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March, 2009

Carry The Fire 1186-2 Zircon Court - Rio Rico, AZ 85648 (509) 939-9079 CARRY THE FIRE MISSION The Mission of Carry The Fire is to glorify God by meeting the physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs of the poor, disadvantaged and downtrodden in the United States and abroad.

We Need You To Partner With Us! In 2002, God put a call on our hearts to move to Mexico and partner with God Is On The Move missionary ministries. Six years later, God released us to make this move and we are now in Arizona following His call. The team we are joining at God Is On The Move consists of founders Bill and Fayth McConnell, plus Del and Joy Brown. God Is On The Move has ministry projects throughout Mexico, focusing primarily on Northern Mexico. In addition to building churches, orphanages and rehab facilities, God Is On The Move directly ministers to the physically, socially and spiritually downtrodden in Mexico. Early in our walk with Jesus, He focused our calling through Isaiah 61:1-2. Not only has God called us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this dying world, but He also called us to be His hands and care for those around us who are in need. Not only did He call us to Mexico to visit and care for the poor, the sick, the prisoner and the downtrodden, but also throughout the world as He directs us. Carry The Fire Ministries, in partnership with God Is On The Move, is directly reaching out to the people of Mexico through many

different avenues. First and foremost, our ministry is about relationships. Since we have arrived, we are continuing to meet the people in Mexico and develop relationships. Whether it is in the church in Imuris or the prison in Nogales, being open and available to those in need is our number one priority. In addition, we are helping with construction projects at different sites, including men’s dormitories in the Imuris Rehab Facility, a church in San Luis, completion of the youth orphanage in Imuris, plus much, much more. We cannot accomplish this task alone, so please join us with your prayers. We are praying specifically that: •

God protects us from the violence that is taking place in Mexico (especially in border towns like Nogales).

God secures the resources we need for the ministry.

God creates divine appointments when we are in Mexico to further His Kingdom.

God grant us mercy and knowledge as we learn Spanish.

2002 Mexico Mission Trip to Men’s Rehab (Imuris)

We are asking you to also be a part of this ministry by investing in our lives and in the lives of the people we will reach in Mexico. We are in need of people who will partner with us by sending a monthly, yearly or one-time financial donation. This support will not only assist us with projects and ministry operating costs of Carry The Fire, but it will also assist us with our day-to-day living expenses. Any amount you give will be greatly appreciated. If you will be sending a check, please make all checks payable to Carry The Fire. In order for you to receive a tax deduction for your donation, please do not write our names on the check. Thank you for your prayers and support, they are greatly appreciated! God Bless You,

Dave and Toni



Dave working on the roof at the Imuris Men’s Rehab

What Have We Been Up To? PERSONAL LIFE Since our move here in January, we have been busy unpacking and organizing our apartment. We are now to the point where we are comfortable and MOST of the boxes are unpacked and things are put away. We have been getting familiar with the Rio Rico/Nogales, Arizona area and getting Dave’s mom settled in her assisted living in Green Valley (about 30 minutes North of Rio Rico).

MINISTRY We have also been busy in our pursuit of ministry down in Mexico. As we are partnering with “God Is On The Move”, ministry opportunities are quickly opening up. On most Wednesdays, we have been going into the Nogales Women’s Prison Number 2 for lunch and bible study with the women. Over the last two months, we have had three short-term mission teams come down to work in Mexico. Toni has helped with

feeding the teams and Dave has been supporting the teams as they have done construction projects at the Men’s Rehab in Imuris, Sonora Mexico. We had a great time of fellowship with the teams and awesome times of ministry at the Men’s Rehab, the Church in Imuris and the Women’s Prison. We know that we are just scratching the surface as we expand into Mexico and see the need for Jesus in the people we meet.

What’s In The Future? “We know in our souls that the time is ripe for harvest as more people begin searching for real answers in their lives.”

There are so many opportunities to share the love and power of Jesus Christ in Mexico. As the financial crisis has developed in the United States, the impact has rippled into Mexico and will continue to worsen. That, coupled with the violence between the drug cartels and the government, has basically shut down the much needed tourism income for the border regions of Mexico. We know in our

souls, that the time is ripe for harvest as more people begin searching for real answers in their lives. The main strategy God has given us to meet the mission of Carry The Fire, is to develop relationships with the pastors and ministry leaders in Mexico and to provide them support and guidance as God leads us. Many of the dedicated and passionate ministry leaders we are meeting are gathering and

ministering in third-world conditions. Many of them have transportation problems, lack bibles/materials, food/clothing and adequate facilities to provide for the poor and needy people they serve. Our plan is to do whatever we can to help each one of their ministries gain resources and training to grow and serve the physical and spiritual needs of more of their fellow country men and women.

Become Our Ministry Partners Toni with Lilia, the pastors wife at the church in Imuris

With your support donation, you become our partner in this exciting ministry. God has called us to “Carry The Fire” throughout the nations to share the love and life giving power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the poor, disadvantaged and downtrodden while ministering to their physical needs. To partner with us, send your tax deductible support donation to “Carry The Fire” at 1186-2 Zircon Court, Rio Rico, AZ 85648. When you send your support, please note whether this is a yearly, monthly or one-time gift. May God richly bless you as you sow into God’s great harvest of souls.

Are you interested in leading a group on a short-term mission trip to Mexico? Please contact us by phone or email for information and costs. We would love to have you come see what God is doing in Mexico!

Carry The Fire Newsletter - March 2009  

Our first newsletter

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