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Human-Computer Symbiosis Museum Exhibition

The premise of this project was to create a museum experience that was interactive and embodied the spirit of human-computer collaboration, or Intelligence Augmentation. This idea is an alternative theory to Artificial Intelligence. As society becomes more technology-centric, we must reflect upon the potential of computers through their contributions to the world.

Features: Floor Plan Part Elevation explanation Wayfinding welcome module Interactive Screens Human-computer algorithmic interaction button wall Floor pattern Photos


Allred Gallery

Floor Plans ­ Part Elevation explanation Photos 36.6” 1.6”

Intelligence Augmentation

Augmented Reality

Meaningful Adjacency

The surprise came at the end. The winners were two amateur chess players with three consumer grade laptops who used augmented intelligence.

In 2005, a freestyle chess tournament was held. At first, the results were predictable. Even a supercomputer was beaten by a grandmaster with a relatively weak laptop.

Man + Machine


Big Data


Adaptive Adversaries


Artificial Intelligence

22.0” Human-Computer Interactive Wall

The exhibit is planned for the Allred Gallery Space, a modest sized room used for multifunctional activities. It has doors leading to Burns Auditorium and outside of Kamphoeffner Hall. Improving Human-Computer Symbiosis is story based, illustrating the overarching theme through real-life situations of human-computer collaboration. The floor plans illustrate the location of each story.

Top View


Wayfinding Module

Floor Plans Part Elevation explanation Photos

3 to 4 feet (looking down at the screen) The Wayfinding Module orients exhibit visitors by allowing them to explore different concepts, and directing them to specific exhibit stories. Because the entire exhibition is story-based, this is a way of organizing the stories by the ideas they are trying to convey.


Interactive Screens

Floor Plans Part Elevation explanation Photos

The interactive screens in the exhibits are external websites that are hands-on ways of engaging exhibit visitors and support the Intelligence Augmentation stories told. This enables visitors to explore the human-computer collaborative stories when they leave the exhibit.


Human-computer interactive wall

Floor Plans Part Elevation explanation Photos

Height: 8 feet Eye level: 5 to 8 feet Hand level: 2.5 to 3.5 feet Input: Exhibit visitor pushes buttons and colors appear on the interactive wall (above) Output: Computer using algorithm to connect the segments of color (below) This is a way for all audiences to better understand what it means for a human and computer to work together within the exhibition itself.



Floor Plans Part Elevation explanation Photos



Floor Plans Part Elevation explanation Photos


Carsi Tong Under the instruction of Meredith Davis GD400 Education Design Studio Fall 2013

Human-Computer Symbiosis Museum Exhibition  

A process book on the construction of a museum exhibit model featuring instances where humans and computers worked together to solve real wo...

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