Escalade. 22" wheels loaded

2006 Ford Expedition Limited 2x4 Leather Loaded TV/ DVD Sunroof Extra sharp

01 Toyota Avalon XLS Pearl White Sunroof only 55k

05 Chvy Avalanche LS 2wd Won't last long.

07 Ford F150 4x4 all power xcab hard to find

06 Chrysler PT Cruiser Touring xsharp all extra's only $8950

Issue 5 July 9th, 2009


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The CREW Sales Eric Muehlhausen Camey Maldonado

Wish List Mercedes Benz E Class

10 Underwood & Collins

Publisher Gene Lara

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expires 7/31/09

Wish List Mercedes Benz E Class

The design sits somewhere between crisp and boxy, with a bluff front end desperate (almost too desperate) to imply status. The flank design is pleasing, with good sculpture and, in the fairing behind the rear wheelhouse, a sly reference to its ancestor the 1953 “ponton” Mercedes. The look is a bit busy, but there’s lots of surface detail and it’s hardly boring. And the aero performance is superb, with a Cd of just 0.28. Inside, the instrument binnacle is equally bluff, and the switchgear and surfaces feel like they’re built for the end of time. All models get a high-mounted center ICE/Navigation screen with superb control logic and graphics. The cars we drove featured poly-adjustable heated and cooled massaging seats, but the normal chairs are also shaped for a perfect long-distance driving position. Rear head-and legroom are carefully planned for this car’s pivotal role in the German taxi trade. The bodyshell uses high-strength steel to produce better crash results than ever without adding weight. Indeed, the shell is optimized for the V-6 models: The V-8 and AMG editions get reinforcements, so that the base-engine cars aren’t unnecessarily heavy. To protect pedestrians who stray into its path, the rear of the hood pops up on impact to

give their heads a cushioned landing. A switch to a three-link front suspension improves crash performance, though it required a lot of development driving to ensure the dynamics weren’t compromised compared with the more complex previous design. The new suspension also improves component commonality with the C-Class. In fact, Mercedes engineers no longer talk of the C and E being separate platforms. On the active safety side, a bundled option is radar cruise control with collision mitigation. If the driver neglects to react to a closing gap ahead, it will sound a warning, then tighten the seatbelts, next tap the brakes, and finally, if the driver still remains unresponsive once it deems a crash inevitable, apply the brakes fully. “The electronic crumple zone,” Mercedes calls it. There’s also a night-vision option, lane-change blind-spot warning, lane-keeping assist, and, as standard, a drowsiness sensor. Mercedes says a quarter of the worst accidents are caused by drivers falling asleep. The new system monitors steering and accelerator input among other factors and, if the driver’s style begins to change in ways Benz research has shown are indicative of overtiredness, a warning sounds and a steaming cup is displayed on the dashboard. Inexplicably, Mercedes has failed to name the system CoffeeTRONIC. Base engine for the U.S. is the 3.5-liter direct-injection gas 350CGI. This makes 268 horsepower and hits 62 mph from rest in 6.3 seconds and achieves 28 mpg on the European mandatory test. Low-resistance tires, variable radiator blanking, as well as the low body mass and drag, all contribute to the fine economy numbers.

It’s quiet in normal driving, but it’s not a motor that relishes working hard. In the upper-mid rev band there are quantities of drab, tingly noise, and it doesn’t rev especially freely. The seven-speed autobox, with column selector and plus/minus paddles, isn’t responsive either, and despite the number of ratios still has a big gap between second and third that makes the powertrain feel clunky in tight twisting road sections. The 5.5-liter 382-horse V-8 in the E500 is nicer by far to use, woofly and muscular at low revs, and happy to be taken by the scruff of the neck for a real power workout. This one cracks 0-to-62 in 5.3 seconds, and that’s traction-limited: Mercedes claims 4.7 for the 4Matic. But driving it out of tight corners, at least in the dry, you seldom feel a want of traction. Watch for a Bluetec clean diesel version in early 2010. The chassis comes in two flavors. The coil-spring layout has Mercedes’ patented stroke-dependent damping, an all-mechanical system. Optional leveling air springs come with electronically controlled dampers. The air system is standard on the V-8 and does an excellent job. The ride is properly plush if you hit the comfort button and still pretty sweet if you hit sport, which moves the adaptive thresholds a little toward the liveliness direction. The steering is superbly accurate and never nervous and imparts just enough road feel to give you confidence. Mid-bend, the E is well-balanced and manages to feel like it’s on a shorter wheelbase. But add excess g-loads and it’s super-safe understeer all the way. This isn’t trying to be a 5 Series. The mechanical chassis option is very nearly as good. Neither ride nor handling suffer much, especially if you go for the higher-geared rack that’s standard on the V-8. The mechanical dampers remain plush on short strokes, then stiffen up on longer suspension excursions to keep body movements in check. Okay, the body control isn’t as strong-willed as with the air system, but it seldom slows you down. There’s clearly a sound base here for AMG to work on. Its manic 525-horsepower E63 will appear at the New York auto show. The E range is also to be widened by the new E coupe, as seen at the Geneva salon in March, and 2010’s matching cabrio, the larger replacements for the CLK. There will also be an E wagon later this year and AWD variants. The E has a wide range because it’s at the heart of the Mercedes business. Quite right then that it feels so like a Benz. You might take issue with the V-6 powertrain refinement — it looks like the price you pay for such clean, efficient combustion — but in other ways this is an utterly respectable sedan. Now, about that AMG model. [source:MotorTrend]

07 Chrysler Sebring Touring / Awesome Ride!! Look Good and Save Money! Only $16,873. Stk# A6967

08 Mazda 5 / We Save! You Save! Only $18,753. Stk# A6958

06 Nissan Maxima SL / All that’s Missing is You! Only $18,753. Stk# A7228

09 Toyota Camary / Comfort and Affordability all in One! Only $20,633. Stk# A7358

08 Dodge Ram 2500 / Like New but Affordable! Only $31,011. Stk# S7039

07 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS / Wow! It Saves Gas! Only $15,961. Stk# S7056

06 Nissan Sentra / Super Car and Great on Gas! Only $12,173. Stk# S7054

09 Toyota Sienna LE / Smile it’s a TOYOTA! Only $23,453. Stk# A7298

08 Ford Focus / Loaded, and Clean! Only $14,946. Stk# A7175

08 Mitsubishi Galant ES / Clean, Powerful, and still Saves Gas! Only $14,006. Stk# S6874

07 Pontiac G6 / Clean, Fast, and Priced to Sell! Only $15,933. Stk# A6977

08 Chevy Impala LS / Wow! Saves Gas and Cash! Only $17,813. Stk# A6770

07 Kia Optima EX / Cool Ride! Cool Price! Only $13,066. Stk# A7054

09 Mitsubishi Lancer DE / Sporty and Economical! Only $15,993. Stk# A7303

08 Pontiac Grand Prix / Driver WANTED! $17,813. Stk# A6975

08 Mercury Sable / Sweet Car Sweet Price! Only $16,826. Stk# S7028

08 Kia Rondo / Perfect Price! Only $16,873. Stk# A6961

08 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution / Sweet Ride! Sweet Price! Only $34,399. Stk# A7299

05 Pontiac Montana / Need More Room w/o Spending More! Only $11,186. Stk# A6868

08 Suzuki SX4 Sport / Only 4K Miles. New Car with Used Price! Only $14,993. Stk# NM1287A

Amarillo's only authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. $20,545.00


2009 FATBOY $13,100.00

2009 HERITAGE SOFTAIL CLASSIC Tuggie Tuckness Sales





$20,495.00 Rick Stavenhagen Sales






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The Family Business for Three Generations Collins is now located. Every parent enjoys seeing their children follow in their footsteps. For the Underwoods and Collins however, staying in the family business has encompassed not just one child but nearly the entire family thru three generations. Bobby Collins first started in the automotive industry as a mechanic in the 1960’s. For roughly 20 years, Bobby worked as an auto mechanic and during that time started buying and repairing vehicles then selling them as a side business. During that time Bobby and his wife Sheilla also were blessed with a daughter, Rhonda Collins. By 1980, Bobby’s side business had turned into a full time occupation and he opened his first auto sales lot on 3rd Street in Amarillo called Collins Auto Sales. Bobby sold used vehicles at his lot as well as handling wholesale vehicles that he sold to other car dealers. Bobby and Sheilla ran the lot mostly by themselves along with help from their daughter Rhonda. One of Bobby and Sheilla’s regular auto dealer clients were the Underwoods, Thomas Underwood and his uncle Bill Underwood. Bill had a car lot on 6th Street, where Underwood &

Rhonda helped at Collins Auto Sales almost daily, and Thomas would visit the auto lot on a regular basis to peruse the newest wholesale inventory. In addition to

culminate into the automotive success that we know today.

In 1992, Bobby Collins and his new son in law Thomas Underwood joined their two sales lots into one, and Underwood & Collins Autos was born. When Underwood & Collins Autos opened its doors as the new unified dealership, the lot focused on quality cars, pickups, and SUV’s that utilized both conventional and “in house” financing. Over the years, the range of vehicles has broadened to include classic muscle cars and unique automotive specialty vehicles as well as the lot’s mainstays of more common cars, pickups, and SUV’s, with his business reasons for stopping in pickups and SUV’s making up at Collins Auto Sales, Thomas also roughly 60% of its sales. In enjoyed visiting with Rhonda. addition, Underwood & Collins Thomas and Bobby got along very found that their onsite financing well too, and would sometimes options fulfilled a very specific leave the lot all day to browse cars around Amarillo. During the 1980’s Thomas acquired his own dealer’s license and took over the Underwood lot changing it to Thomas Underwood Autos, while his uncle continued in auto sales in a new lot just a few blocks away at what is still Underwood niche in Amarillo’s automotive Autos. In 1989, Thomas economy, and now carries roughly Underwood and Rhonda Collins 75% of its auto business as “in were married and so began the house” notes. union of two families that would

During the years of success that Bobby and Thomas shared in the 1990’s, these two businessmen were blessed with two new additions to the family, Thomas’s sons Tyler, now 19 years old, and Cody, now 16 years old. Both Tyler and Cody have joined in the family business of auto sales and have both found their unique positions in the company of Underwood & Collins. Tyler started working at the lot in 2007, while still in high school, and graduated in 2008 from Amarillo High. Cody started working at the lot in 2008 and has plans to graduate from Caprock High in 2012. Tyler Underwood picked up a great deal of the business aspect of automotive sales and can put together auto deals in a matter of minutes. His footsteps closely mirror those of his father. While still successful in the sales facet of the auto industry, Cody has followed in his grandfather’s path more and has found a knack for the mechanical side of the auto industry. Bobby recalls that when Cody was just 6 years old he had quite an interest in cars and actually laid out a set of wheels, lug nuts, caps, and tires perfectly matched to a vehicle that Bobby was working on, without even being told what to do. Over the past 2 years that Tyler and Cody have been working at Underwood & Collins Autos, these two ambitious young men have already accumulated regular repeat customers and have quickly picked up on the business of running a small dealership. Tyler and

Cody both buy and sell vehicles on their own at the lot and attend auctions to acquire vehicles. In addition, Tyler has not only found

now vast repeat client base. The dealership’s dedication to customer service has afforded it a successful 17 year run of business without

success in the family business, but has also found success in love, and is getting married to his high school sweetheart Jaime Gilliam on July 11th, 2009.

advertising (due in large part to happy repeat customers) save for its newest venture into our very own magazine, Cars Plus. Underwood & Collins’ business success has carried down not only through three generations of family running the Since first opening Underwood & Collins Autos in 1992, the company business, but also through up to three generations of customers. hasn’t changed very much and Many of its first few customers sticks with the basics of customer satisfaction and service to retain its bought cars from Bobby, then their children bought cars from Bobby and Thomas, and now, Tyler and Cody are helping the grandchildren of Bobby’s first customers. Bobby really enjoys what he does but does hope to retire soon, leaving the business to Thomas, Tyler, and Cody, and eventually, when Thomas retires, to Tyler, Cody, and any children that they may have.

In addition to general used vehicle sales, Underwood & Collins Autos also has the capability to find and acquire specialty vehicles, and Bobby currently owns several such vehicles that are waiting for the right customer (i.e. 1960’s and 70’s muscle cars, a 1941 Chevy, as well as two mint condition late model Chevy SSR’s). When asked about the current state of the automotive economy and how Underwood & Collins has been affected as of late, Bobby said, “Business is down about 10% to 15% from this time last year but we do still have many of our regular customers and their families still coming in and I’d say business is still good.” Over the course of the years, Bobby, Sheilla, Thomas, Rhonda, Tyler, and Cody have accumulated some 125 to 150 repeat customers and their families, which make up around 50% of Underwood & Collins’ business. It is very exciting to see an entire family rally around one cause, especially if that cause is a business that serves both to provide a livelihood for its creators and their children, and provide a service to the community. Underwood & Collins’ dedication to quality vehicles with affordable down payments and monthly payments helps to give those that might not be otherwise able to acquire a vehicle, the chance to purchase reliable transportation that they can afford, despite past mistakes or accidents. For some, Underwood & Collins has given them a chance to have a better life by simply getting a vehicle. For others, Underwood & Collins provides a hassle free no pressure sales environment with friendly people that are less like car salesmen, and are more like family. For more information on Underwood & Collins Autos, call 806-374-1406, or visit their lot in person at 1021 W. 6th Ave in Amarillo and let the Underwood and Collins families take care of your automotive needs.

2004 Hyundai Elantra Only 26K Miles!!! $6995 or $1200 Down

1970 Oldsmobile 442 Fully Restored!!! $20,000

2003 Chevy SSR Only 300 Miles!!! $30,000

1966 Ford Mustang Pony Interior!!! $17,500 or $2500 Down

2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertible $5995 or $1200 Down

1972 Chevy Pickup 47K Original Miles!!! $8500 or $2500 Down

2000 Ford Excursion $5995 or $1500 Down

1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Power Steering, AC, V8 Street Rod!!! $30,000

2001 Pontiac Grand Am $3995 or $800 Down

2001 GMC Yukon 3 TV’s & Heated Seats!!! $11,000

2004 Chevy SSR Only 46K Miles!!! $24,500

2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser $4995 or $1000 Down

Diesel Truck & Off-Road Specialist 2004 GMC Sierra 2500HD, SLE, Crew Cab, Short Bed, White, V-8, Auto, Bed Liner, Only $12,900

2002 Hummer H1, SUV Wagon, Black 69,412 miles , 6.5 liter Diesel. Auto $55,000

1998 Ford Contour

2001 Dodge D-3500, SLT

Auto, Nice Car, 111k Miles, Only $2,900

Green, 4 Door, 4 Cyl, Auto, 141k Miles, Great Fuel Mileage, Only $1,500

White, Quad-Cab, Dually, Diesel, Auto, Very Nice, 262k Miles, Only $7,900 OBO

2008 Chevrolet C-3500HD 4WD Crew Cab Diesel Only $45,900

White, Crew-Cab, Dually, 4X4, Diesel, Auto, 141k Miles, Nice Truck, Only $17,900 OBO

1999 Mercury Sable GS, Tan, 4 Door, V-6

2004 Ford F-350, King Ranch,

2003 Ford F-450, XLT, Single Cab,

2003 Chevrolet C-2500HD,

Black, 7.3L Diesel, Auto, 233k Miles, Flatbed, Nice Truck, Needs Tires, Only $7,900 OBO

Ext-Cab, Long Bed, White, LS, 4X4, V-8, Auto, Very Nice, Bed Liner, Only $9,900

2000 Ford F-250, 4X4, XLT, White, Diesel,

1999 Ford F-150 Lariat, White, Ext-Cab,

2006 Ford F-350 Lariat 4x4, Crew Cab,

Auto, Very Nice, 243k Miles, Crew Cab, Long Bed, Great Work Truck, Only $7,900 OBO

Short Bed, 4X4, V-8, Auto, Leather, New Tires, Nice Truck, 124k Miles, Only $6,900

Dually, Black, Diesel, Auto, Many Options, Very Nice, 104k Miles, Only $25,900

2002 Ford F-250 XLT, 4X4, Diesel, Auto, Silver, Crew-Cab, Short Bed, Only $9,900

1996 Ford F-250 XLT, 4X4, Maroon, Crew Cab, Short Bed, Diesel, Auto, 250k Miles, Nice Work Truck, Only $6,900

1995 Ford F-150, XL, Ext-Cab, Short Bed, White,

2002 Chevrolet C-1500, Z-71, LS, Ext-Cab,

1997 Ford Expedition, XLT, Black, V-8,

Short Bed, Maroon, V-8, Auto, 4X4, Only $7,900

6 Cyl, Auto, New Motor, Great Work Truck, Only $2,500

Auto, 2WD, 3rd Seat, One Owner, High Highway Miles, Only $3,000

Office - 806-331-3008

1997 Saturn SC2, Green, 2 Door, 4 Cyl,, 5 Speed, Great Fuel Mileage, Nice Car, 211k Miles, Only $1,900

2001 Chevrolet Cavalier Coupe, 4 Cyl, 5 Speed, Cold A/C, Great Fuel Mileage, 123k Miles, Nice Car! Only $2,100

2003 Ford F-250 Lariat, White, Crew Cab, Short Bed, Diesel, Auto, 208k Miles, Leather, Grill Guard, Bed Liner, Only $12,900

2001 Toyota Tacoma SR5, 4X4, Double Cab, V-6, Auto, Leather, Sunroof, 113k Miles, Only $10,500

1995 Toyota Avalon XL, Tan, Leather,

2007 Pontiac G6 Coupe Cloth Silver Only $9900

1997 Ford F-350 XLT, Crew Cab, Long Bed,


Many Options, V-6, Auto, New Tires, Great Car, High Miles, Only $1,500

Tan/White, Diesel, Auto, 179k Miles, Nicest 1997 F-350 in Texas! Asking $12,000 OBO

Cell - 806-679-0321

1516 I-40 E (Next to Harbor Freight Tools)

Cars Plus July 9 Issue  

Cars Plus July issue featuring Underwood & Collins.