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TABLE OF CONTENTS 1: Table of Contents 2-3: Client Profile 4: Creative Brief 5: SWOT Analysis 6: Expanded Target Market 7: Mood Board 8: Competitor Analysis 9-10: Style Guide 11: Logo Design 12: Sample Print Ad 13-14: Media

Client Profile

About the company:

625 stores in US, Puerto Rico and Canada. Initially branded as a store focused on music. Styled after industrial club scenes the target audience would visit. Expanded into pop culture merchandise. “Loudest store in the mall” according to their own website profile. Began in 1988.

Mission: “A ton of teen retail accessory stores littered the malls, but there weren’t any cool, music-inspired accessory destinations for both guys and girls. Enter Hot Topic.”

Target Audience: Industry:

Teens/Young adults (12-22)



Their merchandise caters to cultural phenomenon, nerd culture, pop culture etc. that is popular with their target audience. Merchandise isn’t like what you find at a regular retail store.


Clothes, bags, collectibles, themed merchandise, accesso-



dark, industrial, gothic


pop culture, music

Creative Brief: Project: Hot Topic Re-brand Prepared By: Carson Heartsill Background/Overview: Hot topic is a popular store for those 12-22 specializing in apparel and accessories reflecting pop culture trends of the moment/past as well as music. Unique Selling Proposition: Changing the current image of the store and having it fit better with their pop culture niche. Their current logo and store atmosphere feels more gothic than pop culture relevant Goals: Making the store seem less dark, more inviting and fun for potential new customers Target audience: Keeping their current audience of those between 12-22 Visual Appearance: Fun, pop, culturally relevant, striking, eye catching

SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths: Fun merchandise, relevant to popular culture, items not found in most common stores. Located in malls where the target audience might frequently go. Frequent buy one get one half off sales. Weaknesses: Most locations are usually on the small side. Reputation for being the “dark, gothic looking” store. They present themselves as a store focused greatly on music, not the focal point anymore. Opportunities: Moving the imagery of the brand to a slightly lighter place could appeal to those who have never thought to shop there. Threats: Other mall stores like F.Y.E and Spencer’s carry pop culture, off-beat merchandise as well. F.Y.E in particular has more to offer in terms of music.

EXPANDED TARGET MARKET Name: Sara Burton 16 Female Location: Jacksonville Florida Income Level: Still financially dependent on her parents Middle Class Unemployed High School education Single Hobbies: Enjoys popular music, Disney movies, watching Doctor Who and hanging out at the mall with her friends. Bio: Sara comes from a happy, middle class family living at the beach in Jacksonville Florida. On the weekends she likes watching movies or tv shows with her friends, cooking, and going to the mall. She has never visited a Hot Topic store before because she assumed from looking at it from the outside that it was dark and scary inside.


Visually more fun, images and products that pop and create feelings of fun and youthfulness


Biggest competitors: -Other Mall stores -Spencer’s: novelty store that also carries some pop culture merchandise (t-shirts, accessories, blankets, hats, etc.) Reputation for carrying off-beat merchandise. Not as “dark,” as Hot Topic -F.Y.E: focusing mainly on movies and music, which is what Hot Topic initially focused on. They have a wider selection of music. They have also begun to carry more pop culture apparel, collectibles, posters, etc. Stores tend to be larger than Hot Topic

STYLE GUIDE Color Palette: #50868F

C: 61 M: 19 Y: 27 K:26


C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 0


C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 100


C: 26 M: 97 Y: 99 K: 27


C: 0 M: 0 Y: 0 K: 80


C: 92 M: 58 Y: 58 K: 46


GUNPLAY: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789 All representations of the Hot Topic brand name logo should be presented in Gunplay (regular) font all caps. All Hot Topic media headlines should be in Gunplay type face. All headline fonts in media should be in Gunplay all caps

News Gothic MT: ABCDEFGHIJKLMOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 All sub type in Hot Topic media should be in News Gothic MT type. Subheads should be bold. All sub type should be no larger that 14 pt


The Hot Topic logo and brand is only to be used within store or on approved advertisements and merchandise. No alterations to font choices or color are to be made All bags, boxes and tags are to feature logo centered or in the bottom right.

LOGO DESIGN Logo Concepts:



Final Designs:

PRINT AD: POP CULTURE JUST GOT COOLER Visit it us in store or online at to check out whats new


Hot top rebrand  
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