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2012 Revision of Carrollton Elementary Schools Parent Involvement Plan As a result of feedback from the State of Michigan, Carrollton Elementary Schools parent involvement policy and plan was revised to better address the needs of the community and to meet federal and state guidelines. A meeting of school level authorities met to formulate a plan to revise the plan. The team included the building level principal, K-5 instructional coach, school social worker, oral language interventionist and a classroom teacher. The team decided to revise the plan to include all legal language and restructure the layout of the document. Once this was done, it was decided to take the document to the parent advisory group for feedback. An additional parent meeting was held during the day to give parents working 2nd shift an opportunity to provide feedback. Meeting summaries are on file. After the parent meeting, the school level group met to make the requested revisions from the parent feedback. The plan was adopted January 2, 2013. Building Level Team Members included: Marc Jaremba- Building Principal Sarah Coates- K-5 Instructional Coach Allison Price- School Social Worker Rebecca Zinz- Oral Language Interventionist Courtney Rauschenberger- 1st grade teacher

Carrollton Elementary School’s Parent Involvement Policy and Plan Carrollton Elementary School’s parent involvement policy is in accordance with the requirements of No Child Left Behind. The school administration, as well as our board of education, encourages parents to participate in all elementary school programs as well as specific Title 1 activities. Parent Involvement Policy Section 1118 (b) Carrollton Public School’s Board of Education’s parent involvement policy states: “The Board strongly encourages and welcomes the involvement of parent(s)/guardian(s) in all of the District's educational programs. It is recognized and appreciated that parents/guardians are the "first teachers" of their children, and that their interest and involvement in the education of their children should not diminish once their child enters the schools of the District. Accordingly, the Board directs, by the adoption of this policy, that the administration shall design a program/plan that will encourage parent(s)/guardian(s) participation that may include, but not be limited to: The development and review of instructional materials: input on the ways that the District may better provide parent(s)/guardian(s) with information concerning current laws, regulations, and instructional programs; and District offerings of training programs to instruct parent(s)/guardian(s) how to become more involved in their child's educational programs.” Pursuant to state law, the Superintendent shall provide a copy of the District's Parental Involvement plan to all parents. Carrollton Elementary School’s parent involvement philosophy/policy states: “Parents have many opportunities and are encouraged to become involved in their child’s education. Parents are an invaluable resource for the educational process of all students in Carrollton Elementary School. Besides being involved in their child’s educations, there are many other venues throughout the district where our parents’ interests and talents can be utilized to enhance the educational services offered at Carrollton Elementary School and the district as a whole. Some of these opportunities include: chaperoning field trips, volunteering for special events, participating in districts committee work, and booster clubs. Parents are always welcomed and encouraged to visit school and participate in our many activities and events.” Policy Involvement Section 1118 (b,c) To insure compliance with federal and state law, the following assurances regarding parent involvement will be adhered to: (b) Parents will be involved in the implementation, evaluation, and improvement initiatives regarding our school wide Title 1 programs and the elementary school program as a whole. Parents will be notified of school improvement meetings throughout the year in the weekly news and notes, during conferences and at 5+ parent advisory meetings. (c) (1, 2) Parents will be invited to attend meetings held annually regarding our school wide Title 1 program as well as general elementary school programs. At these meetings development, planning,

operation and program evaluation will be discussed and suggestions will be solicited from parents. Parent meetings will be offered in a morning and evening session. Information will be provided upon request to those that cannot attend. (c) (3) Parents will be continually involved in the planning, review, and improvement of the school parental involvement policy and the school wide program plan. This will occur at Parent Advisory Meetings. In addition to feedback from meetings, parents will be given a parent survey annually to gather information regarding school programs. (c) (4 A) Parents will receive valuable information regarding students’ participation in specialized programs Title 1 and other. Letters will be mailed home each semester regarding student involvement in Title 1 programs. (c) (4 B) “A description and explanation of the curriculum in use at the school, the forms of academic assessment used to measure student progress and the proficiency levels students are expected to meet”. Parents will be invited to participate in formal parent teacher conferences at least twice per year. Parents are always encouraged to schedule meetings with teachers at any time throughout the school year to discuss their student’s academic achievement. (c) (4 C) If requested, parents will be provided opportunities to meet and formulate suggestions about decisions relating to the education of their children. (c)(5) if the school wide program plan under section 1114(b)(2) is not satisfactory to the parents of participating children, submit any parent comments on the plan when the school makes the plan available to the local educational agency. Parental concerns with school wide programming will be documented and shared during annual program evaluation.




September, October, November, February, March, May

Parent Advisory


March, April

Invitation to join the school improvement team

Title I Director


Parents will be given the school improvement plan in September. Parents will be notified of School Improvement initiatives and asked for feedback and suggestions throughout the year. Parents will be invited to join the school improvement team through newsletters, website and community

newspaper February

Parent Survey

Instructional Coach School Improvement Team

November, March

Parent Teacher Conferences

Instructional Coach

The parent survey will be offered online for a two week period. Opportunities to complete the survey will be offered during parent teacher conferences, before and after school. Classroom teachers will talk with parents about content standards, assessments and proficiency levels during that time. In addition information will be sent to all parents at the beginning of the year regarding curriculum and proficiency.

Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement Section 1118 (d) (d) SHARED RESPONSIBILITIES FOR HIGH STUDENT ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT- As a component of the school-level parental involvement policy developed under subsection (b), each school served under this part shall jointly develop with parents for all children served under this part a school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the State's high standards. Such compact shall — (1) describe the school's responsibility to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the children served under this part to meet the State's student academic achievement standards, and the ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting their children's learning, such as monitoring attendance, homework completion, and television watching; volunteering in their child's classroom; and participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children and positive use of extracurricular time; and (2) address the importance of communication between teachers and parents on an ongoing basis through, at a minimum — (A) parent-teacher conferences in elementary schools, at least annually, during which the compact shall be discussed as the compact relates to the individual child's achievement; (B) frequent reports to parents on their children's progress; and (C) reasonable access to staff, opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child's class, and observation of classroom activities.

The identified compact shall be discussed with parents at bi-annual parent teacher conferences. It will be reviewed and if needed, revised by the parent advisory group annually. Parents will be informed of individual student academic achievement results for their children in the following ways: Time line 1st and 2nd semester 1st and 2nd semester

Communication Activity Parent Teacher Conferences RTI-Intervention letter mailed

Per state release Quarterly 1st semester

MEAP Scores Report Cards Parent grade book passwords mailed home IEP’s

Per IEP Date

Oral Language Intervention letter mailed

Building Capacity for Involvement Section 1118 (e) To ensure effective involvement of parents and to support a partnership among the school involved, parents, and the community to improve student academic achievement, each school and local educational agency assisted under this part — (e) (1) Parents will be provided with useful parental resources and/or opportunities to gain

knowledge on how to effectively assist their student to be successful in the elementary school. Parents will be provided with resources to understand “such topics as the State's academic content standards and State student academic achievement standards, State and local academic assessments, the requirements of this part, and how to monitor a child's progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their children; (e) (2) shall provide materials and training to help parents to work with their children to improve their children's achievement, such as literacy training and using technology, as appropriate, to foster parental involvement;

Such resources will be provided to parents in the following ways: Date Throughout the school year

Activity School News and NotesPrincipal will provide parents with useful resources addressing state content standards and assessments Classroom Newslettersclassroom teachers will provide parents with useful information and resources about classroom topics of study and student resources Parent Advisory- Annual Building Report- Parent Involvement Request

Staff Principal

Social Worker

February February

Parent Advisory- Positive Parenting Strategies/ Parent Advisory- Coping Skills for Children SVSU Family Math Night Parent Advisory

March March

SVSU Family Science Night Parent Advisory

Instructional Coach Principal

April, May

Parent Advisory

Instructional Coach

Parent Teacher Conferences

Grade Level Teachers

Weekly/ Bi-Weekly


1 Marking Period

October November


1 Marking Period nd 2 Marking Period

State Content Standards/State Assessments

Grade level teachers

Classroom Topics of study/parent and student resources


Identify Title I/ School Report on Achievement/ School Improvement Goals/ Parental Involvement Opportunities Motivating your child to do homework Social emotional

Social Worker Instructional Coach Principal

Math School Improvement Update- request for feedback on programing Science School ImprovementSharing of program data- Invitation to work with the school improvement team Invitation to work with the school improvement team sent through newsletters, Community Newspaper, website All Content Areas

(e) (3) shall educate teachers, pupil services personnel, principals, and other staff, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents, and in how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs, and build ties between parents and the school; The building level principal will provide staff with resources to build staff capacity for including parents in the education process.




1st Marking Period 2nd Marking Period

Bi-Monthly SITSchool Improvement Meeting/Staff Meetings

Principal Grade Level Teachers Support Staff

1st Marking Period 2nd Marking Period

Principal Weekly News


(e) (4) shall, to the extent feasible and appropriate, coordinate and integrate parent involvement programs and activities with Head Start, Reading First, Early Reading First, Even Start, the Home Instruction Programs for Preschool Youngsters, the Parents as Teachers Program, and public preschool and other programs, and conduct other activities, such as parent resource centers, that encourage and support parents in more fully participating in the education of their children; Parents from all programs, which include but are not limited to GSRP preschool, Day Care and Birth-5 will be invited to participate in all parent involvement activities listed in this plan. Parents will be notified through weekly newsletters, flyers and community news. (e) (5) shall ensure that information related to school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the parents of participating children in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand; Information will be provided to parents in multiple ways to assure all parents can understand. Teachers will communicate to the office any issues with communication parents may have such as ESL, mental or physical impairment and or limited literacy so that accommodations can be made. (14) shall provide such other reasonable support for parental involvement activities under this section as parents may request. Accessibility Section 1118 (f) In carrying out the parental involvement requirements of this part, local educational agencies and schools, to the extent practicable, shall provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children, including providing information and school reports required under section 1111 in a format and, to the extent practicable, in a language such parents understand. Classroom teachers will communicate with the office on family needs for involvement. Any reasonable accommodations will be made to support all parents. Parent involvement plan revised November/December of 2012. See attached signature page.

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Carrollton Elementary School 2012-2013 Student/Teacher/Parent Compact A compact is an agreement between two or more parties that outlines what all parties agree are their responsibilities to help attain a common goal. Our common goal at Carrollton Elementary School is for all students to learn and achieve at their full potential. Student Agreement: It is important that I work to the best of my ability; therefore, I will strive to do the following: Come to school on time, ready to learn and prepared for the day Complete all homework on time, and participate in all classroom activities Work to the best of my abilities and meet my academic potential Respect others and their belongings Follow all school rules, including those of behavior and dress code Help maintain a school environment that is safe, friendly, productive, and clean Believe that I can achieve what I put my mind to Other____________________________________________________________ _____________ Student Signature:_____________________________________________________

Teacher Agreement: It is important that students achieve, therefore, I will strive to do the following: Provide a positive and safe atmosphere for teaching and learning Demonstrate care and concern for each student, by accepting them as important and worthwhile Make efficient use of academic learning time Provide an environment that allows for positive communication with parents Encourage students and parents by providing information about student progress Give students strategies to increase competency Enforce the rules and policies of the school consistently and fairly Keep School View up-to-date (grades 35)Other:__________________________________________________________ _______________ Teacher Signature:______________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Agreement: I want my child to achieve; therefore, I will encourage him/her by doing the following: Make sure my child is at school on time, ready to learn and prepared for the day. Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline and provide a safe and orderly learning environment Establish a time and space at home where my child can complete his or her home work Communicate and cooperate with teachers and other school personnel Communicate with my child regarding his or her grades and behaviors Utilize School View to learn about my child’s academic progress (grades 3-5) Encourage my child to do his or her best Attend and support school activities Other:___________________________________________________________ ______________

Parent/Guardian Signature:__________________________________________________