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Chaise Lounge How do you revitalize a classic piece of design furniture? 6 month Project // Senior Studio

Modularity The purpose of a chaise lounge is to offer a moment of respite and reflection at the end of a long day. This piece of furniture gives the opportunity to escape and contemplate. As the modern lifestyle has slowly streamlined and stolen these moments from our lives this piece of furniture could not be more applicable or important. Conversely a chaise lounge is also a luxury item that has become outdated. As spaces grow smaller we are losing the room to fit such a large single person piece of furniture into a living or workspace. By creating a piece of furniture that is modular, an individual may have access to this moment of reflection, while also having the ability to transform the chaise into a seat when not in use.

Construction Beyond creating a beautiful form the assignment was a challenge of engineering and fabrication. The chaise was fully realized from paper to podium. Working with engineers in labs on campus and local manufacturers my knowledge base of processes and ability to communicate my design effectively was put to the test. I strived for authenticity of materials and genuine manufacturing processes.

Chaise Lounge Exhibition Thirteen chaise lounges were showcased in the Teague product studio downtown Seattle.

Revisiting the Female Personal Flotation Device 10 week project // Junior Studio


It takes more than a change of color The female body type is often ignored in personal flotation device design, how do we create a form tailored to a female with an easy-to use strapping system?


Extrasport’s only female option

Current Female options Extensive research made it apparent that the female kayaker is an afterthought in the PFD market. Whenever we walked into a kayak store the sales reps spoke of women struggling to find a PFD that would comfortably fit their figure. Traditionally fit for a man this is a concern for both comfort and safety. PFD manufacturers either ignored the female kayaker entirely or had only one or two female options that generally were made �female specific “ by only a change in color. Currently, the market for female specific PFDs is underdeveloped.

“I can tell this vest wasn’t made for me” - Carly Boyce

“The PFD feels tight across my chest” - Ryan Alexander

“The strapping system is a hassle” - Karen Williamson

“This vest makes me feel bulky” - Allison Sumners

What women had to say... Through gathering ethnographic data on Personal Flotation Device (PFD) use, it was discovered that current life vests are not outfitted for a woman’s body type. PFDs create pressure across the chest that is constricting and uncomfortable for female kayakers. Women struggled not only to get their vest on and off, but were heading out on the water without properly fitting the vest to themselves. This creates a major safety concern. The strapping systems on the PFDs were overcomplicated and confusing. They also had to be adjusted every time the user wanted to use their vest, which is very inconvenient for the avid kayaker.

Ideation The goal was to redefine both the fit and styling of a PFD for a female user and create a vest that resonates emotionally with a woman. My inspiration for form was drawn from female athletic gear, specifically, sports bras. If a woman sees PFD that is modeled after a sports bra, there would be a certain familiarity of form, giving them a reasonable assurance of comfort.

Prototyping The Entire strapping system was built, tested, and refined through multiple full-scale models. The final arrangement of foam was also decided through ideating in 3D - Consistently checking in with users to better understand and improve the interaction with the PFD.

1 Internal tightening to remove exterior clutter.

2 Waist tightening

to take pressure off chest


Separate foam sections split to expand around bust

4 Colors and Lines to flatter the figure.

Solution This PFD was reworked from the ground up to create a new fit and user interface that would allow a female kayaker to use her PFD Safely and Comfortably.

Intuitive Strapping System

One-time adjustment strap system to simplify donning and eliminate loose straps The new strapping system is entirely internal to offer both a sleek exterior look and eliminate the issue of loose straps. There are two points of adjustment that act like seat belt with a sliding piece to tighten and loosen the webbing. These two points connect to the upper portion to tighten shoulders and waist down simultaneously

Ease of Use

Waist tightening to remove pressure from the bust Once the PFD has been tightened, all it takes is a quick two point snap in system to don and to release buttons to take off. The user only has to adjust and tighten the PFD once, and then it is a custom fit. The tightening system focuses most of its hold around the waist to release pressure off the chest. Zippers that are prone to rot are eliminated and replaced with plastic snaps.


Separate foam sections split around the female chest By examining the female figure and how a kayaker moves when in action on the water it became apparent very quickly that the foam panels needed to be moved and broken up to form better around the female figure. The foam panels are arranged in a manner so that they split and expand around a woman’s bust to relieve pressure. The side panels also naturally bend around the waist to improve fit and comfort.

Visual Appeal

Color and lines create the illusion of a slimmer figure Current female PFDs are often various shades of pink to signify that they are for a woman. However, not all women want a bright pink PFD. To better suit my user, an adult athletic woman, I chose a green that had a subtler message of femininity while retaining an outdoors rugged feel. The bright silver down the middle is contrasted with black and grey running down the sides, providing a slimming effect on the figure, and drawing your eye away from the bulk on the sides of the vest.

Haptic Communication in the Digital Age Technology is replacing personal interactions - but at what cost? Collaboration with Spencer Denton // 3 Week Project // Junior Studio

There are countless reasons why people are caught in long distance relationships.

They all express a desire for touch and presence How do you create a physical connection in a digital age?


“the more connected we become, the lonelier we are” magazine





How can we make digital communication personal again? Current forms of digital communication are extremely public and non-personal. We connect through public databases such as Facebook and Twitter on multipurpose devices such as cell phones and computers. We accumulate “friends” by the hundreds on sites like Facebook. With technology that can connect with a countless number of people, aren’t we also diluting any intimacy that we would hope a device might be able to provide? Does streamlining everything in our life take away from the singular tasks?


Human interaction on a personal level is not translating well to the digital world.

How can intimacy be restored to digital communication? Writing a letter uses your senses, and takes time, thought, and energy. Sending a digital message restricts the senses to a fingertip on smooth glass. In many cases the act requires minimal thought and energy. We are born with 5 sense to interpret the world, why are we limiting ourselves to a singularly visual experience? Our current lifestyles crave these low effort high efficiency forms of communication but we still have a great desire for meaning. Can one concept satisfy both desires?

Create a device that requires low energy while retaining high intimacy

Inspired by a worry stone... We wanted to get away from creating another cell phone or app. Tokens have been connecting people for years - whether as resolute as a wedding band, or as simple as a friendship bracelet worn in kindergarten, people enjoy the idea of having an item on themselves to remind them that their friend is close by. This solution was inspired by a worry stone, an item that calls to be held and taken care of.

Awareness Glow and vibration allows the user to know the status of their companion, such as when they wake up and when the are available or busy.

Warmth The user can feel warmth transmitted to their device as their companion interacts with theirs

Touch The user and their companion can see one anotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s touch in real time as if they are separated by only a pane of glass.

...A worry stone that comforts you back A physical pair of objects that connect two people together through physical interaction. To comfort the individual with the knowledge that throughout their day their partner is always at hand.

Story Time Click* to watch the project video

Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Glue Gun How can you take an adult tool and make it safe for a child? 2 Week Project // Sophomore Studio

2D thought Because white glue takes so long to dry children are restricted to working in 2 dimensions.

3D thought When hot glue is introduced immediately children begin working in 3 dimensions â&#x20AC;&#x201D; thinking creatively in a whole new way.

“Are you kidding me? It’s night and day...look what the glue g immediately manifest, their conversations full of “What if . . . of creativity and cooperation. And it was that tool, the hot glu

Teacher Tom [Woodlan http://teachertomsblog

guns made possible! They got on a roll, their visions became .” and “Why don’t we . . .?” and “Let’s . . .” It was an explosion ue gun, that gave them the power to make their ideas real.”

nd Park Cooperative Preschool]

When using white glue, a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s creativity is limited to 2 dimensions How can we create a hot glue gun that is accessible to children?

Inspiration While exploring form, a familiar shape came to mind - an iconic item used daily by children. This stylus glue gun came to life in a simple cylindrical form, much like a childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s crayon. Adjusting the exterior proportions to fit the interior of the glue gun led to an ergonomic form suitable to the limited dexterity of young children.

Solution Rather than completely abandon what makes up a traditional glue gun this low temperature solution works to build upon components that already exist to take a product that is currently out of a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s reach and bring it down to their level. By creating a housing that imitates a familiar form and interface it helps children with precision and safety.

Heating Element

Manual Push Button

Inductive Element

Protective Heat Resistant Tip

Drip Tray

Function and Breakdown The glue gun uses the same components of a standard glue gun with the addition of an inductive charging base to allow the glue gun to be cordless. Abandoning the cord makes using the glue gun a safer more enjoyable experience while taking advantage of the glue gunâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ability to continue to deliver hot glue for up to 5 minutes without direct power.

Vaccine Delivery System How do we design for the other ninety percent? Collaboration with Spencer Denton, Sean Missal, Ben Decock, Samuel Martin and Kevin Courtney // 3 Week Project // Junior Studio

â&#x20AC;&#x153;With the Exception of safe water, no other modality, not even antibiotics, has had such a major effect on mortality reduction.â&#x20AC;? - Offit, Orenstein, Plotkin



deaths could be prevented among children under 5 if vaccine coverage was raised by 10% by 2015

of children born each year in rural areas do not get routine vaccinations before the age of 1

the cold chain Through the cold chain vaccines are transported from their manufacturing to local governments. It is then up to these countries governments to disperse the vaccines as needed to local health centers, where from there the vaccines are taken in small coolers to remove locations to be administered.




Health Centers



of vaccines are lost in the outreach stage of transit

Immunization has become a key factor in meeting the Millennium Development Goal set by the World Health Organization (WHO) to reduce deaths among children 5 years or younger by the year 2015

Problems The primary problem is keeping a consistent temperature control within a given parameter. Secondly maintaining vial storage and disposal before and after delivery

Temperature When exposed to temperatures outside the range of 2 to 8 degrees Celsius vaccines become ineffective.

Tracking Due to an ineffective tracking system it is hard to discern if the vials are reaching their destinations safely.

Disposal Sharps are being disposed of in open containers that expose the user to blood born illnesses.

Parameters Acknowledging constraints through communication with


Time Frame

Ease of Use

The current solutions are government funded. Vaccine coolers are priced anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars.

Vaccine Coolers need to have a 12 to 48 hour lifespan when traveling to remote destinations.

It is important that new solutions are easily understood and can be integrated into current systems.

A self-contained solution that allows for the transport and dispersal of vaccines to rural communities from centralized health care facilities.

Ideation Early sketches featured solutions that utilized modular capabilities and mass loading system for vaccines. As ideation continued, these themes were refined, and later concepts incorporated self-contained storage and disposal, as well as effective cooling.

Solution The cold box features insulated chambers for vaccines as well as isolated areas for standard ice packs. Supplies to deliver the vaccines and waste receptacles are contained to create an entirely closed system.

Temperature Control The vaccine storage drawer opens to reveal the vaccines incrementally. This allows for the user to drastically reduce the amount of warm air exposed to the rest of the vials in the unit and better regulates temperature overall in the chamber. A built in thermometer the front of the unit lets the user know when the temperature is out of range.

Disposal While previously medical waste was often kept in open containers or discarded on the ground this solution contains the discarded vials and needles in easy to replace wax cardboard boxes. This not only provides a safe alternative to the current methods of disposal but also allows authorities to better track and examine the variety of vaccines used.

Ice Storage The ice storage is placed out of the way in the rear of the cold box. Two standard sized ice packs fit into the system and can be easily replaced when needed. Isolating the packs helps regulate temperature and prevents over freezing the vials - the most common way the vaccines are contaminated.

Information Systems Hierarchy and scale that convey accurate information

Functionally keeps products cool, conveys medical sensibility and cleanliness.

Implies Cold.

Highlights accent chamfer and handle, reinforces sense of security and rugged nature. Calls attention to important information, in a color associated with medical products. Iconography reinforces cold and visibility by using lighter contrasting hue

Because this cold box will be used in many different regions special attention was paid to creating a understandable and legible interface to aid the physicians administering the vaccines as well as guide them through the icebox and use it to its fullest potential.

Additional information

Trade Gothic Condensed conveys authority

Same color indicates initial heading in 4 most spoken languages of region

Iconography conveys content without wording

Ease of Transport The boxes were designed to be stackable for storage and also accommodate their most common form of travel via motorcycle or bicycle.

Site Safety How do you think beyond simple personal protective equipment and think in terms of technology-enabled systems? Collaboration with Matt Lider // Melina Edgerton// Louie Dawson // Kirk Turner // 3 Month Project // Senior Studio

Proximity awareness is imperative for a factory worker to maintain a safe work environment.

The Work Zone

The Perimeter

The ability to track who and what is interacting with this perimeter

What is Proximity Awareness? While a maintenance technician or construction worker is on site they are both engaged in activities and working with tools that could potentially hurt them or others. They need to be fully aware at all time who and what is entering into their work zone to do their job safely

Proximity safety is often expressed visually


Visual signage is easily ignored... ...especially when its seen every day

? So whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the big deal?


1 Falls 2 Struck by objects 3 Electrocutions 4 Caught in/between

All relate to a lack of Proximity awareness

Accidents happen when factory workers arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t conscious of their surroundings.



Use location services to expand on the senses and enhance proximity awareness. Create a product that changes a passive interaction into an interactive, two-way conversation. This product will increase hazard awareness for workers in specific locations. Increase worker convenience and efficiency. Utilize existing systems that workers are familiar with. Avoid unnecessary or irritating warnings. Increase worker convenience and efficiency. Utilize existing systems that workers are familiar with. Avoid unnecessary or irritating warnings.


Ideation By embedding our location services technology into a product that a factory worker is required to wear every day we avoided tacking on extra gear and hassle to an individual who is already equipment burdened. Fluke has developed a reputation as a high quality and dependable brand that has withstood the test of time. Their form language has been a symbol of trust for consumers for many years. Flukeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leadingedge technology coupled with a design-forward CMF, helped enable a modern location services device.


+ wifi supported

A Suite of Products Our solution is a suit of products that communicates peer to peer and with its environment. This consists of a singular smart nametag that stays on person to locate the individual and to communicate information to their smart phone. To round out the interaction there is a set of transponders to be located on the various equipment and tools on site that could potentially jeopardize the factory workerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s safety.

SHORT RANGE + bluetooth supported

MID RANGE + wifi supported

LONG RANGE + gps supported + cell service

Multi-Sensory Notification A sign only uses your sense of site. Not only is this easy to ignore but in a busy work environment it could potentially go unseen. This device uses 3 sense to notify, a tactile vibration for touch, a bright LED light for site and an alarm for hearing. It was decided that separating out these functions from the smart phone was imperative to creating a distinct form of notification that could not be mistaken or ignored. The alarms on the device only go off in emergency situation to avoid being irritating or unnecessary.

Software Rather than create an extra piece of wearable technology that competes with the services that a smart phone already provides we wanted to create app that worked seamlessly in partnership with the wearable product providing invaluable safety information in emergency situations. This app works with the name tag to streamline and increase efficiency throughout the workday and helps customize the device to the various users taking advantage of the location services the product offers.


Storytelling Sometimes putting a product in context is key to telling its story. While working at GE Appliances I was asked to design the kitchen of the future. This project involved pushing current technologies help visualize the future of the American dining experience.

Glass cover


Garbage disposal

Collapsible Top Rack The top rack folds together to create more room in the lower for taller dishes.

be left on dishes to

All-in-One To streamline the washing experience the sink is built into the dishwasher with a top rack that slides between the sink and the top shelf for easy loading.

flying around the dishwasher


Collapsible Utensil Basket This silicone basket can fold into itself to create more room in the bottom shelf for larger loads.

Brainstorming Who likes doing dishes? Working on the dish team at GE I was asked to rethink the dish washing experience and brainstorm new features that could enhance and streamline the kitchen cleanup process.



Western Washington University

Intern at Carbon Design Group

Bellingham / WA / 98225 B.S. of Industrial Design Minor in Sustainable Design GPA / 3.6


June 2013 - September 2014 Seattle, WA Worked with the industrial design team to generate concepts for a variety of products.

Intern at General Electric June 2012 - June 2013

Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign Rhinoceros / SolidWorks / Catia SketchUp / Hypershot / KeyShot Microsoft Office / Adobe Acrobat Sketching / Hand Rendering / Model Building


Louisville, KY Worked on appliance concepts across all product lines both for production and to forecast future appliance trends.

Consultant for Homax April 2012 - Continuing

Fluke Cooperation

Bellingham, WA

Winter 2014

Continuing nozzle design and beginning packaging

Johnson Outdoors

design for the Homax company.

Extrasport PFD

Morris Industrial Design

Autumn 2011 Mt. Baker Plywood Design for the Community Spring 2011

Recognition IDSA Merit Award Finalist Student of the Year Competition / Spring 2012 Best in Show Extrasport Design Competition / Fall 2011

September 2011 - February 2012 Bellingham, WA Did contract work through Morris Industrial Design working with Homax. Designed a spray nozzle and learned how to present design work to a company and work with clients.

Carson Massie Industrial Design Portfolio  

Carson Massie Industrial Design Portfolio

Carson Massie Industrial Design Portfolio  

Carson Massie Industrial Design Portfolio