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What Is a Custom Cable Assembly? Custom cable assembly products provide manufacturers with a cable harness that meets specific needs in terms of space, capability, insulation, and other factors that may need an individualized approach. Companies seeking electronic contract manufacturing support for custom cable products should evaluate providers carefully before making a choice. Cable Assemblies Simply put, cable assemblies are wires and cables bundled together to save room and to make it easier to keep track of them and run them through various devices. A wide variety of industries use cable assemblies, including consumer electronics, automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, etc. Standard cable assemblies are cable assemblies mass-produced from a template, which are widely used by a variety of customers and/or industries. These assemblies are standardized solutions for various electrical tasks. Custom cable assemblies are cable assemblies built specifically for a client or purpose. These assemblies provide features that standard assemblies don’t, such as extra insulation, special materials, or electrical capacity. While custom assemblies will always cost more than standard assemblies, new manufacturing techniques and close communication between electronic contract manufacturing companies and clients can cut costs. When deciding between a standard cable assembly and a custom cable assembly, manufacturers will need to consider the conditions their devices will operate in, and other needs of the device. In many cases, a standard assembly will do, but, for some products, a cable assembly designed for the specific task at hand is the better choice. Buy American China currently exports many custom cable assemblies, and, while the low prices of these assemblies may be tempting, there’s a reason why these assemblies are so inexpensive. Problems abound with Chinese-manufactured custom cable assembly products, including product quality issues and logistical problems in filling orders on time. In the long run, manufacturers do better by using domestically produced cable assembly products, as American manufacturers are more reliable and better able to meet manufacturers’ specific requirements for cable assembly products. Choosing a Provider When choosing a company to supply custom cable assemblies, weigh the following: ● ● ● ●

Ease of communication with company. Willingness to work with your engineers to create custom cable solutions. Track record for product quality. Track record for meeting deadlines.

By ensuring you choose the right manufacturer, you can ensure that you get a quality product that will provide the performance and reliability your company needs. A bad choice in cable assembly can lead to product failures, PR disasters, lawsuits, and other negative consequences. Carr MFG is an established manufacturer in cable assemblies and can help with just about any custom cable order. Summary Custom cable assemblies provide functionality and features that a standard cable doesn’t. For applications needing extra heat resistance, better insulation, or more electrical capacity, a custom assembly may be the right pick. Company Bio Carr MFG ( is a California company providing standard and custom cable assemblies to a variety of industries, including defense and aerospace companies. Carr has 20 years of experience in the cable assembly industry, and can provide all design, manufacturing, and support services that their clients require.

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