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Carson Hale

landscape architecture

student portfolio

Carson Hale

the university of georgia 404. 849.3555 cover image: watercolor painting of guayaba tree

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process design


design development


construction documents




city park development

process design


Boulevard Crossing Park, Atlanta , Ga. senior capstone work for park design along proposed BeltLine light rail and trail.

tunnel sketches

park design conceptual diagram

city park development

Pattern study of city grid and business node forms, and resulting schematic masterplan featuring diagonal central promenade.

schematic masterplan for BeltLine Crossing Park

conceptual representation of ideal nodes, thresholds, and districts


detail of commercial zone & historic cemetery; marker

conservation subdivision plan

process design

layout studies for a subdivision intending to help preserve natural features and maximize mixed-use development & lots for variety of income levels in Watkinsville, Ga.


area calculations for lot layout diagrams

road alignment & lot layout

illustration of ideal memorial garden form

emotions to convey through design

views of sketch-up model

concept for veterans’ memorial garden

Brainstorming and sketches for redesign of a memorial garden on campus. Inspiration from Chautauqua park in Boulder, Co.


Historic Bamboo Farm & Gardens, UGA Cooperative Extension Savannah, GA

park entrance & parking lot

design development


section of bioswale between parking bays plan of parking lot

park entrance & parking lot

Planting design for entrance and parking lot Features planted bioswales, traffic medians & roundabouts, and a bamboo entryway sculpture.

existing plantings

stone planters at entrance

detail of planted island


design development

civic center expansion

section of existing buildings and proposed plaza with view to river


Design for Classic Center expansion and courtyard informed by public input meetings with the architect. Design livens up streetscape and allows pedestrian access

courtyard for civic center paving detail at hotel entrance

elevation for proposed hotel


urban plaza planting design

design development


Infill design for downtown Athens, Ga Planting plan for central square between proposed buildings

urban community center design

Design for a cafe, market space, demonstration garden, and outdoor performance area on a vacant lot in Athens, Ga, exploring relationship between indoors and outdoors study model made of illustration board axon view of entire site

initial plan in background


planting detail

construction documents


Hand-drafted construction drawing showing use of expanded root zone under sidewalk for street trees

design for cafeteria lawn using native plants illustrative plan showing boulder placement

high school courtyard design

Clarke Central High School, Athens, Ga design for area bordered by cafeteria and parking lot. boulder-seats deter pedestrians from cutting through grass


fountain detail

construction documents


grading plan

Part of a grading plan for an urban plaza

LEGEND: RE: Rim Elevation TW: Top of Wall BW: Bottom of Wall TS: Top of step BS: Bottom of step proposed spot elevations in box


watercolor painting



Painting of typical bungalow style in Normaltown neighborhood of Athens to inform infill design project.

ink & marker

Perspective showing rehabilitated mill buildings. Drawing used in an advertising package for investors to encourage historic preservation when developing site



Design for rain garden and vegetated gabion walls to add interest to on-campus stream and improve water quality


marker + photoshop



digital collage

Photoshop montage showing proposed road under the Atlanta BeltLine and potential for pedestrian-friendly streetscape


Carson Hale 404. 849.3555 more work at:

Landscape Architecture Portfolio by Carson Hale  

A collection of my work from the BLA program at the University of Georgia