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Kids luggage tips

Kids luggage tips: Packing up made simple… and fun! Packing for vacations use to be almost as fun as the vacation itself… but once the kids came along, packing turned into something that can only be described as a mental breakdown of mass proportions. image credit:

While there isn’t a medication to get you past the stress of packing your kids luggage and somehow managing to fit every toy known to man in a confined space, these four family packing tips can make packing simple and maybe even… fun!

Outfits on the Go Getting out the door at home can be a hassle with kids but making sure everyone has matching clothes on vacation can feel next to impossible when you are packing up for a large broad.

Pack your kids’ outfits into Ziploc freezer bags – this way you won’t end up with one red sock and one green sock!

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To make sure that you have everything you need pack your little guys’ and girls’ outfits into Ziplock freezer bags. Wah-la! No more fumbling through crumbled clothes stuffed in your kids luggage only to realize they have one red sock and one green sock.

Boo Boo Busters

Tupperware containers with essential first aid items are ideal to pop in your kids luggage

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Vacations never go according to plan but one thing you probably can count on is someone getting an ouchie. New adventures and sandy beaches beg to be explored by little hands and Tupperware containers make the perfect gathering spot in your kids luggage for all your band-aids, antibacterial cream, bug bite spray and tweezers for those finicky splinters that sometimes find their way from the boat dock to little piggy toes.

Tangoing with Toys No matter how much you say “only one toy allowed” everyone knows you will inevitably bring at least seven more than one by the time it’s over… or you crack under the pressure of “why, God, why can’t we take more toys!” To fit in the necessities like Legos, lovies and racer cars into your kids luggage – roll your clothes into tube shapes instead of folding. You will be able to fit in a whopping 50% more this way. Best of all, everything will come out wrinkle free and ready to play!

Rolling your clothes into tube shapes instead of folding will create a whopping 50% more space in your luggage

Elephants Never Forget But people sure do! That’s especially true if it’s a necessity. Create a check list and tape it inside your luggage. Not only will this help you make sure you have everything when you pack it will also ensure that you have everything you brought packed back into your kids luggage before you leave the hotel. Nothing is worse than a favorite lovie being on permanent vacation in the Hamptons! Packing your kids luggage doesn’t have to require a visit to a padded cell. With a little creativity and a lot of imagination you and your kiddos can enjoy packing… or at least keep from losing your mind in the process.

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Creating a check list and taping it inside the kids luggage means that you won’t leave a favorite lovie behind! If you’re feeling flash, go for a fancy packing list!

Kids luggage tips: Packing up made simple… and fun!