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CarSmart Training Implementing the Customer Satisfaction Checklist


What is CarSmart? A supplier initiative to advance the efficiency and viability of the independent repair sector Our goals are to: – Provide a preventative maintenance framework for independent mechanics through: • Service Checklist • Preventative Maintenance Tool box

– Increase sales and profitability by creating a framework to enable competition with larger chains and OE dealers – Improve efficiency through Customer Satisfaction Checklist training


What is the Customer Satisfaction Checklist? Customers getting their car serviced may believe that they are getting a very expensive oil & filter change. If they understood all the work that we carry out in even a “minor” service they would feel better about the value of their service investment.

The main functions of the Customer Satisfaction Checklist (CSC) 1. VALUE ADDING The CSC is used to add value to the service at the office when the customer is paying. The colourful design lifts it above the traditional (and boring) 30 Point Checklist and the comprehensive item list highlights all the work that has been done in the Workshop. 2. QUALITY SERVICING The CSC is used to ensure ALL relevant checks are completed by the Technician. Have a close look at each of the items listed & consider if you would be happy if any of them were not done during a service in your workshop. The CSC reminds the Technician that every item must be completed every service. 3. UPSELL OPPORTUNITIES The CSC covers all the items that normally result in up-sell opportunities. This ensures that the customer is alerted to any service items that require attention and can get them replaced before they fail and leave the customer stranded. 4. EFFICIENCY The CSC can be used as a tool to improve workshop efficiency and the time taken to complete a thorough service. By following the sequence laid down Technicians will reduce unnecessary walking & hoist movements.


What do you get out of it? Workshop Manager 1. Build your Customer relationships If we can convince each customer that the service they have just paid for represents value for the money spent then we are likely to retain them as a customer and build a long term relationship with them. The CSC highlights all the work done by the Technician, but not necessarily understood by the customer. 2. Ensure ALL service work gets done The CSC guides the Technician through each service ensuring that a routine is established that both improves the quality of each service and improves the individual Technician’s efficiency. There will be a reduction in customer complaints relating to work that has not been done and an increase in customer retention. 3. Improve Workshop Efficiency As Technicians become familiar with the service method laid down by the CSC the time taken to complete each service will fall – with the right efficiency tools available Technicians can complete services in less than half the time currently taken and with zero missed items. Across the Workshop we should target a 20% increase in efficiency – that is for the same number of Technician hours we should be able to book & sell 20% more retail hours.


What do you get out of it? Workshop Manager 4. Up-sell Opportunities Once customers accept the value of your services you have a more solid basis from which to up-sell additional needed work. The CSC guides the Technician to actually check every item that may result in an up-sell – read through the CSC taking note of the up-sell opportunities included, for example in the first 3 lines of the External Inspection (a check carried out in the car park before taking the car on road test or bringing it into the workshop) the following up-sells are covered: External damage to the body – giving the opportunity to quote & sell repairs & also as protection against claims of damage within the workshop External damage to mirrors, windscreen, lights – with the possibility of replacement of any damaged items: Headlights - for cracks & leaks leading to unroadworthy conditions - for low & high beam bulbs - for headlight aiming Other lights – indicators, parking / tail, reverse & stop lights – for bulb replacement Horn operation Shock absorber “bounce” test

What do you get out of it? Workshop Manager 5. Peace of Mind

You can be sure that these items (& the hundred or so others covered in the balance of the CSC) are being critically looked at and ALL up-sell opportunities taken.

By implementing the CSC you are reminding the Technician to check each one every service.

What does your Customer get out of it? 1. A Better Quality Service There is often very little to show for the cost charged to the customer. The CSC shows the customer the work done as part of the service in a simple, easy to understand format. It uses easy to understand colours to highlight the condition of each item: Green - Checked & OK Yellow - Monitor and review next service Red - Requires urgent attention. 2. Peace of Mind By getting the Technician to record actual measurements for tyre pressures, tyre tread depth & brake pad thickness we are showing the customer that these specific jobs have been done and not just ticked in a box. Most customers glaze over when we start to read through the long list of things done during a service, but can take in the extent of the service in one glance and can scan to any important items highlighted by the colour. If they want to they can read the whole form at their leisure again reinforcing the value of the service.


What do you get out of it? Technician 1. A Comprehensive Job The CSC provides a structure that takes you through each service in an order that is efficient & ensures that nothing is missed. 2. A More Efficient Job Use the structure of the CSC to minimize walking & eliminate unnecessary hoist movements. You will lower the times taken to complete services and as this method becomes routine these times will continue to improve. You will be able to complete more services in a day while maintaining or improving quality. 3. Pride In Your Work No-one wants to do half a job – you are no different. Using the CSC ensure you deliver a job to the customer that is structured, complete and shows you have taken time and care about their vehicle. You can take pride in your work and give higher value to the vehicle owner.


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