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february 8, 2013

Colts’ Kitchen helps out with the Golden Globes and the Sundance Film Festival by Genesis Reyes staff writer Colts’ Kitchen members helped to prepare various bake goods for the annual Golden Globes Awards and the Sundance Film Festival alongside elebrity chefs Manouschka Guerrier and Chef Ash. Two of the biggest film events of the year, the Golden Globes is held to reward excellent performances in the film industry, and the Sundance Film Festival showcases the best independent films in a series of competitions for categories. Chef Guerrier was subcontracted by a company based in Florida to make thousands of baked goods for the events. Chef Stefanie Kelly, the culinary arts teacher, had replied to a post made on Facebook asking for help to make the desserts. “I met Manouschka at my first cooking competition. We became Facebook friends and she made a post that I replied to”, said Chef Kelly. Chef Kelly wanted her volunteers to be able to get experience with Chef Guerrier for the work they did working Friday 11th – Sunday 13th. There were a total of 15 students that volunteered their time to help out Chef Ash, Chef works privately for the pop singer, Rihanna. The chefs and the volunteers worked hard to bake four types of desserts and hope to assist making other desserts for the Oscar’s. In order to get to get this project done in three days, the volunteers were split into groups that were each assigned a task like melting chocolate, working with the dry ingredients and making the batter. Club President Carlo David had the job of putting people into those different groups. “[This was] an opportunity of a life time given that we aren’t professionals and we had the opportunity to work for the award shows” said David. Garrison Schafer was in charge of another group and had this special message for Mrs. Kelly, “Thank you Mrs. Kelly for giving us all this opportunity.”

Colt’s Kitchen member Eirk Ildefonso folding brownie batter.

Daianne Malinis

Why was the graduation moved to June10? by Julia Cruz copy editor This year’s graduation will be on June 10 instead of May 31 due to Proposition 30’s approval last November as well as the limited choices of dates offered by the Home Depot Center. “The district initially cut 10 instructional days due to budget cuts early this school year, therefore the last day of school would’ve been on May 31…but

since the majority of the public voted to increase taxes, our school now receives enough money to pay teachers and regain those 10 days,” Principal Dr. Warren explained. The official last day of school is now June 7 but graduation will still be held on June 10 due to a variety of reasons. The three principals of the Carson Complex discussed and decided that Monday would be the most reasonable

choice for this year’s graduation. Friday would’ve been their first choice but the day isn’t available anymore at Home Depot. “We thought that it’s best to hold the event next to a weekend,” Dr. Warren replied when asked why graduation was moved to June 10th. “Since Friday is unavailable, Monday seemed the next best choice,” she added. In the past years, seniors tend to

quit going to school after walking the stage. So this year, the problem will be resolved by having graduation on a later date—seniors would need to keep coming to school before the day arrives. The principals thought this will overall benefit Carson High since the money our school receives is based on student attendance. The class of 2013’s official graduation day will be on June 10, noon at the Home Depot Center.




february 2013

“I am not a test score.”

NANCY CHAVEZ Numbers cannot measure your intelligence, character, or potential; do not be fooled. By Claudia Curiel staff writer Test scores do not define us as an overall student, yet they are a tool that colleges use to help analyze who we are, and at times determine whether we are suitable

trailblazer staff 2012-13 Editors-In-Chief Karina Lopez & Francis Espina News Editor Dylan Angel Opinions Editor Thea Cabrera M. Features Editor Kate Masancay Sports Editor Matthew Mata Entertainment Editor Samm Streitfeld Copy Editors James Copeland, Josh Cinco, Julia Cruz Exchange Manager Mariano Isaac-Garcia Business Managers Claudia Curiel, Cesar Oropeza Photo Editors Bridgette Jameson, Teresa Ortega Staff Writers Richelle Acebedo, Ivan Barragan, Isaac Cardenas, Demme Carter, Santino Chavez, Lawrence Dizon, Madel Flores, Alexandria Herrera, Erlene Ismael, Pamela Isidro, Alonso Jimenez, Kyle Lee-Garcia, Ian Lina, Carolina Lopez, Leony Mijares, Naveeda Nasir, Alexander Noriega, Genesis Reyes, Justin Rojas, Mary Santomin, Justin Silva, Aldo Vega

to become admitted. Test scores are used to compare students to students, schools to schools. Having test scores to compare can benefit those who do well, but can damage students who don’t. Students who don’t perform well can damage a school’s credibility. However, test scores don’t take

into consideration the environment of the community. For Carson, this is a problem. Carson high’s API score is 689 points. Carson’s residents are minorities and are a part of a lower socioeconomic class. In Manhattan Beach, Mira Costa high school’s API score is 913 points. The residents there are of a higher socioeconomic class. Both schools are funded equally by the state. The difference is that Mira Costa sends letters to parents asking for donations, and most parents donate their money to the school. Most parents are college graduates and volunteer their time to teach classes that the school is in need of. The parents are also able to help their kid with rigorous academic homework. All of this affects the test scores of Mari Costa High school. However, Carson does not send donation letters and most parents do not volunteer, or cannot help their kid with their academic homework. This ultimately damages our API score. Barack Obama’s five-point plan focuses on education, where schools are judged by their test scores. Schools that perform poorly will have teachers fired, principals fired, and classes will be taught based on tests. Schools will not offer electives such as the arts. As a

result, individuality of students may be stripped away from them, only defining them as a score. The physiological aspect of testing includes the length of most standarized tests. Students can become frustrated and decide to give up. Sometime students do not eat well before the test, or just happen to have a bad day. I have experienced this myself; tests are too long for me. I become mentally drained and then begin to fill in any bubble. Most students don’t care how well they do because they think the standardized tests do not affect their grade too much. Testing starts from kindergarten and continues until we graduate college. In some way, we are prisoners to it. When will we ever be free? A solution to testing is to have small portions of it. Another solution is to allow us to opt-out of the test, meaning the student’s parent can send a letter to the principle so that the student will not take the test. If we manage to get the majority of the student body, we can end testing. Testing is a good way of knowing one aspect of a student but it only shows part of the entire picture. We should be considered as the individuals that we are. I refuse to be identified and judged by a test score.


Equal rights for all couples

this Valentines Day

By Bridgette Jameson staff writer I_was always taught that when a girl and a boy really love each other, they get married. Growing older, I’ve learned that love comes in all forms – such as men loving men and women loving women. In the not so distant past, being a mixed race couple was considered not only illegal, but socially wrong. Children from the marriage were shunned – labeled as “half-breeds” by their peers; different in everyone else’s eyes – just because of two people being in love. So, if I’m so accepting, why can’t others be? Why is there such a terrible law to keep lovers apart just because they happen to be the same sex? Yes, marriage is traditionally defined as a holy bond between a male and a female. This is all fine and good, but times change and so do definitions of things. At one time, a 13 year old girl could be married off to a man twice her age even if she didn’t want to. Even to this day, there are countries that still have arranged marriages – being betrothed happens in our country too. There are many immigrants who come here and practice their cultural beliefs, but we don’t say it’s illegal, nor do we discriminate against them. However, in another country, arranged marriages could be deemed illegal because of the age difference. As time changes, people become more open to new ideas, and

same-sex marriage should not be different. Throughout the past few years, I’ve paid more attention to thoughts and ideas surrounding same-sex marriage. I’ve noticed that the most frequent complaints about gay marriage are how it isn’t traditional; next people will want to bring back polygamy; it will demean the values of traditional marriage; or my favorite – if married gay couples have children, their kids will suffer from it. So how about this: marriage defines a documented bond between two people. Sounds very fitting for modern times, doesn’t it? Why should gay couples not be offered the same

same sex marriage, and they use the Bible as an example. However, the bible, written by men, says no such thing against same sex marriage. For that matter, having sex before marriage, having a child out of wed-lock, or even living with your boyfriend or girlfriend is against Biblical law. But those things happen everyday now and it’s okay? Seems like folks just want to use the “religion card” when it is convenient because the issue is not something everyone agrees with. Excuse me, but isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state? Although the pursuit of happiness is supposed to be our civil right, religion seems to be the main thing stopping that – whether people want to say it or not. Then what, one might ask, could be such a good excuse to not tolerate same-sex marriage? I don’t believe there is one. “I do [hope gay marriage will be legal in the near future]. I think it’s a really important civil right issue,” Ms. Bottlik said – and what a great way to say it. Everybody should be able to love freely. So I ask, is it reasonable, as a part of our free society, to REALLY feel that all people regardless of their sexual orientation should not be given their right to love whom they choose?

... times change and so do definitions ... freedoms as straight couples? After all, freedom is the foundation this country was built on. President Obama himself even said “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law.” This statement was made during his inaugural speech for his historical second term. “If we are created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal, as well,” our president spoke out. Yet, people still feel that gay marriage is not okay. But then, what is the other excuse that people feel is compelling? If our president has agreed that we should all be equal, then what is the problem? Many religious people do not support nor tolerate


Letters to the Editor Have any comments about the newspaper or anything happening in the school? Do you need voice to be heard? Write a letter to the Trailblazer and have it published here! All letters to editor must include the writer’s name and contact information inside Ms. North’s box in Carson Complex office. The Trailblazer reserves the right to edit content for appropriateness length. We also reserve the right not publish the story but rather have it posted online on our web

your the the and site.


3 We’re just a little too late

february 2013

By James Copeland copy editor

Guns ablaze and those who are crazed-- these are two big issues that have surfaced within 2012. Last year, many men, women and children lost their lives to gun violence, and it seems that the more the murderers are glorified, the more the victim’s deaths are kept confidential. But what should we really be more concerned about—or should we even be concerned? With America’s death toll increasing at a stunning rate, who knows what 2013 will bring. Gun control needs to be addressed more firmly, and it will take a great amount of effort to provide those tempted to commit crimes with the mental help they desperately need. With murderers being put under the spotlight, we sometimes ignore the victims who suffered horrible fates. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because people tend to care more about finding

justice, and that’s okay. Sure, the victims aren’t talked about more than they should be, but it’s for the reason that the more the killers are exposed, the better the public will find who these killers are. We have shows like America’s Most Wanted who expose criminals internationally and have actually put these criminals to justice through the use of publicity. However, it was reported, in the first large study carried out in the United States, that 10 percent of all committed homicides are caused by individuals who had schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and other types of reported psychotic illnesses, most of whom had not been mentally treated. This proves that those who fit into this category did not have anywhere to go to help with their mental illnesses. Some say that gun-related deaths are a result of some form of mental deficiency, and I agree. Most, if not all, murderers kill for a certain reason; the question is why these people want to kill in the first place.

Take Aurora theater shooter James Holmes, for example. Reported to have received mental assistance prior to the Aurora theater shootings in 2012, Holmes continued on with the killings anyway. The problem here is what these psychiatric visits lack. Holmes received no real diagnosis, and despite his belief in his own mental disorder, was refused intervention. He then proceeded to purchase firearms, even though he was not able to get the help he really needed. It just goes to show how easily these people can “solve” their own problems—through the use of firearms— without having to go through the process of receiving proper medical attention. Gun control and mental health are two growing issues present in the United States, and it’s going to take some time before America realizes how drastic these problems are, even though so many Americans are being affected every


day by these two circumstances, and their consequences. Fortunately, President Obama is doing something about banning the purchase and use of illegal firearms, plus further addressing mental health-care issues with Obamacare. More people should be made more aware of gun control because nowadays, firearms can be purchased legally from almost anywhere. Americans must acknowledge how dangerous it is for anyone to buy a gun, since many people may use weapons to solve all of their problems. The concern of mental health is just as dangerous. If America insists on diminishing the rate of gun violence, we must do something to increase the amount of effort done to assist those who are going through psychological complications. If we do this, we can hopefully lessen the chances of homicide all across America. If we decide not to take any of this into account, then may we all look forward to another crime-infested year.

NANCY CHAVEZ The given dates are accurate and real, so update your calendars!

A modern fairy tale: Now Empowering Females! By Leony Mijares staff writer Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy teenage girl. Unhappy she was, for on Valentine‘s day, she remained alone. She looked upon the vast land of Carson Complexia, and looked only to find what seemed to be an infinite amount of joyous and happy couples. For the poor, unhappy girl, there was no one at all. So she asked Siri: “Siri, Siri on the phone, am I destined to be alone?” “Definitely. Forever moaning and groaning and endlessly sighing… Always pouting and shouting and hopelessly crying.” The teenage girl, Iffy, sighs and begins to look through Instagram, deliberately scrolling faster when pictures of couples appeared. Suddenly, a picture pops up that says, “Like this if you’re lonely” from username: iGodmother. Two clicks and that’s all it took. The wind blew in through the window, and in a magical whirl… absolutely nothing happened. “Hey Godmother! Where are you? Aren’t you TEACHER SURVEY:

supposed to help me now? Bippity boppity boo, that sort of thing?” Iffy asks the picture. The picture replied, “Fool, you really think I’m going to pop up in your bedroom and just give you your magic prince? Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that! That’s not how it works, honey. But here’s the deal. Your destined prince has been doomed to the desolate land of Detentionia by the Wicked Witch of Room 13, Ms. Miserabel. The evil Ms. Miserabel has trapped your prince along with many others because of their failure to complete an impossible amount of homework. In order to set him free, you must figure out her riddle, and at last you will have your prince to spend your Valentine‘s Day with.” And so, the girl went forth on her journey - through terrifying buses and sidewalks of plenty, and on top of that… her iPod had died so

she had no music to accompany her. She finally arrived, and saw a room full of bewildered students, desperately attempting to solve the riddle. All that was said on the board was “Say my name and I disappear. What am I?” After some thinking, Iffy got up and confidently answered, “Say my name and I disappear --- Silence.” And with that, Ms. Miserabel dinged her bell and said, “Okay. Class dismissed.” The class cheered and applauded Iffy for her intelligence, all except one person. “Wow you took so long just to get here. I waited for like a whole 45 minutes! Okay can you just hurry it up so we can go get some V-day food? I AM STARVING!” the prince says. Baffled by his barbaric audacity, Iffy stood still. She knew she deserved better, so she came up with a clever plan. “Say her name and she’ll appear…” and she shouted, “MS.

And by her lonesome self, she lived happily ever after.

MISERABEL!” and waited for her to come. “The prince said he would like to spend Valentine’s day with you attempting to solve more riddles! Don’t believe him if he says no, he’s told me he’s just so scared for the challenge, but he really wants to do this.” So with the same wit she used to save the day, she banished her so-called “prince” to detention-to rot with all the toads of Complexia. She walked away smirking, proud of turning down her supposed “perfect prince,“ proud of her intelligence, and proud of herself. “Siri, siri on the phone, am I still going to be alone?” -Siri replied, “No boys with chocolates, no cheesy Hallmark cards. No flowers, no jewelry, there’s no boy within 5 yards! However, not really alone. You are all you need, cliché but true. I mean, plus you do have me, Siri, saying Happy Valentine’s Day to you!” And by her un-lonesome self, Iffy lived happily ever after.

“What’s your New Years Resolution?”

“To make it through June.” Ms. Davis “To get a new resolution for next year.” Mr. Soltysik “Never made one. If you want to make a difference, you should do it anytime.” Ms. Vernon

“Be more loving in my relationship with my husband and students.” Ms. Meadows

“I’m starting to look into retirement; it’s a 5-6 year process.” Ms. Bird

“I don’t make New Year Resolutions. They make me sad or disappointed. I strive to be the best person I can be” Mrs. Weir

“I don’t have any. I want this year to be the most exciting, creative, and peaceful year of my life.” Ms.Barkin

By Mariano Isaac Garcia exchange manager

“Don’t have one. If you have a resolution then you were doing something wrong. I’ve never believed in them.” Mr.Nunez “I gave up on things. I guess be a better teacher.” Mr. Malumaleumu


black history month

In 2005, 60 Minutes’ Mike Wallace interviewed Morgan Freeman, and Freeman expresses his thoughts on Black History Month. The following is a transcript of a fragment of the interview.

“Everyone should know [all of our] history. It’s fair considering what black people have been through and what black people did to get to where they are in today’s world,” Justice Johnson, 12th grade Global Business student says. From Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King Jr. to Frederick Douglass, there’s no limit to the contributions African Americans have made. Though accomplishments in sports and entertainment are usually recognized, we often neglect or dismiss the importance of African American writers, biochemists, and inventors such as Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, George Washington Carver, or Madame CJ Walker. “To African Americans, having this chance to do better means a lot. It’s great to see how far we can go, and I now have higher standards since [we

have] our first black president!” explains Cassius Heard, Global Business 12th grader. “There are so many things we could push ourselves to do. I believe we can do more and do better. Sky’s the limit for us now.” African Americans (and because of them, other minorities) have come so far, which is definitely something to celebrate, so to forget any of that history once March comes rolling around would be dismal. Lois Nyandemoh, ESET 11th grader, agrees: “People end up forgetting about those who risked their life to fight for our rights today, but we have to remember. Who we are today wouldn’t be possible if those in the past didn’t stand up for what they believe in first. This month is just a perfect way to represent African Americans and their accomplishments.”

I hereby dedicate all of my future peanut butter sandwhiches to George Washington Carver. Thank you.

Dr. Charles Drew is the doctor who originated the blood bank, so thanks for saving those lives!

Thank Wallace Amos for your Famous Amos cookies! He was the baker behind the goods.

Who can forget Jackie Robinson and his contribution to the nation as the first MLB player for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947?

Dr. Shirley Jackson is the female scientist who invented fiber optics and caller ID, two things which we would not be able to live without today.

Mark Dean, IBM computer engineer, is the brains behind the technology of printing something off laptops.

Garret Morgan was a busy man as he improved the sewing maching, traffic light, and WWI gas mask.

These facts were provided thanks to HLNTV.COM

By Leony Mijares and Erlene Ismael staff writers

WALLACE: Black History Month, you find... FREEMAN: Ridiculous. WALLACE: Why? FREEMAN: You’re going to relegate my history to a month? WALLACE: Come on. FREEMAN: What do you do with yours? What month is White History Month? Come on, tell me. WALLACE: I’m Jewish. FREEMAN: Okay. Which month is Jewish History Month? WALLACE: There isn’t one. FREEMAN: Why not? Do you want one? WALLACE: No, no. FREEMAN: I don’t either. I don’t want a Black History Month. Black history is American history. WALLACE: How are we going to get rid of racism until...? FREEMAN: Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man. And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man. I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman. You’re not going to say, “I know this white guy named Mike Wallace.” Hear what I’m saying?

February is not just a month for love and kisses, but a month to learn about and recognize African Americans who have contributed tremendously to society. “I feel very proud; African Americans have celebrated a lot for ourselves. Black History month helps teach more about what we accomplished in life, and how far along we’ve come,” says PAMA 11th grader, Josalynn Cherry. What originally started as a Negro History Week later evolved into a whole month, after historian and journalist Dr. Carter Woodson realized black history was lacking in education.

Did you know?

Mae C. Jemison was the first AfricanAmerican woman in space, representing United States-according to NASA.


Timeline 1963




Frederick Douglass launches his abolitionist newspaper. Photograph of newspaper advertisement from the 1780s. The first African slaves arrive in Virginia.

W.E.B. Du Bois The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is founded in New York by prominent black and white intellectuals and led by W.E.B. Du Bois. For the next half century, it would serve as the country’s most influential AfricanAmerican civil rights organization, dedicated to political equality and social justice.

1857 1800

Gabriel Prosser, an enslaved African-American blacksmith, organizes a slave revolt intending to march on Richmond, Virginia. The conspiracy is uncovered, and Prosser and a number of the rebels are hanged. Virginia’s slave laws are consequently tightened.

february 2013

“Sky’s the limit..”

A Different Perspective

What do you think about Black History Month?


The Dred Scott case holds that Congress does not have the right to ban slavery in states and, furthermore, that slaves are not citizens.


Jackie Robinson breaks Major League Baseball’s color barrier when he is signed to the Brooklyn Dodgers by Branch Rickey.

Martin Luther King is arrested and jailed during antisegregation protests in Birmingham, Ala. He writes “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” which advocated nonviolent civil disobedience.

The first race riots in decades erupt in southcentral Los Angeles after a jury acquits four white police officers for the videotaped beating of African-American Rodney King (April 29).



Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat at the front of the “colored section” of a bus to a white passenger (Dec.1). In response to her arrest Montgomery’s black community launch a successful year-long bus boycott. Montgomery’s buses are desegregated on Dec. 21, 1956.

Barack Obama is elected for a second term, defeating Mitt Romney.



The Harlem Renaissance flourishes in the 1920s and 1930s. This literary, artistic, and intellectual movement fosters a new black cultural identity.

On November 4, Barack Obama, becomes the first African American to be elected president of the United States, defeating Republican candidate, Sen. John McCain.

Courtesy of

february 2013




fashion forward by Teresa Ortega, Justin Silva, Richelle Acebedo, and Leony Mijares staff writers

fashion-forward adjective /ˌfæʃ.ənˈfɔː.wəd//-fɔːr.wɚd/ informal


• interested in fashion and wearing things that will soon become very fashionable • more modern than things that are fashionable now (Definition of fashion-forward adjective from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary & Thesaurus © Cambridge University Press)

The fabric of our lives


Its lustrous, smooth feel. Its look. It’s amazing, and we can’t seem to get enough of it. Velvet is a major fabric trend this winter, and we the Fashion Staff love it! We’ve seen shirts, leggings and shoes made from this material around campus, and love that there are so many fashion aficionados here on the Carson Complex. We’ve seen red and blue velvet for the most part, but there are other colors too! We especially love the velvet boots; we’ve seen blue velvet originals and red velvet shoreditches from Doc Marten. Crushed velvet wasn’t as popular as we anticipated it to be, but maybe next winter it will make more appearances. We’ll be sad to see this trend fade away as we transition into the warmer months, but spring and summer outfits will be a nice change from the scarves and undershirts we’ve been wrapping ourselves in lately. We’ll be enjoying our winter apparel and wearing our velvet for as long as we can before we put it away for next winter, or maybe… wear it for spring and summer too!

feature: CHS Angelica Alonzo junior in ESET Teresa: What does fashion mean to you? ANGELICA: Just as an artist or a musician expresses themselves THROUGH their work, to me, fashion is a method of expression. I dress and style myself the way I am feeling. Whether I feel girly, classy or even daring, I can portray that through not only my clothes, but also my hair and makeup.” TERESA ORTEGA

Top 5 must haves thigh highs

How to: the notorious sock bun saggy beanies

T: NAME Something you can’t live without. You have five minutes to get dressed in the morning, what do you reach for? A: My forest green parka (it could go with practically everything) paired with a fuzzy, white, ¾ sleeve tucked into high-wasted burgundy corduroy pants, and my Steve Madden ankle booties. I’D ACCESSORIZE WITH a simple, black patent leather woven belt…my gold spiked necklace, some simple studs, and maybe a statement ring. T: WHO IS YOUR FASHION ICON? A: LAUREN CONRAD

acid wash denim

varsity jacket

spikes and studs


T: WHAT’S YOUR FASHION MANTRA? A: “Dress as if you’re going to get murdered in those clothes.” it seems pretty dramatic, [BUT] it makes me want to look my best every day.

1: Find a thick, long sock. The thicker and longer the sock, the bigger the bun! 2: Cut the toes of the sock off to create a tube. 3: Roll the tube into a “donut” shape. 4: Put your hair into a high pony tail and through the donut sock. 5: Use your hair to hide the sock and secure it with a ponytail. 6: Gather all loose hair together, twist, and bobby pin into place.v 7: And voila! You’ve created a big meaty bun in a matter of minutes!

SoCal winter weather

As much as a lover of clothing may fantasize about layers and thick, magnificent coats, let’s face it: this is California. Even if it’s cold in the morning, chances are that the sun will come out and cause regret about deciding to wear unnecessary clothing. Winter in California is virtually nonexistent; a phenomenon that tenants of the Golden Coast do not really get to take a part in. It’s spring or summer most of the year, it seems, and the rest of the seasons do not affect Southern California to a severe degree. “It’s weird. It’s warm yet cold at the same time and it goes from being cold to hot from one day to the other,” Ivan Serrano, an ESET sophomore said. The bipolar temperament of winter does have its perks however. Leo Hafen, a PAMA junior had this to say: “I love winter weather in Southern California. It’s nice, it’s beautiful. It’s clearer at night after a rainy day so you can kind of see the stars.” Another perk? It’s possible to get away with wearing shorts or jeans and a t-shirt virtually year round. Love it or hate it, winter will come every year, so learn to love it!



New year, “new” me

february 2013 trailblazer Rock that senior spirit The class of 2013 showed their senior spirit during the week of January 14-18 despite the freezing weather. Seniors didn’t hesitate to enjoy themselves in their remaining days of high school.

By Santino Chavez staff writer A reality-check time line for our “resolutions” and stuff.

by Julia Cruz copy editor

january It’s a new year, new me. Lets begin and accomplish my goals for 2013!

february Off to a good start ! I did about 75 percent of what I wanted to do, not too bad.

Okay, now I need to get my head in the game starting first thing tomorrow!


Julia Cruz Julia Cruz


Superman senior on superhero Monday. Experienced yet burned out, we’re still going strong. Messing with the little ones yet looking out for them is what we do. In just a couple of months, we’ll be flying away to another great adventure.

The six month mark is almost here; I’ll just begin in June because look at all this stuff on my plate.


Summer is finally here ! Hello beach and goodbye school. I guess it’s not too bad if I take a little break.

STROLLING AROUND Carson High for a cold tourist Tuesday! With locked arms, we’ve seen and gone through many great and not-so-great things throughout these four years.

Julia Cruz


I haven’t worked on my resolution in about a week, but that’s how the process works.

CHOOSING COMFORT OVER STYLE for onesie Wednesday! We may seem mature but we miss our childhood and nap time. People may judge us by what we look like, but we don’t let them hinder our path to success!



august School registration already? Now I really have to buckle down and keep focus on my education.

september School resolutions > new year resolutions (they were so 9 months ago)



*Starts to think of a new set of resolutions* 2014 IS MY YEAR!

Julia Cruz

november Thanksgiving! Family time!

Julia Cruz

What were my resolutions again?

Mismatched and unattractive sandals for fashion disaster Friday! We may not always look pleasant, but we don’t mind because Sophisticated ladies and gentlemen for Dapper Day Thursday. With appearance isn’t the most important thing (to our dresses and ties, we shall conquer the future and embody the people most of us anyway). we admire.

Ahhhh yes,

a new year has been rung in and I’m feeling a lot for this 2 change, and progress. Yet, at the same time, I’m seeing a lot of failed attempts, worldly issu year of Bieber fever. I’m getting an equal vibe of both positive and negative, neither one ta A big factor this year, I’m feeling, is a massive boom in glitz, glam, and

Hmm, my crystal ball is telling me the media will make an even bigger impact this 2013 Snooki’s pregnancy. I can see headlines saying “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West give birth reality TV show spin off: Kim’s Fetus Takes Hollywood.” I see One Direction going one d smoke illegal UK medicines, losing their 7 year old fans, looking at them as

BUT ALSO! I am seeing Taylor Swift who will be producing a 10-track album

Looking further into this mystical ball, I see.. hmm.. I see Robert Pattinson cheating on Kriste Adele releasing a lullaby-album inspired by her new born. I see Disney buying out every da there is. I see Tyra Banks coming back with the sequel to Life Size, but it’ll be rated R as the drug addiction and how she used Eve dolls as friends. staff writer

As I light a few more candles, my fierce senses are telling me that Beyonce, Kelly and Mich reunion releasing not a new song, but a song they just never released in the past, just to give ing Fire catching the box office, making history, being the reason we end in a “Panem” of our singer Psy becoming the next Asian Buddha, making the horse ride a cultural dance to hon that there will be zombie apocalypse in a sense that all movies, music, TV shows will all be actually walk.. Wait. What?! Well, I think that’s all my brain has to offer. Till ne

Happy New Year!

features 7 trailblazer A Valentine’s perspective from

february 2013

by Ian Lina staff writer



It’s coming. The Hallmark created holiday is “near and dear,” and Cupid will make his grand entrance soon enough. Valentine’s Day—the day where guys get a celebrated chance to ask that cute girl “the question.” The day that some guys say is “just another day,” but deep inside they long for that special someone. The day when some guys grow bitter from jealousy because there are just too many darn couples around. The day when some guys desperately chase any random girl because they do not want to feel left out. The day when some guys do something genuinely romantic and meaningful to their significant other. These are many perspectives a guy can have on Valentine ’s Day, and whether it be of apathy or celebration, guys are expected to go big or go home—no thanks to the sweet and cheesy templates of Hollywood movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love. or The Notebook (note that both movies have Ryan Gosling). Guys are usually expected to spontaneously show public affection for their significant other. Whether it be chocolates, teddy bears, jewelry, or heartfelt notes, guys give meaningful gifts to their girls on this day as a symbol of their feelings. If a guy is really head over heels for a particular girl, they will do anything they can in order to make them happy, especially on Valentine’s Day. These type of guys cherish Valentine’s Day and make it memorable. On the other hand, there are those other guys—the single guys. Guys, like myself, who don’t really care about having a valentine yet wouldn’t really mind one either. When I asked most of my guy friends what they thought of Valentine’s Day, most of them said that it wasn’t really a big deal. It was probably because guys generally don’t think about Valentine’s Day nor do they like talk about it. There are also guys who have been secretly admiring a particular someone for the longest and they want to take Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to finally confess the feelings they have kept in for so long. The major issue for these type of guys is the fear of rejection. Their self-esteem drops faster than a roller coaster; they become doubtful and afraid, their heart races faster than the speed of light as they approach or at least try to approach that particular someone on such a special. These type of guys view Valentine’s Day as a struggle because they have this persistent debate in their minds in deciding whether to go up to her or not. True, guys view Valentine’s Day in a plethora of perspectives, but in the end it’s a day to love and to be loved. So why not take the chance? Why not go beyond the limits to impress your significant other? Why not go up to that attractive girl in your 3rd period? Why not? A day in which the emotion of love and admiration is expressed throughout the world at the same time should not be passed by unnoticed.

“You can still find a way to celebrate this day, even on your own.”

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by Richelle Acebedo staff writer

It’s that time of year again. It’s the time that hopeless romantics enjoy, it’s the time when couples have an excuse to act extra mushy, it’s the time when Cupid goes around and shoots his arrows at people to spread the “love”, but even though all of this sounds so perfect and sweet, there are people out there who don’t see it that way. As a kid, everyone would be your valentine. Nothing mattered, because you’d always receive something, like a Transformers themed card along with a piece of candy and that was just enough for your 6-year old heart. However, as time passes by, being a teenager now and looking at the girls around me, the expectations for Valentine’s Day have changed big time. A Transformers themed card that pops out “Happy V-Day!” and a fun sized Snicker Bar just doesn’t cut it anymore. Valentine’s Day goes differently for all teenage girls because you’ve got the taken girls, the single girls and the in-between girls. Let’s break it down and start with the “taken girls,” the ones who don’t need to worry about being alone on this day. These girls rely on their significant others to make Valentine’s Day the best day ever by being showered with boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, and huge teddy bears with a heart shaped stomachs labeled “I love you”. They go out on “cute” cliché type of dates such as a candlelit dinner and a movie or visiting Rocket Ship Park on that lovely night to view the bright city lights. Yeah, these taken girls have no need to fear the tragedy others may dread: the fact of being “alone” during this holiday. On the other hand, there’s the “single girls”, the ones who have nobody in particular to express infinite love towards, and are reminded each year that they’re once again, “single”. Valentine’s Day could be a huge drag for single girls because they don’t need red heart decorations being held up everywhere they look to remind them on how “lonely” they are. Sure enough it’s already hard on this day since all they can do is fantasize about having someone, but in reality, there’s no one to do lovey-dovey things with. Lastly, you’ve got the “in-between-girls”. The in-between-girls are the ones who flaunt their independence but don’t label themselves as being “single and ready to mingle”. These girls have no expectations on Valentine’s Day or any day; they don’t even want to deal with anything this romantic holiday has to offer. The “inbetween-girls” are the ones who show how much Valentine’s Day doesn’t matter to them because of how better off they have been on their own (I’m guilty of being one of them). However, throughout being an “in-between” care-free girl, there are going to be times in those days of independence where you’ll eventually want to have someone to share this particular day with. My point is that there are many upsides and downsides of being a girl on Valentine’s Day. I don’t think any girl can escape the simple thought of needing, or at least the little thought of wanting something to happen to them on this day. Either you have a special someone on this day or you don’t. You can still find a way to celebrate this day, even on your own. Yeah, it’s nice to have someone to go out with, but it’s also nice to just sit on your couch and treat yourself to some ice cream and favorite movie. Who cares if you’re a “single” or an “in-between” girl and find yourself spending Valentine’s Day on your own! I don’t see any harm.

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february 2013

“I dreamed a dream...”

By Justin Silva, Richelle Acebedo, and Leony Mijares WWW.IMDB.COM Les Miserables, directed by Tom Hooper, is a British musical drama film based on the French novel by Victor Hugo. The film takes place during the French Revolution. Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman), after a ninteen-year sentence as a prisoner, has been released on parole by prison guard Javert (Russell Crowe). While on release, Valjean takes the challenge of starting a new life as a changed person. But in the midst of this change, Javert is still on

his case, chasing him down to take him back to prison. Along the way, Valjean meets Fantine (Anne Hathaway), a prostitute whose daughter, Cosette (Amanda Seyfried), is being held hostage. Valjean makes a promise to Fantine that he will find her daughter and take good care of Cosette, and this decision leads to a journey of turmoil and struggle. The film was released Christmas Day 2012, making more than $280,000,000

in the worldwide box office. Les Miserables originally started in 1862 as a novel that had been adapted into many musicals/plays, TV shows, and movies all over the globe. What we love about this film is the amazing cast who played their roles so well.

It was nothing but pure, raw, and natural talent.

Treat yo’self


Richelle Acebedo staff writer

Looking for a new place for “Treats”? Treat Café is located in the Rolling Hills Plaza on Airport Drive in Torrance. This cozy little place opened in 2011. Treat includes gourmet desserts such as Crepes, Snow Ice, Dole Whip, Macaroons, and smoothies with boba. There are many options on the menu at Treat and AEE Student, Jedi Francisco, says that she’ll be back for the “...crepes with bananas, strawberries, Nutella

and ice cream,” plus she’ll also return for the Snow Ice with milk tea ice cream,” which she likes with boba on the side. However, macaroons happen to be a different story at Treat. Katherine Mendoza (ESET) says that she doesn’t like the “overpriced macaroons because they could taste so much better.” Aside from the food that’s offered at Treat, Mendoza says, “Well the thing I really like about Treat is that you can

The director and screen writers did such a phenomenal job at portraying the play in a film version. It’s a story about love, dreams, hope, and God’s mercy. We wouldn’t alter anything about it because in all honesty, it is the best it can be already. There’s no question as to why the film is already up for 8 Academy Awards. Les Miserables is just 2 hours and 32 minutes of perfection.

feel like you’re at home with the lounge chairs and the blankets.” It’s true: Treat has a very comfortable setting, and the place includes a rack of blankets that are free to grab if you were to get cold while sitting outside on the patio, even with the lounge chairs/couches next to the fire heaters. Overall, Treat offers higher-priced desserts that anyone can enjoy in a “feel at home” setting. Mendoza says,

I would rate this place a 7 out of 10, because their “

drinks and shaved ice are pretty good, but their prices aren’t so great.” While Francisco says, “

I would give this place an 8 out of 10, since there’s a variety of desserts that you can choose from, [even if] it’s a bit pricey. However, I would suggest that everyone should give it a try because it’s delicious!”

trailblazer 9 Kicking back with Cupid: entertainment

february 2013

a comic series by Samm Streitfeld

“Kicking back with Cupid� is an excerpt from its full-length version, The Existential Crisis, a zine by Samm Streitfeld.






The Captains of Carson (Winter/Spring)

By Alexandria Herrera & Demme Carter Staff Writers Captains bring challenge, unity and structure to their teams; they’re a resource for emotional and physical aspects. Carson High is home to 10 different types of sports, all lead by high potential players, swimmers and wrestlers. They work with their team to keep up with the coaches’ expectations and personal goals. Captains are the people who are willing to step up to the plate and not only improve themselves, but help others as well. Most importantly in a team’s relationship is communication. Wrestling captain Senior Sam Holandez says he’s created a group chat between the coach and his team of wrestlers, to be up to date on any situations or concerns. In physical aspects, baseball captains Juan Molina and Robert C., have made a choice with their coaches to start work outs from 6 am to 7 am, plus an additional practice after school daily. Captains explain that this will build their stamina and prepare them for the upcoming games.

(Top to Bottom) Column 1 Baseball - Robert Casarez, Juan Molina Softball - Hilary Edior, Brianna Tautalafua, Viridiana Ramos Girls Soccer - Aurora Vasquez Boys Volleyball - Wellington Afusia, Jay Ilagan, Johmar Galapon, Jordan Molina

(Top to Bottom) Column 2 Golf - Joshua Cinco Boys Tennis - Christian Chuacuco, Alex Landavazo Boys Basketball - Tyler Brown Girls tennis - Emily McNabb

(Top to Bottom) Column 3 Boys Soccer - Alex Monroy Swim - Tony Mayoral, Abigail Silva Girls Basketball - Rachelle Owens, Taneya Williams






Carson Street Dance 11th Annual Showcase By Mary Santomin Staff Writer Carson Street Dance’s 11th annual showcase was held January 11 at Stephen White Middle School auditorium. The dance-filled event featured two performances from Carson Street Dance—their Hunger Games themed set and one exclusively for the showcase. The showcase is a “ tradition, and also a fundraiser for competitions,” according to co-captain Alexandra Rivera (CHS, Junior). “I love how it’s very diverse -- I felt like a lot of different pop cultures were shown. The performances weren’t repetitive, unlike a usual dance showcase; all of them were unique.The showcase was really fun in general, it was great! Plus I didn’t expect to have a lot of performances and especially a variety of dance groups” says Ann Sena, (CHS, Senior). The showcase also included performances by other dance teams including Carson

Coed, Carson Flaggies, Underground, JK Project, Ceramic Flow, Femachines, and a trio by CSD co-captains Ray Esperanza, Marvie Solis, and former CSD member Mark Oliva. Jessica Rivera (CHS,Senior), one of Coed dancers who performed during the showcase says, “For Coed, being a new team, it’s an honor, since it was our first time performing at their showcase, with other amazing dance teams. We’ve always asked CSD to perform at our showcases, so this was a first.” Aside from the dance performances, a raffle was also conducted during the event with the grand prize of an Android tablet which made the audience grow more excited as the showcase went by. Preparation for the showcase lasted for about two months and the result seemed to turn out a success. “Before the showcase, I was stressed because we had to set up and prepare for everything, but [afterwards], I felt really accomplished and very relieved” said Esperanza, (AEE, Junior).

Mark Oliva Raymond Esparanza executing his choreo clean and crisp

Every Player Has a Story By Leony Mijares Staff Writer AEE senior Sam Holandez is the perfect example of a well balanced student, juggling schoolwork and a social life while managing to be captain of the wrestling team and a varsity swimmer. “At first I joined wrestling just to get out of PE, but it ended up changing me. With swimming, I wanted to try something different,” Sam says, “My favorite thing about wrestling is that it’s the only sport where you’re really face to face with your opponent - no time limits, no substitutions. Swimming on the other hand is fun and different from average. It also leaves me with a really big appetite!” Aspiring to someday be in the law enforcement or criminal justice field, Sam is a senior who is constantly busy with college apps and AP classes. “The hardest part about sports would probably be balancing and managing your time, but sports help you learn how to do that.” Right when he gets home, Sam cuts out everything unnecessary and heads straight to what’s needed, usually eating first then doing his homework. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family and eating out. “Family always supports me. I put them first,” says Sam. Leony Mijares Sam’s main motivation and goal is to win Carson High School’s wrestling captain Sam Holandez poses the LA city section and to win matches at the for his spotlight

state tournament. The previous captains keep him inspired and he believes in never giving up. “Practice gets tough, but the rewards you get for your hard work really make it worthwhile,” and Sam proves this by having placed in every wrestling tournament except one. As captain, Sam must also take on the enormous responsibility of looking over 20 boys, making sure they‘re behaving and attending practices. “My coaches are awesome and we have a good group of kids this year, so they make it not as hard,” he says. Fellow wrestling teammate Jonathan Tanap says, “Sam shows leadership and is a hard worker, but other than that, he’s outgoing and funny. He’s committed to his passion which I believe is wrestling. If he was never introduced to it, he wouldn’t be the same. He just really loves it.” Sam exudes determination and passion in all he does yet remains humble as can be. His love for wrestling and swimming can easily be seen through all his dedication and hard work, and he is always striving to do the best he can. Coach Jesse Hockenberry says, “Sam’s done everything I’ve asked him. He leads by example and implements the things I ask the boys to do, like running in the morning and eating correctly. He’s always the first one at practice and the last one to leave. Sam really is the most important person on this team.”

february 2013 trailblazer Small Learning Communities assemblies



Each of the SLC’s in the Carson High Complex held its own assembly to award students for academic achievements. The Performance, Arts, and Media Academy (PAMA) held its assembly on January 25, while the Environmental Science, Engineering, and Technology (ESET) and Global Business Law and Government (GBLG) both held their assemblies on February 1.


by Karina Lopez editor-in-chief

“Today we are recognizing students in the PAMA Academy,” said Mrs. Harris introducing the awards. Arnelle Ashley and Jacari King hosted the “Pammies,” as students walked in to the Oscar-themed award assembly - complete with a red carpet and a paparazzi pit - and a video was played clips of student class performance works. “PAMA has specialized electives so students are nominated by teachers for most creative or best dancer,” said Harris. Awards given include Attendance Awards, 3.0-4,0 GPAs, Department awards, CAHSEE Proficiency, and PAMA Awards. Students were nominated for awards by a teacher for demonstrating an outstanding skill during their elective course. Students also performed for in between award presentations. Performances included Jeremiah, AG3, and a special performance by Ab-soul. Impromptu dancing by Mr. Deur and Mr. Shaw kept intermissions lively. Harris was in charge of the Pammies. She did the setup and created the chocolate microphone-shaped award. Mary Vasquez, lead teacher in PAMA, was in charge of making the certificates that were handed out. PAMA’s video for 8th graders was played during the assembly, significant because the academy’s teachers felt that the students should make their own video rather than paying an outside person to make it. “When kids come to Carson, they don’t know what [the SLC’s] are. These videos give them a birds-eye view of the academy and our electives,” said Harris.


by LawrenceDan Dizon staff writer

“Students are like stages of plants—some are just starting to blossom and some already have. We are aiming for all of you to blossom to your full potential,” said ESET lead teacher Tammy Bird introducing the assembly. “Wow! We have an extensive list of names for those whose GPA’s are outstanding,” said Principal Dr. Warren. The first awards were given to students whose GPA’s were meritorious. Students who had a 4.0 and above were given the Gold Principal’s Award, 3.7 to 3.9 the Silver, and Bronze for those with 3.4 to 3.6. Students who accomplished certain achievements in core subjects like Math and English received awards. Some students received awards for taking a particular interest, including the initiative in reading books, and getting a perfect score on the Periodic Assessment, as awarded by Suzanne Bottlik to some of her 9th grade English students. The LA Marathon Team also received awards for participating in events outside of school and for their dedication. Two Students from the team have logged in 200 miles as proof of their commitment to the team. Students who participated in ESET Robotucs and Baking Programs received merit for putting both of these Carson High teams on the map. “There are 350 certificates to give to all the ESET learning community,” concluded Bird.

by Naveeda Nasir and Karina Lopez staff writer and editor-in-chief


“The ceremony [was] held in the big gym of Carson…[it was] a very formal ceremony,” said Michael Dupree, the lead teacher of GBLG. As the lead teacher, Dupree was in charge of coordinating the assembly. Librarian Paul Farbman was in charge of printing out all the certificates . People got awards in various categories including perfect attendance. Jonathan Acosta, Michelle Alfonso, John Benes, William Sulek, Guillermo Valencia and many more were recipients of the award. Students were also awarded for proficiency in the CAHSEE like Marlon Acuna, Katie Brooks, Robert Caseres and many more who really put many efforts in studying for the exam. The next category was Reclassification in English. After were individual awards teachers wanted to give out. Courses included art, science, anthropology, physiology, social government and P.E. Then, students were awarded for their GPA’s. A golden certificate was given to those whose GPA’s were 4.0 and above, a silver for 3.7 to 3.9, and bronze for 3.4 to 3.6. An award specific to the GBLG academy was the leadership award given to individuals who are in charge of the academy and JROTC, and displayed leadership among their peers. A dance competition concluded the assembly. Taylor Tittle, Cashus Her and Delijah Porter partook in the competition but ultimately all were declared the victors.

Once in a lifetime

Left President Obama on the big screen during his inaugural speech. Right Members of the National Youth Leaders Conference.

pictures provided by Delijah Porter

by Delijah Porter represent Carson at this intriguing, and Space Museum, and had special • historic, and academic event, but that Guest Speakers pass on advice, in- • guest writer Unforgettable. From January 1921, 2013, I attended the National Youth Leaders Conference (NYLC), specifically the “High School Presidential Inaugural Conference” (HPIC) in Washington, D.C. Last summer I was notified by the Junior NYLC program that, due to my continued academic achievement and leadership abilities, I would not only

I would also see the Presidential Inauguration of 2013. The most important part was meeting students from different states, getting to know them, and learning about each other. Over 2,000 high school students attended NYLC at the beautiful Gaylord National Hotel/ Resort. Being in one place with different scholars and leaders from around the country was amazing and had a huge impact. We had program “classes,” visited the Smithsonian National Air

cluding Condoleezza Rice (former National Security Advisor), Nick Clooney (Newscaster, Politician, George’s father), and Bob Woodward, famous for reporting the Watergate/ President Nixon scandal in the 1970’s. However, the most effective speech came from 4-star General Wesley Clark, formerly NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Commander in Chief of U.S. European forces. General Clark emphasized three important thoughts we should apply to our lives as future leaders, and they stuck with me:

Be brave Have self-confidence • Know what you’re doing Lastly, I witnessed the first African-American President of the U.S., Barack Hussein Obama, inaugurated for his second term! I attended history in the making…with over 500,000 other people! That night, we attended the Gala Ball, held in the airplane museum from Transformers 2 (with two DJ’s and IMAX Theater). It added to the feeling of being at a Presidential Inauguration celebration, a once-in-alifetime opportunity. Unforgettable.

Volume 50, no. 4  
Volume 50, no. 4  

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