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Location Based Services: Welcome the Family Doctors that come to you! Today trust is a very important factor in people’s minds, when it comes to medical checkups. I, personally, would prefer a family doctor near me rather than a doctor whose ethics or credentials I know not! Family doctor is the general term used for family GPs (General Practitioners). In an era where more and more Doctors err in diagnosis and more and more patients are losing valuable lives, it becomes evident to me to search for a family doctor. I have ignorant relatives who love their doctor’s just because they prescribe costly medicines every time! This practice is unethical and immoral. Therefore, I say I will prefer a customized, personalized family doctor near me.

Today, in a recent survey done, more than 80% people in the U.S. alone said that a family physician is the first person they would be comfortable to approach to convey their medical issues. Research being done on this subject says that only one family doctor near me or about 10,000 people can reduce the fatality rate by around 6%. Many times, I realize that there is no need to visit the hospitals, forget ERs (Emergency Rooms)! I can get services, on demand, I want near my home with a community physician. Otherwise, a lot of time and space (long travel distances) are spent, only to land up in the clinic of a doctor, who is a stranger to me and whose morality is in question! There is a saying, ‘Always have lawyers, policemen, doctors, judges and military personnel as close confidants who you can trust, and who can trust you, and who are near you!’ Advantages of LBS Family Doctors


No need of Vetting Since these docs will be already known to me, there is not need for profiling them. A family doctor near me will be well known to the community as a whole. They need the self respect and the goodwill of the family as a whole, so they usually refrain from unethical or immoral acts.

Improve Raise Overall Health Standards The fact always remains that using more primary care saves the overall cost of healthcare. These doctors induce regular or periodic checkups, to raise overall health of the community. I had a friend who had a serious health issue, and went to a specialist. The specialist was surprised to find his overall health exceptional!

Treating Long Term Family doctors follow your life cycle. I have found out that family doctors are never defectors or deserters! They will stand by your side, through the thick and thin times. I have colleagues that know their family doctors since they were born. Many times the doctor cares for the entire family. In short, my family doctor near me knows my medical history more than me! This makes him watch red flags and make accurate diagnoses very precisely. A disease occurring consistently among family lines can suggest for genetic counsel.

Recommend Specialist I have seen Doc Nancy, my family physician, recommend good specialists for many community members. Since she knows their genetic makeup so well, her judgment is to be valued.

Catalyst to Improving Lives and Saving money I have had people tell me that their family doctors have helped them manage chronic sinuses, infections, degenerative diseases on-the-fly, without even seeing the face of a specialist! I really am very lucky and grateful to have a family doctor near me!

Thus, I can clearly see that having a family doctor near me is an assured first line of defense against those unknown weirdo specialists! Today, I use an app known as CarryDoctor as a LBS, where most of my common ailments are solved without me leaving the house!

Location Based Services: Welcome the Family Doctors that come to you!