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FUNNER FUNNIEST MOST FUN Hellgate River Ride and Dinner Friday – Sunday August 26-28th

Where: Riverside Inn, Grants Pass Oregon.: Phone 541-476-6873 or 800-334-4567- Group Code 110CARSON When: August 26-28. Reserve rooms for both nights the 26th and 27th. How: We will leave the dealership the morning of the 26th at 8:00 AM. The one way mileage is about 375 miles.. There will be breaks about every hour. Lunch location is the Black Bear Diner in Susanville on the way there..Arrival at the hotel should be about 6:00 PM. The route is Hwy 395 to Susanville then Hwy 44, 89, and then Hwy 5 into Grants Pass.. We will return on Sunday starting about 8:00 AM and will follow the same route and food arrangements.’ Saturday Morning: You will have most of the day to explore the area around Grants Pass. We will have ideas for you to be announced later . Saturday Afternoon: We need to be in line by 2:45 for the boat ride and dinner. : The Boat Ride is a 4-hour, 36 mile round trip jet boat ride through Hellgate Canyon stopping down river at an old homestead for a Country Banquet at the OK Corral. Cost: Priscilla and Mike Forster will be collecting and arranging for the boat ride and dinner at a cost of $58.00 each including tip. The Riverside Inn Hotel reservations are to be made individually at $105 a night for standard king or standard queen. Make note of the 72 hour cancelation policy. For any moreInfo call: Priscilla cell 775-781-2629 and Mike’s cell is 909-292-8014 Additional Information We have asked the hotel to hold 20 rooms and to hold 30 seats on the boat. The rooms will be given up on July 26 if not reserved. We have up to 4 days before the boat ride to reduce the numbers or request an increase.

Hellgate Ride info  

Hellgate Ride information