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you planning to get some carrom accessories??? Carrom Gear is the right place to go for. Before buying the accessories first know some importance of it. Following slides will help you.

Carrom Accessories 

Carrom is mainly practiced indoor games played by people of all age groups. To play carrom the most frequent used carrom accessories are the board, it comprises of nineteen wooden round piece coins out of which it contains of black and white color with one coin red in color, striker, score counter, carrom stand, replacement mesh, board cover. And carrom powder for smoothening the surface of the carom board.

Carrom Boards 

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Carrom Board should be in proper shape and smooth, so that players can feel comfort to play. In Carrom Gear, carrom boards are Hardwood borderline framed Water resistant. Netlike pocket in all the four corners Available in sizes like small, medium, large, and extra large. Types of Woods used mahogany, teak, rosewood, maple, Oak, sheesham and cedar

Carrom Coins 

In carrom accessories, Carrom Coins plays an important role, next to Carrom Boards. In Carrom Gear, coins are well polished in such a way that it can move smoothly on the carrom board. We have variety of Carrom Coins set with good quality which are available in affordable price.

Carrom Strikers 

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Next to carrom coins, strikers play a vital role in carrom game. In our store strikers are made from pool balls Very long-lasting Great bounce back And graphics printed on it

Carrom Powder 

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Carrom Powder helps to move the carrom coins smoothly on the carrom board. And it is used to reduce bumpiness To reduce friction In our carrom store you can get carrom powder with best quality.

Carrom Replacement Mesh 

Carrom mesh is used to hold the coin when the player hits it towards the corner. This will protect the coin’s shining ness to remain for long time. Else if there is a rough surface ground and if the coin fall on it, then the coin may lose its shining soon and scratches may occur on it.

Carrom Board Cover 

Carrom Board Cover is used to protect the carrom board from damage, moisture and dust. In our carrom store you can get the cover for all size of boards. And the handles on the cover will help you to carry the carrom board easily.

Carrom Score Counter 

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Carrom Score Counter will record the scores continuously. So that you can avoid confusion. And it will be very helpful. In Carrom Gear you can get a best quality of score counter in affordable price.

Carrom Board Stand 

Carrom Board Stand is use to hold the Carrom Board. It provides balance to the players while playing. Can be used in tournaments and at home also.

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Carrom Accessories and its importance  

To play carrom the most frequent used accessories in carrom are the board, it comprises of nineteen wooden round piece coins out of which it...

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